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Game Reverse "Myth" Making


Feb 25, 2010
New idea for a silly game, more for creative fun than for constructive or rational thinking.

My example - Holland is like the reverse myth of Armenia because Ottomans, the people who killed almost all The Armenians, really would love a tulip garden, and tulips are the national flower of Holland.

If you're scratching your head thinking "What?" at this point, you are on the right track. What I just did, was make a completely insane story out of fragments of history just like so many politicians today, except I admit that my story is worthless outside of the purely imaginative part of my mind.

If you can think of a silly story like mine, post it here and laugh at yourself for being a funny little monkey-child. The Winner will make the story which is both THEE most ridiculous and at the same time informative in a previously unthinkable way.

Another example, this time perhaps more informative: Kenya is the reverse myth of Boston, Massachusetts because if the Boston Marathon had been run in Kenya, it would have been run by Somalians... because Kenyans hate how Somalians always blow their shit up, so they make them "run for it."
The reverse myth of Babe Ruth is Donnie Darko. Whenever babe hits above 330 Donnie misses another plane.
Mexican Drug Trade reveals the reverse myth of Russian Doll Production - Whenever a latino scores a bag of meth, a Russian doll makers paint another one red in honor of the failed revolution.
The industrial Revolution is the reverse myth of Dolly Parton's sex life. Everytime she makes a man cheat on his wife, a union boss fires a child slave so he can throw another bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label into his secretary's face. Lol.
I just spent all week thinking of a good (bad) one: The Gestapo's thieving children who take all the Jewish Treasure hidden in the ghettos while their fathers torture the jews tell the reverse myth of the regular myth which accompanies the Chinese New Year - Every lantern they send up to the dead ancestors burns with the hatred of the Gestapo for their mothers who never loved them, and the children are like the dead Chinese grandparents who never believed in God.

After The Third Reich was demolished in 1945, the Gestapo were tried and hanged but their kids took a vacation to Argentina to pick psychedelic mushrooms with the ghost of Moses. He knows all the best spots!
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In case anyone is wondering - I don't do this because I'm a horrible racist misogynist, I just like to mix old stories from disparate cultures together and let fate take care of the rest.

But if you must know, yes- I do technically have Nazi blood running through my veins and my ancestors did live in Austria at the time of Hitler's birth. But I don't think they liked him very much. No one from Austria did. That's why he moved to Germany. Only a German would vote for a baby with a mustache to run their country for them. The reason my ancestors joined the Nazi Party was because they hated the idea of living in a world where really evil people could get away with murder while A Jew from Russia couldn't even run a little shop on the corner of Riemergasse and Wollzeile. The Jews didn't ruin Germany, Germans did.
But on a serious note, the actual myth of The Berber people of North Africa is the story of Hercules and his 12 Trials. Just as there were 12 tribes of israel, so there are twelve tribes of Africa who kill, rape and steal to survive in the desert.

But the Myth of Hercules *Reversed* tells the story of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause - James gets in a fight with his parents, loses, goes to jail and meets a girl just as Hercules fights the hydra, performs superhuman feets and becomes half divine. What could be more rebellious than winning godhood from a rapist like Zeus?
Cinderella is the reverse myth of Countess Bathory - whenever Cinderella does another twirl on the dancefloor at the ball with her prince charming, the Countess tricks 10 more young women into being imprisoned in her castle. When Cinderella loses her magic shoe after the ball, Bathory slits the women's throats and drinks their blood to rejuvinate herself. When prince charming finds Cinderella again and sweeps her off her feet, Bathory chews on the final skull of the final young woman she tricked into imprisonment and victimhood, like a dracula woman ought to.

Trust me, my mom's a Trannsylvanian. I know these things!
Trust me, my mom's a Trannsylvanian. I know these things!

Super foot fetish activated.

I love this idea, by the way. Do the reverse myth of Giant's Causeway.
The Giant's Causeway is the natural equivalent of the reverse myth of Egyptian Thoth-Hermes: Each step of Fionn's escape from the giant Bellandonner marks a new spell written by Thoth. Isis hates when Thoth does that, so she convinces her demon son Set to make him stop, and Fionn has to breast stroke all the way to Nova Scotia on a shark with only one tooth. All the other sharks make fun of him, but his one tooth doubles as an instant pot, and everybody knows that every attractive female shark can't say no to a dinner of hot tuna soup.
The Reverse Myth of Missing Chess Player Bobby Fisher (think Will Ferrell SNL) is Harriet Tubman's Underground Railroad. Every time Harriet guides another slave to their freedom, Bobby spots another chicken fat mushroom - Suillus americanus - in the timbers of Fennario. Jerry Garcia nods in approval as the wolves descend on little red riding hood just a short distance from Bobby. Who would have thought she stuffs her crumpets with ibogaine?
Lol, this is great. Unfortunately my brain doesn't work this way, but I love seeing how yours does.