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The Big and Dandy AMT Thread - Part 1 (Archived)

Good Corruption

Jan 28, 2001
if i understand correctly AMT is a mild MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor)...and when you mix SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) with MAOIs you get serotonin syndrome...
is this the case with AMT?? also...Wellbutrin (Bupropion) is not supposed to be taken with MAOIs...is it dangerous to mix AMT and Wellbutrin??
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rxlist.com says that the concurrent administration of bupropion HCl and a monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor is contraindicated. At least 14 days should elapse between discontinuation of an MAO inhibitor and initiation of treatment with bupropion HCl. Studies in animals demonstrate that the acute toxicity of bupropion is enhanced by the MAO inhibitor phenelzine.
also i've heard that abruptly stopping use of Wellbutrin can lead to withdrawl symptoms...
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Mofo, don't encourage people to just quit taking their antidepressants. Most of us on them are on them for a reason, depression, and need to continue to be on them until we are cured. Antidepressants can and do work for many people, and help them to lead normal lives they couldn't have beforehand. A sudden swing back into depression, that could be caused by sudden stopping of the antiDs, can lead to suicide or other horrible consequences. Anyone who wants off of their medication should talk to their doctor about it first. Usually they will help you find a program to taper.
GoodCorruption, People ask this question all the time, and I have yet to hear a straight answer, though I'm sure someone on prozac or zoloft has taken AMT. We live in a world full of idiots and I know some of them didn't do any research. Surely someone out there can answer his question?
Fantasy is a natural human activity. It certainly does not destroy or even insult Reason; and it does not either blunt the appetite for, nor obscure the perception of scientific veracity. On the contrary, the keener and clearer the reason, the better fantasy it will make. If men were ever in a state in which they did not want to know or could not perceive truth, then Fantasy would languish until they were cured. If they ever get into that state, Fantasy would perish, and become Morbid Delusion.
-J.R.R.Tolkien On Fairy-stories
I would like to add that I have actually had this happen to me... I took 25mgs AMT insufflated 1 week after I permanently stopped taking wellbutrin 300mg/day and ended up in the hospital with a hypertensive crisis. My BP was 170/130 and my heart was 180bpm lying down. This happened from 8 - 18 hours after taking AMT, which also indicates to me that you should watch what you take/eat for a long while after AMT. I had also injested 5htp, chocolate cookies, and protein powder the day before all of which act somewhat as MAOIs. The shittiest part of all is the AMT was sold to me as DMT, so I was expecting a 30 minute trip. Oh well. the world is full of assholes! But it was a long time ago and Im over it! :-D
Just Use the AMT as an anti-depressant 2-5mg a day should be decent, do this if only if you really wanna try AMT, My fellow russians used to use AMT in such a way. So get off your SSRI, Start the AMT as your anti depressent and when you wanna tripp off it, take the psycoactive dose, ( I dont really know if this is a good idea, just stating some possiblities)
It is the most beautiful thing to watch your mind manifest upon the physical realm of reality.
definitely wait till the welbutrin is out of your system, my roommate took upwards of 160mg of AMT his first time (long story) and was on welbutrin at the time and also really drunk. the nite was total hell, we was spinning in circles, speaking nonsense, could'nt sit down at all and was covered in sweat. if it wasn't for the Risperdal we fed him (his prescription as well) to put him to sleep i'm not sure what might have happened.
2ct, i heardly knew ya :/
AMT Visuals

I know there are various posts on AMT dosage but I am more interested about what sort of visuals you have gotten from AMT. I'm not asking for mini trip reports but more what sort of visuals did you get, rippling, breathing effect of objects, colour shifts, off perspective, objects appearing to change dimension an size or total destruction of the vision where all you can see is shapes and colours. Is there a point where you are totally immersed and cannot stop the visuals?
I have taken AMT only once. The dosage was around 50mg orally and 10mg smoked in a glass pipe. I found it quite speedy and yet very sedating at the same time. Although I did have allot of visuals I wouldn't consider them strong, I would have to stare at an object for a while for more than just colour and rippling movement. Cracks in the ceiling became veins running through the ceiling which itself looked like a wrist. It seemed to bulge down in the middle and the unclean surface bellow the paint which was speckled with grit looked like drops of water or something similar to a lunar surface with hillocks appearing all over constantly moving. A large banner which hung on the wall seemed to ripple like water and change from a burgundy red to a light hash coloured brown. The poster itself was of psychedelic art and the background seemed to change and although I never saw anything fully I did get the impression of eyes and faces appearing. There where allot of other similar type things seen also. There where allot of visuals but at all times it they where controllable and I could turn of them off. Is this as intense as AMT gets. Will higher does yield more visuals or is AMT the wrong drug to be looking for intense visuals and to focus on the other positives it has to offers. How do 100mg and 150+ mg trips compare.
i can't imagine taking anymore than 60-70mg of this substance, however some people need 100-150mg to get off. to answer your question i find the visuals to be very surreal. and as you said i have to stare at something for about 10 seconds until it starts morphing and black and purple colors begin to bleed into it. for instance staring at a poster turned into a purple twisting wormhole on the wall. the most i've taken is around 65mg orally and its difficult to remember the visuals i had. however i know that it was crazy and my vision would be considered the good ol pyschedlic soup.
Im actualy in the process right now of tripping of AMT around 55mg, the visual are very noticable, and also very controllable, they seem to go in focus with what your thinking about, if your head is free of thoughts, then they become randomized and start making paterns, very simmulare to LSD. for example, about 20min at least what seems like 20min ago, I was looking at my fish, and at the same time, I was thinking of what other kind of fish I wanna buy for my tank, well all off a suden these holographic images of the exact same fish I want sorta form in the water, swiming around, it was cool shit. Then there was a time a what seems to be 2 hours ago, I was in kinda mind freeze state, and the walls were flowing, the tracers were long. and certian objects seemed to be gasping for air, as if they had irregular breathing patterns.
I have tripped off of 150mg and seen little, and taken ~75mg and been fully immersed in OEVs. I guess that's set and setting for ya. I think that descriptions of visuals always fall waaaaay short of the first-hand experience. I'll leave it at "I have had my very best visuals on AMT"
I can't imagine the visual component becomming too much for an experienced tripper, but I doubt high doses of AMT are that fun. Taking above 100mg (for me) means a 15 hour trip, a heavy body load, and the inablility to unrinate for almost a full day.
I constantly get slight breathing and rippling, but it's usually just like half of what I'm seeing is shrinking, stretching the other half out. Almost like differant parts of my vision is breathing at differant rates.
If I unfocus my eyes for a while, everything that I'm not looking directly at melts away.
Closed eye visuals are extremely realitic at times, and extremely abstract at time, but they're all very clear. The most memorable is an underwater scene I saw myself in. I became a fish, and was swimming in the clearest, most beautiful ocean you could imagine. There were whales and dolphins and stuff swimming around, and the surface of the water sparkled like nothing I've ever seen before. I even looked back and saw my tail behind me. It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
AMT visuals are wierd. Ive done it 3 times at 50, 60, and 95 (Craziest visuals ever on that one). At first, patterns start coming out of nowhere, like leaves on the ground makes words and such
Later on its like your eyes are taking pictures, but their exposing the frame up to 6 times. With practice you can put furniture on the ceiling :)
Nothing is straight either, its like looking through a very badly tuned TV, complete with multicolored lines flashing infront of you. Shadows and swirls of vapor and such appear in the dark, and I've feel wierd presences fomr them before.
The best visuals are in the dark (slightly lit enough to see objects) though, such as a park at night. The ground is rolling, faces pop out of clouds, trees turn to bugs and so forth. The visuals are very fluid and colorful, and everyhitng leaves trails
For me the OEV are exactly like you have stated, where you have to stare at an object to make it morph. My favorite thing about AMT is just sitting back listening to some music and closing my eyes. The closed eye visuals on this drug are more intense to me than most hallucinogens. Every little desire in my mind was flashed before me in kaleidoscopic patterns that flowed perfectly with the music. The music fueled the visions on my eyelids. For me this was the greatest thing about AMT. One time my friend and I sat in a car for FOUR HOURS, no music or anything. We were just tripping and the sounds of the vinyl seats moving sounded so weird. But yeah, four hours of our extremely long 8 hour PEAK. Fun stuff.
I found AMT highly introspective. I also seemed to experiance many loops which gave me time to seriously think about allot of things deeply. I'd say it could definatly used for inner exploration.
On approx 35mg I personally found AMT visuals were nothing but the odd acid-like shadow movement and slightly altered lighting schemes, and rarely a small ripple or distortion.
The experience itself was extremely euphoric, but
I kept yawning and at one stage simply could NOT get myself up, I must have layed sprawled for around 1.5-2 hours or so. It was fun, but very intense, almost taking over, I couldn't sleep but I couldn't move without much effort.
Then once this part wore off I experienced another few hours of speediness. Then a very slow decline back to baseline over 4-5 hours. This was great fun and I felt fantastic afterwards.
I also didn't notice any nausea at all.
My thoughts on AMT:
There are four stages to the experience: 1) Starting 30-45 minutes after ingestion, a shitty speedy 1-2 hour come-up that is the worst of any psychedelic I've tried 2) A very empathogenic, MDMA-like state with a unique tryptamine signature of authority (i.e. I don't feel e-tarded) which flows pretty gradually into the next phase 3) A LSD-like psychedelic state, and then 4) A comedown phase very similar to that of LSD but slightly speedier.
The plateau (stages 2-3) is LONG (at least 8 hours), and the peak comes about 5-6 hours into the experience (right in the middle of the transition from MDMA-like to LSD-like).
The visuals are very much like those I get on acid, but they are friendlier and more controllable. I definitely do notice the "nystagmus effect" of not being able to focus on things properly at higher doses. The visuals tend to start weak and get stronger and stronger as the trip moves on and becomes more LSD-like. With higher dosage, the visuals become stronger much earlier. When I took 80 mg of freebase (which is equal to 100 mg of hydrochloride salt), I started to get CRAZY ASS VISUALS in less than an hour (which coincided with some of the shitty speedy come-up effects, and the only time I've ever puked on a psychedelic other than ayahuasca). They were very acid-like, but with more "wavyness." Somebody mentioned sideways distortion akin to a badly tuned TV, which is a good analogy. I had very strong OEV's for the entirety of the 8 hour plateau. CEV's were incredibly intense. When I closed my eyes I was tunneling through multi-dimensional information networks at an incredibly high speed.
As for introspective quantities, I believe AMT definitely has psychotheraputic/shamanistic potential. It lacks the abrasive hyperanalytical edge of LSD, intsead catalyzing empathogenic introspection similar to that of 2C-I, 2C-B, or MDMA. Nonetheless, despite these qualities, and the fact that it is the indole analog of amphetamine, its overall character is definitely that of a tryptamine. The visuals, euphoria, insights, and even the empathogenic effects carry a distinct tryptamine signature. MGS, I would not be concerned that you will not get anything out of this substance. If your intent is proper, you will be able to use AMT for spiritual exploration. I definitely think that the unique, positive effects of this compound are worth the speedy side effects.
AMT shelf life?

ok, so I know you're supposed to refrigerate AMT, and keep it out of the light.
but I hear it can go bad in only a month in the dark in a closet, and maybe a year in the fridge.
does it really oxidize this fast? I mean I have a good amount, and I can't possibly get rid of it that soon. I had heard a lot about AMT, but only once now have I heard that it goes bad this quickly. After all, it has such a low dosage, and takes so much out of you, I would think that it would last a bit longer.
You actually should store AMT in the freezer... the fridge will help, but the freezer wil preserve it much better. Keep the AMT in a tightly closed air-tight vial, and always let the vial sit a few minutes to warm up to room temperature before opening it (to prevent condensation).
The AMT on the market is a free base, and tryptamine bases can be kind of unstable. Do all you can to avoid exposure to heat, light, water and oxygen.
josh i think you need to reconsider the way you worded that...
amt supposedly doesn't keep very well at all, regardless of the environment it's in.
i think the timeframes you've been told are a little unrealistic, i'm sure it lasts more than a month on the shelf and a year in the fridge... but i couldn't say just how long. i've seen amt that was at least 4 months old do the same trick it did when it was "new". note that when it was "new" it may have been a year old, we have no idea.
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Logically I would think that if you could smoke AMT, that heat wouldnt be a problem. Oxygen and light perhaps. The question I have is why does it not break down when smoked but will if in a warm room. Is that meerly the chemical breaking down?