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Rest In Peace, Alan (xtcxtc)


Oct 28, 2004
Yo Alan

You were fucking cool man. Wish you were still here but ixnay on the pics xxx

I remember lurking back in the day and being like "who the fuck is this dude with all the asian prostitues ("angels")

veryyyy interesting


May 30, 2005
Your dads face
Dear Alan,

This thread was bumped by someone else, but dammit, I miss you right now. I miss the dialogue and the ideas bouncing around. I miss your guidance and your brutal honesty. Never once did you steer me wrong. You taught me a lot about perspective by both words and deeds. I know that in the great thereafter, whatever it may or may not be, that I can carry out what you told me you wanted without subjecting myself to baser emotions and actions.

I continue to respect and admire you not for your wealth, but for your ability to voice dissent without attacking. I feel a void right now, and if you're capable of watching over me -- please help me to see that 10 years from now, the difference I make now will be something of which I am proud.

Say hi to my mom from me if you can. <3

Yours sincerely,


Sup Alan,

Time for my shrine visit again.

There's a fair amount of my mates here with you and many more that have lost the same people.

Jillian, once again good timing on your part. Claire has axl making himself present and I have you.

I miss you guys and catch you on the flip side