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The BDD Social/Information Booth V19 - The After Party

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Well it's a little weird actually.

Tasmania has a lot of street amphetamine and very little meth whilst other states have cut methamphetamine sold as speed and a SHIT load of methamphetamine.

At least you've got options haha

Here its either methamphetamine or script amphetamines/stimulants in general.....or ephedrine....or RC stims...
sharing some tattoo andnart qork forntattoos hope you like felt like sharing :)






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Hello everyone, feeling much better now. :)

Kayla, Imma post your gift tomorrow. :D Missed the UPS store closing by ~1 hour. Ah well. :\
Trip what donyou think of that finished devil outline you seen before ? It's in above post and now others are in order toddle I will she my cover us and more work I'm tired of going back and forth uploading lol
Pj I fixed then look at them in order now I'll just text to u cool and thanks for my gift :) <3
Kayla - post the pic of the skull w/ the woman in the mirror. You're a wonderful artist!
I can't it's on the cell phone :( imma try I want them tosee did u seethe finished evil tat I did it came out bad ass on him
I changed the coding so instead of URLs it just shows the images and wrapped is NSFW tags for size.

The devil looks very cool kayla. You have talent and vision.
This shows my artwork alittle better but not best I'm still trying upload the pic of girl in mirror it's my favorit

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wut up bdd
taking a minor benzo break to save some up - using diphen to get to sleep tonight... definitely not ideal but on friday afternoon i'm getting 4 wisdom teeth removed solely with novacaine - no iv midazolam, no nitrous... because i'm a broke ass grad student and health/dental care in the USofA is a fucking joke.

I'm anticipating i might need some extra klonopin for the surgery as well as the weekend to follow.
going to do my best to make some cannabudder as well for the weekend - and just be couch lock stoned aor 2 days...
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