The band everyone loves but you hate..

Yes I know High On Fire and yes I really like Black Metal (although I'm very selective because there is a lot of crappy BM music out there).
Lately I've been more of a funeral doom metal listener though. I love the atmosphere it evokes and that it takes patience to listen and enjoy these songs. This here is my all time favorite song and always will be:

The lyrics alone are on a level of deepness that most bands wish they were on:

Eternity has no bottom
It is the breath of a dying sun
Exhaling its icy last gasp
Above the pillars of the dark corruption
Hanging low in the vast nothingness
Symbol of destiny - mirror of the ages
Eternity is an illusion
Burning quickly away into molecular shadow
There is no measure of it; it's depth in endless
It is in the eyes of all who see
Elusive, the antithesis of light devours life
And eventually, eternity shall endure
When all else has fallen to myth;
And no dream is left to believe
Eternity is dust - a churning sea of pale dementia
Burying, reaping beneath the ashen shroud of heaven
Desolate father of all time
Awaits the final breath...and stands a lonely vigil
To greet you in the inevitable darkness once again
You probably know this band already: