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Prose Prose poetry written while caring for my mom


Dec 29, 2022
Arrived Summer’76: Growth City USA
This is the third December

That I’ve watched Orion

Grace the winter’s night sky

From my mother’s home

Revolutions ridden

For all eternity

He stands strong

Do you wish for such strength

To ride along

You are but a flicker of one

Will you find your footing

Or come undone

Will you find your soul drawn

From molten rock in Earth

Through your spine and heart

To have such cosmic stance

As I, he asks

Your fears and worry and grasp

Mean nothing from up here

I watch these stories from beginning

To end, over and over again

You have your time and your choices

You have your support and love to give

I hope when we meet

That you have few regrets

They say This Is It

And for Earthly matters

It is