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The Big and Dandy DMT thread - Next Phase

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just look at all those crystals!!
Some of those babies are forming as we speak. The day will be glorious when they are done.
Good to see this new thread. I FINALLY got some synthesized n,n, DMT and look forward to making it an allay.

So far I have only tried a tiny amount I was able to scrape from the outside of the bag and found it quite pleasurable. When I closed my eyes it was like instant meditation :)

I bought this pipe at a convenience store (only $2) and was wondering if it is appropriate for DMT? There is a small hole at the top, which is difficult to see from the picture.

Yea thats the kind of pipe I use. I believe it is the best method to make sure you don't burn any. Some people think the smoke is too hot but, I don't find it to be an issue and can take big hits fine. Although one of my friends can hardly take a big enough hit to feel any effects because the smoke is so harsh for him.
$2 for that unit at a convenience store? Where the fuck do you live?!

I'm contemplating buying something similar, except mine will have a lid.
^^ For real... where I live, I can't imagine EVER seeing a glass pipe at a convenience store! In fact, as far as I know my state isn't even allowed to sell pipes except wooden ones for tobacco.
I live in Canada. It might have been $3, I can't remember, but it was CHEAP. It had a small fake flower in it, which was likely to bypass some law. This same convenience store was also selling screens, pipes, digital scales and Salvia extract up to 40x.

Its actually fairly common to see a mini head shop section in convenience stores throughout the province where I live.
Yeah in Aus quite a few 'discount stores' have a little bong/ice-pipe section, even some pill cutters and cocaine-kits (lil mirror and blade-ingenious), but that is soon to change. Hopefully not in the south though....

I would like to hear of anyone who has dosed DMT sublingually- my girlfriend has a lot of trouble smoking things, and I'd like to rub DMT under her tongue.
Ha, they also sell those in convenience stores around here, with a plastic rose for $2 (Only a store or two, and on the ghetto side, they might not even do that anymore). Or at a headshop for $5. They work nicely to smoke DMT and 5-Meo-DMT, but I really want to make a machine..

Does anyone know off the top of your head a suitable mini alcohol bottle to use for the machine? It recommends a single shot Hennessy bottle because of the nice shape and weak spot on the bottom, but none of the places around here have that.
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What's up with the smoked dosages in Tihkal? 60-100mg?

60 - 100 mg (smoking)

(with 60 mg smoked) "Rapid onset, and in a completely stoned isolation in about a minute for about three minutes. Slow return but continued afterglow (pleasant) for thirty minutes. Repeated three times, with no apparent tolerance or change in chronology. Easily handled. The intoxication is of limited usefulness but the residues are completely relaxing,"

I haven't even exceeded 40mg and that's already been some crazy shit, bordering breakthrough.
thugg said:
What's up with the smoked dosages in Tihkal? 60-100mg?

I haven't even exceeded 40mg and that's already been some crazy shit, bordering breakthrough.
The DMT entry in TIHKAL is weird. Also the 5-meO-DMT entry is weird to me. Unlike my experience with either drug (they talk about delayed onset, really high dosages needed). I think both these chemicals were being SMOKED in a less than conservative fashion (ie a lot was being burned). Just a hunch, though.

I agree, most people will not need 60-100mg (in fact I think it would be very hard to ingest 100mg of DMT vapor before you're flat on your back tripping face).
^^Sometimes, I think Shulgin treats stuff he didn’t invent like the neighbors kids.
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