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Positive Share Something Positive About Your Day vs This Does Not Suck (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)?

Got a hell of a toothache and so needed pan handle tightened. Got up and was digging around in tool bag for proper tool and found an 8mg strip of bupre. Cut a quarter and let it melt on tooth. Feels much better now and can eat like I wanna.
Oh happy day cause I was getting hungry as a mf.
One love yall
Quite a few years ago I walked into a gas station in northern Wisconsin and saw this amazing framed painting for sale fir literally 25$. I gave it to my mom for mother’s day and after a few years she ended up giving it back. Last night i was looking at it and finally saw the signature.. Holy shit it’s actually a framed original by Avonelle Kelsey and it includes some of her poetry.

Damn! Yea I saw the signature after about a minute 😲
Today I realized I can still make it although I have no 1 day chip, 1 year chip, or any of the sorts. I have a welcome chip from an NA meeting years ago and a thought in my head that says I can still do this, a treatment appointment at 8 AM on Thursday that I set yesterday, and I will continue on this path with my goal to never stick another needle in my vein.