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Post a picture of your work , or studies.

Modern world literature, a book from the university of antwerp, I took some classes there as a free student.
After climbing up, I climb down the 'fun way'
So your a lineman? Thats crazy work man, its like 10,000 volt up there right? and if your not in a faraday cage, the amount of power running in those three lines can arc to you from like 5-6 feet away and leave you looking like a cartoon piece of ash. I am assuming your union and travel where the union takes you?
Do you like your work? and how is it with traveling? do you enjoy that part?
Another picture from second professional career, my baby grand Bosendorfer, which belongs to the top of the piano's in the world and besides heavy counter weights and a warm sound it has something unique to Bosendorfer, it has 8 extra strings and keys in the bases, not so much for playing them but for a way more rich series of uppertones which are a complex series of tones that spread in algorythms once you press the right pedal and all strings vibrate even if you just press one key, which gives it an unique warm sound!

Just got told I'm going to get fiber trained! Already got my fiber prep kit! My supervisor told me it cost 3k!
Fuck yeah. I'm thinking they will teach you how to fusion splice. Might come in handy if you ever accidentally break a glass weed bowl. Lmao
If you get good enough dude, you can get a job anywhere!