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Raw mushrooms


Jul 11, 2014
I recently bought mushrooms and had a pretty intense experience. I bought them thinking I would trip regular but I wasn’t paying attention and bought the wrong ones apparently and the guy called them raw. My first question is is “raw” the same thing as the fresh version of psilocybin or is it just another way of saying dried?

Either way, I’m curious about something which hopefully someone here can help me with. While I was tripping I felt myself communicating with something. I’ve heard before that the plant is alive and can communicate with people but I was not expecting this on this trip. Like i said, I had a way more intense experience than I thought I would have based on the amount I took which was just a cap and stem. A full mushroom basically. A little bit thicker than the ones I have bought in the past. But it was no where near an eighth or even half an eight or anything like that which leads me to believe that I bought the fresh ones which were referred to as raw. And it started kicking in only 15-20 minutes and was already pretty intense before an hour had even passed. I honestly didn’t think I was gonna be able to handle it and felt nauseous But there was definitely a presence or many presence’ there of which I could not directly see or pinpoint where they are at or what their purpose was.

Sometimes I felt like I was being messed with by demons or leprechaun people but then I felt a presence that was all loving and only wanted the best for me. And it gave me the impression that I was trespassing on some unseen territory that I wasn’t aware of prior and I felt the need to apologize because I was feeling like shit and nauseous but I was also filled with love and compassion and didn’t want to offend whatever was there or whatever was communicating with me.

The part that I am having trouble understanding and would like to understand more is what is the likelihood that this presence was actually loving or is it more on the side of leprechaun people or demons or both trying to interact with me at the same time? Because while I was walking I passed by an owner and his dog and the dog looked at me strange and started charging at me and the owner apologized. I don’t know if that was just the normal personality of the dog or if it was bothered by my aura or whatever was conjuring around me. Because sometimes it does not feel like a nice presence and I don’t understand why it has to be both loving and giving but at the same time I feel paranoid and completely alone and messed with and feel like they don’t care what happens to me. Is it just a gateway that just lets everything in good or bad??

I also felt the presence of a ufo and felt like I understood the intentions of aliens better as far as experimenting with humans like scientists mainly out of curiosity and they are able to do this without people being aware of it somehow. But who knows maybe all of this could have just been my imagination but it feels very real. And later on after I was drifting in and out of confusion and drowsiness, I eventually started to feel like I was awakening from a deep sleep and felt like an animal in the wild. Completely in touch with my natural self as if I was a hunter gatherer in the days before. As opposed to a modern day human surrounded by industrialization and completely impacted by things that contradict nature. I finally felt like a real human and felt like I had more acute awareness and I had love flowing through and I had the desire to just be loving and honest and wanted to improve things in my life and reconnect with loved ones and friends and such. But there were other times where I felt like I was another person like I was possessed or something and then I also felt like I was a time traveler who woke up in another time like in the twilight zone or something like that. Doesn’t make any sense at all.

But the thing I would really like to know is the nature of whatever was there and what I was communicating with. I am tempted to experience it again but am hesitant because I feel like it was giving me a warning after encroaching on some unseen territory like I said before. Or maybe it just felt disrespected because I ate the mushroom carelessly during a time in my life where I don’t feel so good mentally and physically and just wanted to have a good time and just chill. I don’t know if you guys have insight on that.
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