• LAVA Moderator: Galactoid

Photo Contest Round 416: Morning

Morning at the Grand Canyon (circa 2014... wow no shit, 9 years ago?)



The sun is up
The sky is blue
Today is beautiful
And so are you

Morning is a gift
So is the first meal
Maybe a taste of coffee,
And seeing your awesome
photo thread too.

May your worries be light
May your joy be great
May your cup overflow
Because it will soon be late.

Good Morning to you.
The whole day is a blessing
When we really make it
all the way through.

Rise and shine
Oh it's a sign
For going outside
Then smelling the pine.
I forgot about this.
My photos are all on my desktop, which I haven’t set back up since I moved.
I’ll try to post a submission in the next couple weeks.