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Flower So what are you currently smoking?

i've never really vaped other than taking two hits off of a vape pen my father had, not sure how strong it was, but probably the regular numbers. i wasn't too excited about the two hits. that was a couple years ago

but i just got a .3 gram disposable vape of some Brownie Scouts to try it out. on the website it said it was 80%thc, but after i bought it the wrapper says it has 0thca, but 80% delta nine thc... i took two hits and it honestly tastes great. i was coughing from one little hit but it wasn't really harsh at all. it's some pretty dark liquid in the pen. i like it. i'll have to see how long .3 grams last. maybe i'll start vaping too or even switch. i don't want to use the whole thing at once and get a tolerance, but i think i'm gonna take a few more hits before dinner and then switch back to some flower for the rest of the night... i don't really get this 0thca thing. i got some bud with 34%thca and that i know will be fire. the delta nine and the thca seem to be giving me the same buzz.
Thca is delta9 when they call it delta9 its usually just distillate which is decarboxylated.
oh good stuff. i didn't believe you when i first read this, but google says you are right "Delta-9 THC is the psychoactive version of THCA, the naturally occurring form of THC in cannabis plants. THCA itself is not psychoactive; however, when heated, THCA is converted into delta-9 THC."

the only reason why i didn't believe it was because it seems delta 9 is avaliable in small amounts in flower that has been yet to be heated, so i always thought that was what was up with that...

thanks for the info, someguyontheinternet
Creme de la Chem
Wedding cake
Sour power

+ some 10mg live resin gummies and an infused snickerdoodle
Picked up a little bit of Dante's Inferno flower yesterday, haven't tried it yet but this shit is ridiculously sticky. It looks good but nothing spectacular visually, so I wasn't expecting every piece of a bud to adhere to my fingers the instant I tried to break it open lol. If this shit is anywhere near that good, I might have to grab some more.

Oh, and happy Fryday. 😁
So I gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with the Dante's. 👍 Rolled up a half g buck naked, no concentrates of any kind added, which my tolerance is stupid so I should have been underwhelmed at best, but I wasn't. That shit's pretty damn good, and the taste is to DIE for. Will definitely be copping more lol.
a lunchtime blunt (well, half a blunt) of Kush Mints, lovely mellow feelgood strain, small dense buds, I have very little to do today, of any importance anyway, so am grateful to have a couple of grams of this to relax with

Coffee and some heavy dub reggae on the immediate agenda
in the past four days or so i've been experimenting with VAPING CARTS lol. something i never thought i'd do and commented on this site about how i am just settled into flower over twenty years since i was a teen and like it cause i can smoke more.

Anyways the first two days i had a cart of Brownie Scout .3 gram disposable and when i was scheduled to smoke a half 1/8th of bud in the evening like i normally do, i smoked half the .3 gram cart considering i got it at the price of an 1/8th, so i figured i smoke the amount that i was spending on flower... I Smoked some potent flower about a gram or so during these two days of splitting the cart as well (i've been smoking like 2.5 to 3.5 grams of flower a day for about the last year. This is on the higher end in my life cause legal weed is so cheap), so i was getting high. I was experiencing really good highs after smoking the vape, so i was willing to give it a chance at this point. I have to move to a SMOKE FREE APPARTMENT lol. i haven't had to worry about smoking at home since i was a teen, so this came as a complete shock to me thinking about how my life would have to change.... At first i really liked the taste of the Brownie Scouts vape it had almost the same taste as smoking out of a dry herb vaporizer mixed with some brownies. I was thinking the terps must definitely be in large numbers if it tastes so much like dry vaped bud. The only thing i was worried about was that it wouldn't help me to fall asleep like the flower does. the first two nights of vaping i was mixing with herbs, so i didn't know about sleeping.

On the third night my .3 gram disposable ran out, so i was left to go a night smoking flower with out vaping. The next day i went to the store that has discount vapes to try those out and get a battery... I got like 7 extremely cheap discount .5 gram carts, on sale because the glue they used to fit the carts together was kind of runny and they looked a little funny, but barely noticable at all. it was a great deal. i'd be totally stoked to vape if vapes were this cheap all the time. so i got 7 discount vapes and a pretty cheap fruit flavoured vape that i have yet to try out. I went home from the store and spent the whole after noon vaping into the night. i was set to smoke half the .5 gram. I vaped like 5 hits in my kitchen to see if my parents could tell, but they couldn't. i smoked two sessions getting about as high as if i smoked a half 1/8th each session, the first session i wasn't really AS BAKED, but the second full session i was definitely baked like normal. i used about half the vape and was ready for bed. i was able to fall asleep right when the high wore off laying in bed for a couple hours like with normal weed and i slept peacefully the whole night, so i think i will be able to switch to vaping... the discount vape definitely still got me stoned but it didn't taste nearly as much like the flavour of smoking out of a dry herb vape. it was a decent taste on the discount vape, but not nearly as enjoyable. i'm guessing i can find some pretty good deals on cheaper vapes, but it's the type of thing like you mostly get what you pay for if you want the taste of delicious terpenes... i usually find good discount flower, so i'm hoping the vaping is the same.

It seems like i get almost just as many hits off of a vape pen as i do smoking the flower of an 1/8th. i didn't think it would really pan out, but vaping really isn't a total rip off for people that just have tons of money like i thought. The funny thing though is if i vape a hit and inhale as much vape as i do smoke my lungs are going to need to cough so much.. a few times i accidentally took too big of hits and i was crying and i puked in my mouth and had to swollow my dinner back like twice. i definitely have to get used to that, but those types of hits were honestly the ones that had me feel like the high was skyrocketing. i never really thought "you have to cough to get off", but maybe i'm experiencing that a little.

overall if flower is a 10 rating, vaping is 8 or 9 out of 10, maybe even equal when i get used to it... I have about 5 more years of living at my parents house until there is an appartment ready for me, so i still have some time to rip bongs and stuff, but with how much i spill bong water and how much bongs reak, there is no way that i'm going to be able to keep that in my day to day life.. i'm sure i'll go for some walks and smoke some bowls of flower, but that's not nearly as pleasing as smoking a bong to me... there is actually a grave yard no one really goes to right next to my appartment complex and i've smoked there before, so i'll probably make that a new thing, maybe it will be fun to get out of the house. there is a lake right down the street too and a bike trail that goes through the woods a long distance like a half mile away, so my life still might be cool. i just don't really see how i'm loosing the right to smoke bongs and i'm gonna be paranoid like a fucking kid again trying to sneak around smoking. not an ideal life. will probably make my schizophrenia a bit more paranoid and just generally piss off my day to day attitude, but hopefully i can be strong and deal with it.
round at a friends vaping Jack Herer, ages since have had this strain it's super-potent, very upbeat. Strain has an unmistakable smell, love it
Jungle juice and Cherry blossom. The store in town has top shelf bud. He has those jars where he puts the bud in and it magnifies. You can see all the crystals on the bud. And one mile from my house. And to think 5 years ago I was giving my nephew $300 and wait on an ounce., Sometimes wait days and chase him around town.
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About to smoke my last bowl of London Pound Cake with a glob of Banana Runtz wax on top, then head to the shop (well, shops, gotta get those best prices lol) for some diamonds and more Dante's Inferno flower. Supposed to be trying some new flower from a guy at work tonight as well, but we'll see.

Happy Saturday, y'all, stay easy. 😎
About to smoke my last bowl of London Pound Cake with a glob of Banana Runtz wax on top, then head to the shop (well, shops, gotta get those best prices lol) for some diamonds and more Dante's Inferno flower. Supposed to be trying some new flower from a guy at work tonight as well, but we'll see.

Happy Saturday, y'all, stay easy. 😎
Avatar Lil Jon Beetlejuice haha I took a closer look was like wait a minute
Avatar Lil Jon Beetlejuice haha I took a closer look was like wait a minute

AKA Skeetlejuice 🤪

Picked up some more of that Dante's Inferno yesterday. Great strain, plan on doing some cooking with it, maybe later today...

I wish I could stick everyone's nose in this jar. 😁

Hope everyone has a great Monday. 🫠

Update: hitting on a 2g Pineapple OG disposable after getting off work. Very heavy, very stony, very tasty and strong.

Night night, Bluelight. 🌐
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Green crack
Papa smurf
Jack Herrera
Bug grape kiwi
Skywalker headband
Vanilla tangie
Gary payton.

Can you today was sample day at work? Lol. The last 2 are my most recent harvest though