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⫸STICKY⫷ Real 2mg Alprazolam vs Fake bars


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Dec 12, 2006
Melbourne - Under the lasers
do they even make real "xanax" bras anymore? confused....
In some countries where it still is profitable. Remember Pfizer are the owners of the 'Brand' Xanax.
However a lot more countries have had local pharmaceutical company/s steal the "Alprazolam" market often being able to sell then 2-10x cheaper.

Nurse Ratched

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Feb 25, 2021
yes, please. hate to be a prev on this but blamin on pregab as well it will be over soon (tomorrow morning maybe lol)
Honey you can do no wrong in my eyes. Blame it on the moon..........I hear the full harvest is gonna be gorgeous. Shame I won't see it as it's overcast and raining heavily here. Have a great night bam a lam............catch ya on the flip side. xxoo


Sep 13, 2016
10 hours into the future
If it's not bitter, it's a spitter lol
IME i've noticed the fake ones to be a lot more crumbly/chalky in consistency as opposed to the legit ones which can be a real bitch to snap when your hands are shaking in a blind panic - but they snap cleanly along the lines whereas the fake ones do not. i would only ever use one 'square' off a bar at a time, benzos are purely functional for me (even when I have taken a whole bar to see what the hype was about I just felt slow and that's about it) and the fake ones are immediately obvious when you use it this way bc the active ingredient is not consistently mixed through the tablet. Sometimes a square will do nothing and then another square off the same bar will totally mong you out way more than .5mg of alprazolam should
I only ever had them for emergencies simply because sublingually they'll kill a panic attack in under 5 minutes vs 10 minutes for subbed diazepam (which I am prescribed for muscle spasms and panic disorder). Might not sound like a huge difference but if you've ever had a severe panic attack you know that 5 extra minutes might as well be a lifetime.
For whatever reason the pink footballs (.5mg and really I only need half a one to do the job) don't seem to be something generally on offer but they have *always* been legitimate when I've gotten them.


Oct 28, 2022
As far as foreign pharma goes, no idea if you get these in Aus but Galenika brand benzos are almost always legit, usually come boxed and always blistered. They make diazepam, clonazepam, and alprazolam that I have seen. They come from Serbia. Good shit.

The alprazolam is Ksalol 1mg brand which are very little light blue pills. I have some of their diazepam on hand right now which is Bensedin 10mg and are just plain white pills. The clonazepam is Rivotril branded, yes they licensed Roche's brand name, and they are white pills with four scores on one side and very tiny little "2" on the other.

These have become the standard in the UK since the supply of diverted domestic benzos has decreased after a crackdown a few years ago and are easily on par with any regular first world medications. Bless my Serbian brothers.

Another decent Serbian brand is Hemofarm. All the bromazepam I've had is from those guys. Banging stuff. If my memory serves me right they were light green pills with no imprint. But came blistered. Also had their lorazepam and diazepam.

On occasion I have had blistered Pfizer Xanax 0.5mg from... can you guess... Serbia. No problems.

Indian stuff can be hit and miss and there are fake blisters that look very convincing too. In the UK we currently have Ranbaxy brand diazepam going around which is actually pressed with flubromazolam or flualprazolam. There's also fake Actavis diazepam blisters containing RCs as well but those are very obvious to spot for anyone who has seen the real ones.

When it comes to alprazolam specifically my rule is usually if it is 1mg or less and in a blister pack, and the brand has a good reputation (isn't known to be faked), odds are it is legit. Obviously this is not a lab test but it's a good way to cut through the obvious fakes.

I won't buy any loose pharmas unless I have seen them come out the blister myself. Lots of fake benzos pressed with RCs doing the rounds, most of those are "Xanax bars", and all of those are loose crumbly cheaply made presses. You also get "loose blues" which similarly are just as dicey and could contain anything. Sometimes you get like 5 drugs in one pill with those fucking things.


Central/Eastern Europe is legit in terms of pharma quality control, though i'm sure they have their share of issues in other areas. Had Rivotril, Galenika, Serbian Clonazepams, 30 for 20 bux in blisters that snapped beautifully along the score compared to the last i bought domestic which were 50 for $230 in a satchel, only 38 were unbroken while the rest were mostly dust at the bottom and are more than likely some sketchy RC.

XANAX, Pfizer, 30 x 0,5mg Alprazolam out of Slovakia in the box with the paper pamphlet for $24 while the last i bought domestic on the street were $370 for 50 after talkin him down from $400 (desperate times) in what i am pretty sure was a fake pfizer bottle seeing as pfizer aus hasn't made them in years and when they did weren't the glass bottles with U 94 instead of plasic with xanax on one side and 2 imprinted on the other?
they mostly broke along the quarter line at least but not that clean pharma snap and they don't seem to be evenly dosed, flualp maybe.

Even with postage the prices were so much more reasonble.

I also second the Hemofarm notion. 20 x 6mg Bromazepam HF out of Serbia or Slovakia for $20.85, 10x 100mg for $25.70Tramadol.TRODON, Hemofarm again and Lorazepam HF, 20x 2,5mg Lorazepam, Hemofarm for $20.85

had some good luck with Galenika Ksalol (xanax) 1mgs 30 for 20 bux which would probably buy 2 single fakes or maybe 3 if you're lucky locally. Santeria seems to have avoided the imitation game for now too for the yime being, along with Alkaloid out of north Macedonia ($62 for 100 50mg tramadol) and Apaurin (VALIUM), Krka from Slovenia, 30x 10mg Diazepam for $24.

Ridiculous when compared with the street prices for pressed poison available domestically that is far more likely to cause overdose and health issues, yet still probably not worth the risk of jail time since border control has stepped up it's game, even though most of these products serve legitimate medical purposes for those who suffer from such issues and are mostly s4 barring alprazolam which has only been replaced by the more dangerous RC's brought in since the changes to the laws.

Also agree that India is a bit hit n miss with quality control, though the prices can be very appealing.

tl;dr the laws do more harm than good given people turn to unregulated street options that are way overpriced and more dangerous/poisonious.


Oct 31, 2005
Sounds like you do want to talk about it or why would you even mention it? What does this thread have to do with your other story of being injected against your will all the while mentioning it and how you don’t want to talk about it? Why even mention it…