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Positive Share Something Positive About Your Day vs This Does Not Suck (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)?

Today was the best Mothers Day ever. 💐💐💐🌸🌺🌷🌾
And last year was great too !!!

I got mi moms artwork framed. And also a note that said: If you were a flower I would pick you. lololol 😁
Last year I got her a refrigerator and she still loves it today.

[context: I'm 32, but have been living with my parents for the past few years due to debilitating physical and mental health problems....me and my dad are pretty distant, don't talk or do much together despite living in the same house and he's openly admitted to not liking me]

Decided to watch the new TV series Silo as I've read the books. It was ~15 years ago so remember very little apart from that I enjoyed them. My parents decided to watch it with me and it was just nice for us to all do something together like that...the small things, ya know?...we watched the first couple episodes and after talked for it a little or whatever and my mum went to [do something, I'm not sure what] and I just had a chat with my dad about random things, bantered etc.
Made me feel really good, like our relationship is moving in the right direction.
Revaluation. Same as any other day but slightly, more appreciative, of it.

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So far this week I have been able to offer genuine smiles and greetings to Randy Rando on the streets.
Today there was no exception.
Also I feel blessed to be able to post on BL for a change and hope this portends a balancing of sorts to the many changes that have been goings on in my everyday life for the past few months.
Best to you all,