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The Big and Dandy Basic LSD (acid) Questions Thread (Round two!)

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Sep 16, 2007
LSD and sitters


I want to know at how many mcg of lsd does one need a sitter? Last week I took one gel of LSD alone and was just fine. I was in complete control and could pass for sober. I had no hallucinations or visuals whatsoever open or closed eye and it lasted about 4-5 hours. Does anyone think I will be safe taking 6 alone without a sitter? I have never had LSD before last week. I know someone who took 5 of these same gels and he triped hard for 16 hours but was fine. I just want to know if at this level will I be able to control myself or could I become delerious? Like I don't want to go off into another world and lose contact with consensual reality because I will be tripping in my dorm room and I don't want to be yelling and screaming or flailing around bumping and breaking my roomates computer. Will I be capable of just laying in my bed silently for the duration of my trip or do you think this is a bad idea and that I should just stick to 2-3 gels?
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Laying in bed isnt going to be fun that much LSD is gonna give you a shit load of energy. You may not need a sitter but you should plan to take a walk or find someone to trip with. A sitter is always nice but not neccesarily a must in my opinion
The duration your describing would have me worried that what you have isn't really LSD, I've never had an acid trip last less than 8-9 hours even at lowish doses, though I doubt I've ever taken less than 125mcg. That stuff also sounds pretty weak.

That said, regardless of what it is, I would definitely have a sitter on hand if you plan to increase your dose 6 times over (I'd try 2-3 first, but that's me). Personally, I feel comftorble alone at doses of ~300mcg and lower, anything above that is probably ok but I feel a lot better having someone sober around just to be sure. The first time I tripped acid me and my friends all did around ~400-500mcg each (first time for most of us) and our sitter left half way though, 2 of them decided to drive to the store mid trip for drinks and cigs despite some protest from the rest of us, we were also making a lot of noise and easily could've had a noise complaint called in on us. It could've been bad.
Have you tripped on other things before?

Regardless, going from 1 to 6 is not a very smart idea. Stick to 2 or 3, whatever way you end up doing it.
I know for a 100% fact that is is infact lsd. I have taken a 3rd platue dose of DXM. Do you think this will be more diffucult to handle?
^^^DXM and LSD are quite different, so I don't think that comparison is very useful. I second Xorkoth's recommendation, and advise you to only take 2 hits if you're tripping alone. If you have an experienced sitter, you would probably be safe taking more.
If what you have is in fact real LSD, then without a doubt. Though I do still stand by my opinion based off your description that what you have is at best, very weak.

I'd done mushrooms and lots of 2c-I as well as some high DXM dosages before I ever got my hands on acid and it completely blew me away, though as stated in the previous post I did jump in head first with a rather high dose.

That said, it definitely has the potential to be a lot more difficult to handle... i REALLY would not do a high LSD dose alone... especially given your inexperience - I find those times to be the least fun, they can get intense in a good way but more often than not, for me at least, they can get kinda scary - While I still enjoy them, I prefer doing it in social situations a LOT more, and consider it just as intense in a different and more enjoyable way.

Respect psychedelics, or they will teach you respect.
low dose is great for social gatherings. I find taking more than a few tabs generally will have me immobilised in no time and I have no desire to chat or be sociable at all.
Oh yea, don't get me wrong, at high doses I often get pretty uncoordinated (sometimes mostly immobilized during the peak) and somewhat incoherent, but I still prefer doing it with friends who are on that same level, even if we aren't chatting it up. I like feeling that connection with people, knowing that their minds are probably being blown just as much as yours and that you aren't in it alone.
Well, I hear voices when I smoke cigs, but when I don't smoke cigs (trying to quit, tried several times so far, now I'm trying again) I don't hear voices.

I have one delusion left, which is rather stupid and I don't want to get into, and will probably have it for life.
well taking 6 gel tabs would be fuckin ridiculous at least for the 2nd time. and about the sitters, man i hate triping when ppl around me aren't trippin at the same time. if i'm on house party, takin some E i also dislike ppl who aren't rolling. i try to stick to the rolling group. ;]
The first 20-30 or so times i did LSD I was with someone. They were usually tripping too, but they were more experienced and I never had any trouble.
Now I find I don't want more than 2 or 3 people around when i trip. (same with MDMA).

If i've tried the quality of the doses first, I know how much I can take alone and be just fine. it's something that comes with experience. Then again there always is the possibility that the same blotter/geltab you took a few weeks ago will hit you much harder at a lower dose. I've found through my use and abuse that even if i take too much i'll be "ok" I might be thrashing about on the floor, completely incoherent but I kind of go in with the mind set that "it's just a drug it'll wear off."

For example i ate a 10 strip ( :p probably a stupid idea cuz this was some good shit) and tripped pretty hard, but then a few weeks later i ate 5-6 hits and got totally rocked way harder than the 10, and i know it was the same paper. For me I think it had to do with tolerance and set and setting and maybe someone being sloppy with their sheet :X and exposing it to light and heat and what not.

but if you're not sure, why not just ask a friend to come over?
Gel Tab - Much more Resistant to environmental factors than blotter?

Hi guys. I would like to know how much more resistant LSD in gel tab is to environmental factors such as temperature, light, humidity etc.
i only ever trip when i'm with one of my closest friends and they are doing it as well.. since i generally trip at places with lots of people ie in a club or at a doof, it's good to have someone on the same level of you so you can both sort of run and hide at the camp site or whatever if things start to get out of control. i'd be scared as hell tripping on my own.. without having someone there to connect to reality with. also good to have someone you trust completely if things start to take a turn for the worst. if you're on your own or with people you don't know that well paranoia and what have you can start to spiral out of control.
supercoolmancool said:
Will I be capable of just laying in my bed silently for the duration of my trip?

I definitely could not lay on a bed for the entire duration of an LSD trip. I am WAY to full of energy, and while starring at my ceiling might be fun for a while (maybe even a few hours), I would go insane if that is all I did. There are so many better things to do while tripping...go outside or something.

Also, I'd suggest starting off with 2-3 hits, then consuming additional hits after a couple hours to make sure you still want to trip harder.
Merged in two threads/questions, the first about LSD and trip sitters, and the second about gel tab stability. The gel tab stability question is post #16, above.
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The old thread filled up past 500 posts, so here's the new incarnation. The old one is archived and can be found here.

I made sure to bring in all of the posts related to the current questions that were being asked so as not to cut off any responses.
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