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SDP is a global advocacy campaign calling for drug policies based on health and human rights. It is time to leave behind harmful politics, ideology and prejudice. It is time to prioritise the health and welfare of people who use drugs, and their families and communities. Please visit to show your support.

They prescribed me 40 mg Ms oxycontin three times a day insurance stopped covering it so went on opana 30 mg three times a day loved it OMG 2 years later insurance stopped covering that and those are $14 a piece at the pharmacy that is for generic. So now I am on xtampza 36 mg three times a day. I think it's crap I use oil method 36 mg to 20ml mct in glass jar heated dissolved and that ratio it won't solidify.
What is oil method?
Swim uses a doller store glass vail puts little mct oil in and a xtampza then heats with torch lighter until clear fill rest of jar and drink down