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Misc Review sites


Bluelight Crew
Nov 9, 2013
the piss artist formerly known as stevesircull (th
Trustpilot reviews were so fucking bogus anyway. So obvious that these sites got flooded with fake positives (probably written by people on the payroll of dodgy clearnet sites, seeing as anyone could create multiple new accounts within seconds, with absolutely zero checks required) any time any one submitted a negative review complaining about the site in some way.

The only reviews I would trust, when an IRL first hand real person review is not available, the next best thing would be from people I know are genuine and individual people, such as the members on a site like Bluelight for example.

You are not wrong generally speaking but never the less, they were helpful a lot of the time once one got the knack of seeing through the shitposting and fake +ive reviews. The last time that I was so stuck I had to scrape the barrel and take a chance, I fretted for a week before finally taking a chance on a fella that genuinely seemed to generate praise as amongst the muck there were enough customers who appeared as real as is possible. I paid attention to them as the customers had reviews of other 'vendors' (fucking dealers), including the recognisable and common pattern of them giving good reviews for multiple purchases before the inevitable exit scam, reflected by them admitting how great they were for 6 months before suddenly getting burned. So, after finally settling on this guy, who sold Spanish Kern diazepam before they started to be widely counterfeited among other brands I plumped for 60 of the bastards. Already half expecting to get burned, it only took 24 hours before I wrote the order off as not only did the inevitable 0 star (or 1 star or whatnot) ratings immediately start pouring in from everywhere, the site had immediately gone offline.

When they actually arrived on the third day I felt like the luckiest cunt on the planet. The 'prodes' were spot on and it seems like I was possible the last customer to have their order honoured, with regulars, who's reviews I had been going off, being let down. Although this only reinforced my feeling the touch of God, the way he sorted me out like that before going offline made me think that there was as good a chance he was busted as there was the usual robbing, with me getting a similar vibe as I did around the time the excellent Spanish boys finally hit the wall.

Snafu in the Void

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May 27, 2020
I live in a giant bucket
The only real/legit "review site" that exists is the dread forums on the dark net.

Reddit used to have reviews but that got shut down years ago. Most review sites get shut down really damn quick for some reason.

I'd surmise they are technically illegal themselves? Contributing to a criminal enterprise? Probably some bullshit law.


Mar 13, 2021
Trustpilot removed themselves from many of these clearnet sites a number of months ago, because they said that they did not want to be associated with businesses that were either disreputable, immoral, illegal, or scams, or something along those lines. I can no longer remember the exact wording they used.


Jul 31, 2009
There are forums on Dread where Research Chemical suppliers are reviewed.

I don't think there are any RC suppliers that will ship to the UK though so I would assume these clearnet websites are looking to scam.
I’ve been trying to find this out. I kind of had a theory that they omit the UK as a destination, and when asked if they will ship there say “no” so as not to get caught out by authorities.

But what if you were to put the uk address, and a neighbouring country as the destination.

BUT, I’m the instructions/comments make it crystal clear the country is the United Kingdom.

All they can do I guess is cancel the order and refund.

I did get conned once by a site that had been cloned, got an email about a sale, and sent €30 in Bitcoin for an amount of Clonazolam. Only to be get an email from the genuine vendor a couple of weeks later making me aware of the scam.

Man, would I love some scaly 3-FPM like I last had just before the PAS ban in 2016. Incredibly good value. Had my dissertation to complete, but I wasn’t just using it for study, I went overboard with it. So amazingly forgiving, essentially no comedown (before the abuse). I’d also like to try some of the dissociatives.

Got some of the onion a couple of years after the ban and it gave me chest pains and couldn’t sleep after. So basically wasn’t 3-fpm.

axe battler

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Aug 4, 2009
NossoGr8 Britain
Without revealing too much, I have had experience with such clearnet sites in the past.

More exotic things like temazepam and zolpidem tend to be fakes containing f-lam or etizolam, but more common ones that are more easily available like diazepam, clonazepam and etizolam, as well as zopiclone and pregabalin/gabapentin have usually been as advertised.