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⫸STICKY⫷ Six Simple Rules... To MDMA


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May 18, 2011
Uk, London
Can anyone confirm the validity of taking Alpha Lipoic Acid during a roll to reduce neurotoxicity? I guess we need more research.

Also, 5-HTP post-roll seems like a commonly accepted method to reduce the hangover.

And while 1 month between rolls may be enough for some people, Anne Shulgin recommended only taking MDMA 4 times per year (so 3 month breaks) to retain the "magic".
Alexander Shulgin was right about taking it only 4 times a year (or less)
The diminished euphoria and increasing tolerance which means users take more and more in and effort to get the same euphoria, which in truth is more just the amphetamine properties of the mdma they are enjoying more than the true empathetic brain fuelled loved up high , shows that it really is a good idea to wait between uses.
A pattern ive noticed over the years is that some ravers will no longer take mdma if its not 'worth it' and will save their drug and experience for festivals or big headliner events , so without even being aware of this suggestion of taking it months apart or more, they do it anyway.
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