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Rest In Peace, Nurse Ratched

This is some truly devastating news to break guys. I have just spoken with her mother on the phone. @Nurse Ratched passed away last Saturday. She was like a distant online mother to me. I'm utterly heartbroken. We haven't seen a BL staff member as helpful, thorough, and hard working as her in a very long time. She had a tough battle with leukemia and ultimately fell to congestive heart failure. I know she was greatly loved by so many, and she will be missed by a great number of us.

I'm personally greatly distressed that there wasn't more I said to her in the past couple months. I wish I could've said how much I loved her and how much she inspired and supported me through my own personal trouble. She had her struggles with addiction in the past, but made an amazing recovery and put in a ton of work and her own free time towards helping other people struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. This should inspire all of us.

I will be saying some prayers for her. Rest in Peace, you will be greatly missed ❤️❤️💔💔💕

June 2, 1958 - November 11, 2023
I am truly sorry to hear this. I didn't really know her well, but she seemed like a nice lady. RIP.
Damn first Cosmic Charlie now this. i'm not sure what the cause of it was, but regardless it's just a tragedy and i hope her family or friends have as much support as they can get . Rest peacefully my friend. And try to stay safe my fellow BLs. Love y'all by the way. been around BL for well over a decade and i'd prolly be dead if it weren't for this site and to all those who have been around, just want to let you know how much i appreciate every single gentle soul on here.
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I remember you supported me when I was in early recovery from alcohol addiction so thank you for that and being caring. My thoughts are with your family and friends RIP pumpkin/NR 🌌💗
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Rest in peace Claire.

She had the perfect mix of loving care and a take-no-bullshit attitude that made her a peacekeeper extraordinaire. She was throurough too, staying up to date on all of the forums daily, and she would be able to reach out to people and help them. Behind the scenes she was no different, radiating compassion for us staff members when our lives get rougher.

The world has lost a real one. She will be dearly missed.
Truly saddened by this. I spoke with her mother a couple of days ago. Hope she finds peace if there’s another something beyond this. There will be no service or obit because that’s what Claire wanted. Her mother asked for prayers. We can do prayers and good energy.
Harrowing for BLers to see such a lovely & esteemed energy, on the boards, pass. I never knew of her battles with health-issues. Heartfelt condolences to her BL family, friends, mother & family. Bless your lovely, soul, Claire. 🙏❤️
When I was new I clung to her,she helped me daily through withdrawal, I'm forever in her debt,nothing I can do but treat others as she treated me,thank you Pumpkin.
What a tragedy for the world and for Bluelight. I didn't know her on a real personal way, which I regret. I do know she was a kind person. I know how much help she provided to folks here in terms of Harm Reduction and Mental Illness. Her caring, positive, knowledgeable presence will live on through her work here at BL.
@Nurse Ratched made a huge contribution to Bluelight, beyond what most people will see. This is devastating news.

Claire, the work you have done will resonate beyond your time here. And we won't forget you either. We were blessed to have you.
Tronica, without a doubt. She changed lives, she saved lives, she gave so much. Those ripples spread out, never ending.
She always had the most down to earth advice about things in my life that had absolutely nothing to do with drugs... and I hope I can take some of that advice and use it.

You will be missed :(