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Sleep and withdrawal


May 30, 2021
Ok, so I wondering how sleep affects the withdrawal timeline.

For example, if you took seroquel or some other sleep aid while in opiate withdrawal, and you got 12 hrs of sleep a night vs no sleeping pills and let’s say 4 hrs a night of sleep. Would the person getting 12 hrs get finished with detox quicker?
IMO anytime off a substance lowers tolerance so therefore must also be eliminating the drug in question.
I like going without for a couple/three days it helps effectiveness and take less to "get there".
I don’t think taking something like seroquel other sleeping pills would cut down with drawl timeline. It’s highly variable already but the deep rem sleep that gives us most of the benefits of sleeping isn’t achieved with a lot of those drugs. Or at least isn’t achieved as much as regular sleep. This is why when you take a lot of things like ambien that induce sleep you can still wake up feeling shitty and not rested. It’s manufactured sleep. This is prolly a horrid explanation that someone more knowledgeable could explain but I believe this is generally right.
Ime withdrawal is basically always time dependant. Doesn't really matter how you spend the time, but it will basically always last for a pretty reliable duration, obviously depending on what the drug is, half life, etc. Subjectively though, being unconscious for a lot of it is probably going to be more tolerable.