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The Big and Dandy 2C-P Thread

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Feb 23, 2004
Sounds interesting to me:

PIHKAL entry for 2C-P

I just obtained some. I have been somewhat dissapointed with 2c-e, it is a very mild experience for me as contrasted against the many reports I studied.
2c-t-2 is my favorite so far. Similar potency with more trippiness and a slight edge of euphoria to go with the sensations. This 2c-p sounds like it may compete with 2c-t-2 as my top choice for the 2cs. We shall see. Clearly, I am in the minority here for the reports I had studied had me braced for extreme caution with 2c-e. The individual variation in effects is interesting.

It does not seem this one has been widely available before, I find no trip reports or information available beyond the Pihkal entry. Any one lucky enough to have consumed this relatively unavailable compound?
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2C-P sounds VERY promising. Its dosage and duration are enough to make it wonderful, lol. Besides (and Iknow chemical suggestion can be misleading) I find Propyl tryptamines and dimethoxy phenethylamines to be the best psychedelics. So having both groups in one drug sure is nice :)
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Sounds yucky. Lately I've been really fed up with the stimulative side of psychedelics. I think it's gonna be the thing that convinces me to give em a break for a while.
It's sounding more and more unattractive, I still plan on experimenting with it in the future to see for myself. I'm not gonna just throw it out, unless I hear something really bad about it.
In PiHKAL, it is written at the 12mg dosage, "Could do a lot of learning with this material, but probably not a group thing. It would lend itself too easily to hypnotic power-games, and it would be too easy to open up the shared consciousness level..."

Connectedness on the consciousness level is my strongest drive for psychedelic use (or, at least one of the main motives). Any ways, this compound seems extremely promising for that benefit. However, it was noted that 16mg was a clear overdose... is any one else worried by that??!?!!!
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^ I am. That's a very small margin of safety.

I don't know why people are so interested in this. I think it's just because it's something "new" on the market. I'd be very wary of a substance who's dose range is 6-10mg. but just 16mg was "clearly an overdose". The duration is also a turn off, but that's just me.

And to add to that.. based on what little information is available, what do people think this substance can do that others cant? Because what's described in PIHKAL doesn't sound all that unique to me.
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My interest is how powerfully he claimed the shared consciousness level was opened. The duration is a turn-on for me, as I'm sure many would agree (it's all preference, of course). However, my scale is nowhere near accurate enough for me to risk such a narrow dosage range. I'm hoping that test run was a fluke and some fellow psychonauts have better luck...
I took between 10 and 12 mg about 2 1/2 hours ago.

There is color enhancement, and I am surprisingly (perhaps even deeply) relaxed.

I can see how the word "hypnotic" came up earlier when describing this compound. It's almost like rolling, without the amphetamine push.

There may be some CEVs, but no open-eyed ones for me at this level. Then again, it took a somewhat massive dose of 2c-e to make me get any visuals either.

That's all I have to add for now.
Another 2C is out on the mainstream market. I wish Shulgin hadn't enjoyed the 2C's as much as he did. Perhaps them we'd be messing around with the TMA-series or GANESHA ;)
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I don't think we'd be messing around with the TMA series as the TMA-2 thru TMA-6 are all schedule I as positional isomers of TMA. :)

Also, I wouldn't write off 2c-p simply because its another 2c or that it didn't get a dazzling review in pihkal. Just look at what people are saying about 2c-d which Shulgin labeled as "tofu". While the 16mg mg 'overdose' trip report is an indication of a low margin of safety, Shulgin also mentioned a bad experience that someone had on 30mg 2c-e, which would imply a low margin of safety for 2c-e too. Really, many of the psychedelic phenethylamines have a low margin of safety.
While I am curious about this substance, I too am worried about the 16mg overdose... a "physical disaster" sounds like a really negative thing, since that's the first time I've heard of a physical disaster in either book... no good guys, no good. Be really careful with this one. I'd recommend a scale with a +/- .01mg accuracy, personally.
I would assume it would be similar to 2ct7 only a little more stable in terms of dose/response. I don't like propylated chems but I did like 2ct7, it was alot of fun but I didn't love it as much as other methylated type chems.
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Considering how radically different 2c-e (ethyl) is from 2c-t-2 (ethylthio), I see no reason at all to assume that 2c-p (propyl) would be anything like 2c-t-7 (propylthio). Just my 2 cents.

Though I do notice somewhat the methylated vs. (iso)propylated pattern that you pointed out. Just look at DMT, 5-meo-DMT, and 4-ho-DMT versus DPT, DIPT, 5-meo-DIPT and 4-ho-dipt for example. The N,N-dimethylated tryptamines are by far the best, whereas the one's with longer alkyl chains seem less consistant amongst different people. For the phens, DOM, 2c-d and mescaline, all of which have nothing but methyls and/or methoxy's on top of the phenethylamine skeleton, are the most profound phens I've ever done. So my guess is that 2c-p will be somewhat like 2c-e and 2c-d but probably not as good as either. I could be wrong though.
I noticed a new report was added to erowid.

Although short (why oh why do new substances always fall in the hands of non-writers first? LOL) it makes this substance look even weirder and more intreguing (and intimidating) than it already wasin PiHKAL....

(Actually I am less excited than I was about trying it. But we'll see as new reports come in...)
I just posted a report in the TR forum.

Thanks for the report - I found it quite interesting and definitely will be exploring this one myself VERY soon. I will post results (maybe even a trip report) although I'm horrible at those...
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