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The Big and Dandy AET Thread

doesn't sound like a healthy option to me, if the lethal dose can be as little as 5 or 6 times an active oral dose, really. Having said that, an occasional normal dose may not be harmful and sounds like it could be lots fo fun.
Ah well I fully planned on taking it on my vacation but some sketchy stuff went down right before I left so I didnt feel safe taking it on a flight even though theres pretty much zero security going in to Mexico ... theres plenty on they way back though. Imagine that. 8)

Anyhoo I do have some interesting second hand reports. These are ones I witnessed in front of me.

First was a friend who mixed MDA/a-ET. This guy was floored for a long time. Reported he felt that the strength of the "roll" was maximized at least twofold. I attributed this to the MAOI effects of the a-ET. He was mashed out for the length of the MDA but then subsided later to just the effects of the a-ET. He had a really good time. The MDA was a low dosage not completely known. The a-ET was 75mg.

The second was the really interesting one. This guy is a classic hardhead and is known for taking everything to the absolute extreme. He started out with 10mgs a-MT/75mgs a-ET. After about an hour he said he wasnt feeling anything. I thought he might have been but I reluctantly passed over an MDA hit. After about an hour passed he said he was feeling the roll but nothing more and insisted I give him another capsule. I wouldnt have done so but he really did seem fairly lucid so I agreed. So down went 10mgs a-MT/75 mgs a-ET more. Not long after I think that first a-MT began to kick in fully. I warned him that stuff takes forever to take hold. He began to roll pretty hard too. After another hour is when he began to describe complete and total visuals. He was sweating pretty good too and had the jackhammer knee pretty bad. About an hour later he was reporting that he could literally not see and that he was completely blinded by visual distortions. Sounded pretty damned terrifying to me but he never seemed afraid or worried that I could detect. At one point for an hour or so he seemed catatonic nearly but I think he was just really into the experience. I stayed on until I could see he was coming down and felt he was safe then I had to go.

The next day he reported to me that it was the most defining trip he had ever had and believe me this guy and me have had some doosies in our day. He said it was very self discovering and earth shattering yet and no moment did he ever go into that self introspection zone. (Him and I both hate that.) He said for the most part it was like a waking dream with extreme euphoria.

That about all I got for now. I am planning on making a trip report once I finally get my chance to take it myself although I doubt I will take it to the level he did. I plan on going with 120 a-ET to start out with and thats what I will report on.

All things considered, I'm surprised that AET hasn't appeared on the illicit market big time. The precursors are much easier to obtain than the methylenedioxy compounds (and even they can be synthed quite easily), the synthesis isn't that difficult and we're talking about an equal potency with MDMA, with entactogen effects that last longer than MDMA.

Hell, if I heard of some being sold, I'd be happy to part with more for that than I would for the same number of doses of MDMA. The only stumbling point seems to be thhe long/short term toxicity (not sure abvout short term, but long term a very small percentage might develop agranulocytosis)
morninggloryseed said:
Someone send me some damnit!

You and me both, meu amigo. So far this sounds like it might be the enchanted chemical I've been yearning for all my life. (Or at least since I hit puberty and began learning of the joys of altered states of consciousness.)

Cryin' shame it's scheduled, and I'd be more likely to find a paper bag full of gold coins lying on the side of the road than to run into someone who could get me AET.

I can still dream, though. And drool.
PM from Hugo24:

BE CAREFUL with this compound, I experienced a strange weakness of the body shortly after the trials, not sure if it is compound related (onset of agranulocytosis) or because of my overly stressful time, but the warning bells went on. It surely is not a relaxer...

Doses tried were 120 and 132mg of the acetat, about a month apart. I'm not at peace yet with the compound, but I will give it another shot when set and setting is perfect. An hour or so it gives perfect euphoria but then goes over the top (TIHKAL gives good descriptions). Its close to MDMA in a way, but lacks the visual. At least the auditory is there. The headspace is psychedelic in a way but gets easily overlooked. "Stimulant without the CV and psychedelic without the visuals".

I'm currently in an overload of work and projects and don't find time to post/read.

Keep the people on the Forum alert to watch the body closely, and to spread exepriments sufficiently apart. You can post this if you will.

AMT and AET have already appeared on the illicit market where the recommended dosage is not always known or abided by. They both proved lethal (though I survived, AMT that is).

You are about 5-10 years behind the curve on this one. Personal use is a matter of personal preference, availability; but neither of these drugs is set to be the next big black/gray market blockbuster.
I discount any of the phsyical side effects based on my personal experiences. Ive seen quite a few trials on multiple subjects with no reports of any such effects.

Its an interesting compound. It does provide a profound euphoria. It is not without its rough edges and can be at times unpredicable but not with regards to dose curve. It seems pretty consistent and safe to me with regards to dose and person. Although it is for all purposes benign in my view it can get very wild. Its strange but the second day experiences seem to always be more powerful as if it builds up in the system. The second day is always more intense. Waking dreams have been reported by three seperate subjects. Its as if you are seeing a complete brain movie and believe it at that instant but when you snap out you are fully aware of the halluciation but without "the fear". This is not the norm though. For the most part it closely resembles mda to me but without the mash. Maybe with a tryptamine twist?

Ill get around to a compilation of experiences soon.
^ The dictionary says that agranulocytosis is an acute disease marked by high fever and a sharp drop in circulating granular white blood cells. It may be drug-induced or the result of exposure to radiation.

I wouldn't take a chance with that. Especially if agranulocytosis is a possible side effect. Then again, one time mite be interesting ;)
I think the agranulocytosis is something that occured where the drug had been taken for a while (as an antidepressant), and only in certain people (probably a genetically determined reaction to the drug). A one off dose probably carries a very small risk and even then not a fatal response, but more what Hugo 24 reported.

Then again, some people take stupid amounts of MDMA, so some fools had chance to do the same thing with AET if they had access to it. Best advice is to go very slow with this one until you've got some idea regarding the effects of repeated doses (like no more than once a month - for anything from 6 months to a year - and no heroic/stupid doses until you have a fairly good picture of your long term responses to it).

Of course some people will take incresing large doses every week or even shorter timescale. I can only hope they're not one of the ones that are predisposed to agranulocytosis from this drug.

Why AET can cause it, but it's never been seen with AMT use (use as antidepressant, Indopan, for may years in the USSR) is anybody's guess
I haven't yet tried AET, but I just used AMT in a rather large dose yesterday and I can definitely say that my body is experiencing significant and almost debilitating weakness today, even though I got a good 7 hours of sleep (which is quite high for me). It's gotten better by now, as I've had a cup of coffee, but I had a very difficult time getting moving this morning. It was quite unpleasant.
^Heh heh the missus (when in heavy withdrawal from opiates) misread the bottle label and took 150mgs of AMT AND SAT LOOKING OUT OF THE WINDOW FOR 3 DAYS SAYING EVERYTHINGS PURPLE AND GREY (OR WAS IT PINK ?)
I'd like to point out that this alleged "alpha-ethyl triazole" was first marketed under the name "alpha-ethyl tryptamine." But gee, it turns out that alpha-ethyl tryptamine is illegal in the country in which it was being sold. So who knows WTF it really is?

I believe someone on another forum analysed one of these pills they were selling as "AET" (*-tryptamine first, then changed the name..) and it was found to just contain some amphetamine.
fastandbulbous said:
Ooh, does this mean we can call a priest in order to perform an exorcism? =D

This is so ironic. We have a running joke when we are on the ET. One of my buddies did the waking dream thing. Well we were joking around about the priest calling on the phone. After a while my buddy started actually beleiving it and he was outside on the phone having a totla conversation with the priest and he was serious. So we have a running joke now when we are tuned on "the priest wants to talk you". So that is pretty ironic and funny that you cracked that joke.

I haven't yet tried AET, but I just used AMT in a rather large dose yesterday and I can definitely say that my body is experiencing significant and almost debilitating weakness today, even though I got a good 7 hours of sleep (which is quite high for me). It's gotten better by now, as I've had a cup of coffee, but I had a very difficult time getting moving this morning. It was quite unpleasant.

I have had quite a few experiences with both and I can assure you that ET does not give you that MT hangover. It is highly favored and desired among test subjects for the reason that it gives little or no hangover.