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Talwin (Pentazocine) mixed agonist/antagonist


Apr 24, 2011
I tried Pentazocine back in 2000. It's the only opiate on itss own under S4, as with others even codeine on itss own is S8.

Has anyone tried tried this?

A bit of info, Pentazocine is a mixed agonist/antagonist,meaning that it blocks the "mu" receptor ( Positive "high" mood brightener feeling and analgesia located in the brain), but it's agonist at both "kappa" and "delta" receptors, still delivering analgesia,but more to the sedation effect and dysphoria.

( Buprenorphine is called Partial agonist, meaning, it has a ceiling effect, and when taken larger doses, it blocks "mu" receptor, but not "kappa" and "delta" receptors. So in large doses, when combined with other opiates, it renders it "useless" for other opiates as "mu" receptor is been blocked).

I noticed, pentazocine only sedates me so much, much like after taking 25mg of Amitriptyline.
Better off taking Avanza SolTab in higher dose.

Anyone gets positive effect and likes Pentazocine?