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Semi Suddenly I can no longer get high. Causes?

Sterling Archer

Dec 28, 2015
I have experienced everything from being a young paranoid stoner to a still young junkie/meth addict. I am not addicted to heroin the same as most others. I do not like heroin by itself really. Meaning if it weren't for physical withdrawals and chasing an undescribable feeling I used to get smoking black tar with my girlfriend in the past, I wouldn't use it. It's pros do not surpass its cons.

Currently I am stuck using for fear of withdrawals because my doctor cut off my suboxone script. I started using meth to make myself use heroin less, a few months (3) later I find that no matter what ROA I use, no matter what amount I use, I cannot get high off heroin or meth. I am mostly a smoker of both but tried slamming a monster shot of heroin very stupidly in an effort to get high finally and...nothing. Nada. And I hit my mark.

Slamming meth I haven't tried since this inability to get high but would assume it would work slightly. My addiction went from smoking .3 a day to a full gram a day of high quality gunpowder black tar and my meth use has always been however much I could do until I felt uncomfortable. Is it that my dopamine is depleted and unable to make me feel euphoria anymore? When I shot that monster shot, I felt a tingle rush and would nod oddly with no euphoria just a random nod. Same with smoking nowadays just an odd nod no good feelings.

Meth used to get me wired beyond function but now causes me to just have accelerated heart rate and crappy lungs, doesn't even really wake me up a whole lot just maybe like coffee. I tried stopping meth for 5 days and slightly felt smoking h more but not enough. I'm about to detox which I'm going to ask members to pitch a plan after hearing all the tools at my disposal in my next thread. This one is to explain my sudden inability to feel euphoria from anything anymore. I still enjoy games and relations with friends and stuff so it's not the thing where meth makes you unable to feel satisfied from stuff. Thanks everyone
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Bluelight Crew
Jan 25, 2009
May I suggest that you break that text up into paragraphs - people have the tendency to skip over big walls of txt.

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Dec 25, 2015
San Antonio
It isn't the meth, it is the lack of sleep, and improper nutrition. Meth is one molecule different from ADD medication, and just like when taking prescribed medication, it is important to eat and sleep regularly. Also, do not drink anything but water or fresh squeezed juice. The leading cause of meth mouth is hypersalivization from dehydration.

Do not drink soda or alcohol. Soda is horrible although less so than mixing with alcohol. Meth and Alcohol both affect the nervous system, and can disrupt the normal neural pathways your brain uses. A side effect of a meth alcohol use mixture is that fuzzy mind that people commonly associate with solely with meth use. Never drink alcohol, always get good sleep at least every other day and eat properly.

Meth tends to make people crave sugar, which also triggers a release of serotonin, further depleting your stores. Resist the urge to eat junk and instead eat plenty of veggies and carbs which replenish the many necessary enzymes your body needs that have been depleted. (Cheap, easy and quick. I get several packets of those knorr 7-minute alfredo or creamy chicken noodles and add frozen veggies. Add some cream or milk, parmesaan cheese and its really quite good.

I get three meals from one dollar packet from the massive amounts of veggies Throw in which leaves more money for other things) . Watch your protein intake. Many people make the mistake of not being hungry so ignoring nutrition, this leads to dopamine production drops due to a lack of nutrients. Make sure you get GOOD protein, from leafy greens, nuts and beans. These proteins are easily absorbed and digested quickly.

Meat protein is very hard on your body to digest and get nutrition from.(Also expensive) A bag of spinach is cheap, just throw one in the fridge and grab a handful. Yes, its gross. But I do meth every day, and have for a long time. My skin is flawless, my hair is healthy, I still get high and my teeth are pristine. Because I follow these guidelines. NEVER DRINK CITRUS JUICE WITH METH. OR TAKE VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTS. The meth metabolites attach to the vitamins and go right through you, so its literally pissing away your drugs.

I would recommend you do the smallest amount possible for you to keep withdrawal symptoms from setting in. For three days(IF POSSIBLE), drink nothing but water, ideally 2 gallons a day. (NO LEMON) eat nothing, do not take vitamins and keep your drug use to an absolute minimum. A fast is drastic but effective. The weaker cells in your body die off from malnutrition. On the morning of day four, eat only raw fruits and veggies (organic if possible) Then on day five, you may eat normally again, but remember to avoid the junk, and watch your nutrition.

Your body has killed off almost all of the degraded cells and is now creating new, perfect healthy cells from the stem cells within. BE CAREFUL! I do this once ever 6 months, and it is HARD. Also, you can't go far or fast. You are starving your body to kill the bad in it. So if you can't take 4 days off, you can't use the reset. However, it works. Heroin I know nothing about, but it seems to me that perhaps the use of an extreme upper like meth with an extreme downer like heroin cancels each other out. Like when you do cocaine and mushrooms. You feel weird but not cocaine high or mushroom trippy. Hope that works! If you have any questions, I am full of answers! Also duckduckgo.com is a search engine that doesn't track your search history so you can look up anything on there without worry!
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Feb 4, 2020
My personal research ,lol, has displayed a similar issue but with cocaine and heroin IV speedballs . Ive always used half as much coke as h, like half point coke for evey point of h . Recently i have been getting little to no rush off this ratio , no matter how high the dose . Ive started to try different ratios like 5050 and currently debating trying more C than H , cuz thats how everyone else apparently does it . I never liked coke shots until i used it to intensify the rush when my h tolerance started getting bad to the point i felt no rush . Now i wont do one without the other. im thinkin my coke tolerance has shot up aswell, making even a ratio of 5050 disappointing . Any advice is greatly appreciated