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Gabapentinoids Pregabalin safe highest dose


Apr 4, 2021
I don't know about pregabalin but please don't mix it with tramadol or other drugs that lower the seizure threshold. I even took pregabalin alone and felt the same muscle jerks and twitchings at doses over 750mg.
Yeah I too get these when using more than recommended, yet it doesn't feel like seizures but better to be safe than sorry of course!

Another "it will affect everyone different":
If I eat with gabapentinoids, I get higher. No matter how long it has been after dosing. If I eat three times in the many hours that pregab takes for me to "come up", it almost increases exponentially with each meal.
It literally takes gabapentinoids 5-10 hrs to reach peak of intoxication for me regardless of other influences.
Possibly when the stomach gets emptied more slowly the drug has more time to dissolute into the bloodstream?
For me it takes a bit more than one to one and a half hour to come up with pregabalin, like 6-8h of acute effects and 8-12h of lingering stuff. Never took gabapentin yet.