Take Part In Research About Bluelighters


Dear Bluelighters

Are YOU Willing To Take Part In Some Exciting New Research About Bluelight?

Researchers from Lehigh University are looking for participants from this site who are prepared to talk about their experience of using Bluelight.org.

They're interested in the ways in which the technological design of our site affects your goals and behaviours, including your attitudes towards privacy here, and the ways you manage your personal information.

If you're interested and would like to read more or to take part, please CLICK HERE
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Skype {Microsoft?) and privacy?
Concerned as windows 10 is a data miming machine... that sends "home". This is not conjecture or opinion.
Plenty to search for citations.
Would love to give feedback but could there be a truly anonymous way to communicate?
If they'll post their questions, I'll write them a letter by cutting letters out of newspaper headlines and pasting them to a piece of paper answering them at length. I know about the technical issues with privacy and starting ones own ISP and using old Unix type operating systems with most or all of the bugs discovered and easier to lock down helps.

As far as more traditional issues with something like this, I have yet to see a post to which I would respond "Sorry officer, I cannot help you -- nobody here knows anything about drugs or anything like that . . ."
I like the above idea....I'm aware concerned about privacy within the research but would certainly like to share my experiences