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Pulling a spiral out of my forehead.


Aug 2, 2023
About 20 years ago I got a hold of some paper. At the time I was like. What could a Little Square Dot of paper do ? Well I took the piece of paper and 30 minutes after taking it I became extremely dizzy and felt as though I was in a dream. So, I decided to go and listen to some music and it started to take me for a ride. At the point I started to peak I started to feel a strange sensation in my forehead. So, I brought my fingers up to my forehead and started to pull the strange sensation out with my fingers and I could see my hand with my eyes closed. So, I started to pull the sensation out into a spiral using my fingers. And I started to pull the spiral in and out and in and out over and over again. Untill my fingers started getting closer to my forehead and then.. WHAM ! My palm slammed into my forehead and it felt like the front of my brain had an orgasm. Then I put my fingers to my forehead again and the same thing happened again for a few times. After a while it stopped and I was just sitting in a chair listening to music for the rest of the night. The next day I was stuck thinking about it and how amazing it was. The trip was the highest high of my life.
It's not a medical thing. It's spiritual.
You're talking about your 3rd eye or your forehead chakra.

You don't have to be tripping.

Medicine has no explanation for these things. Science is way behind in that department, but it (the 3rd eye) probably has something to do with the pineal gland which produces melatonin, DMT & 5-meo-DMT.
I just have one question... What is the medical term for having an orgasm in the front of your brain ? I know you have to be really tripping for it to happen.
I’ve had that feeling from doing high doses of adderall and weed mixed together.

I used tocall them headgasms, or mindgasm, can’t remember which. But that’s not a medical term
Makes me think of 70s microdots family dosed them in upstate NY sounded on another level of trip than most of today's stuff they saw words coming out of their mouth entities flying in and out of their body orbs of light passing through their stomach

Some of the RC lysergamides rocked me so hard bro so strong notably LSZ and Eth Lad slapped me so hard

Getting off topic carried away but bro 1cP LSD was some of the funnest not as difficult more playful purple microtablets I remember trying to cut one so tiny and it somehow flew under my dresser tore my bedroom apart for hours before finding the sliver of purple

Well worth the hunt it was such a fun lighthearted time

Mr.Tinkertrain I listened to on the tv we brought into the garage peaking on it me and my bro coke lines snorted were super stressful on the cardiac system mad bad vibes but Ozzy killed it
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