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The Big and Dandy DMT Thread

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Oct 29, 2000
I've been reading all the info on DMT latley and have decided I want to give it a try...so my question is which plant has the highest concentrations to perform the extraction on?
Mantis root bark is a great source. That's right, I said the root BARK, not just the root. It isn't that bad of an extraction, either. If your interested in some good extraction methods and flowcharts drop me an email.
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Alkaloids reported as (mg) per (100g) raw dried plant, and as percent of total plant source weight:
Acacia bark
0.71% NN-DMT
Acacia maidenii bark
0.36% NN-DMT
Acacia simplicifolia bark
0.86% NN-DMT
Mimosa hostilis root (bark)
0.57% NN-DMT
Virola shoots & flowers
0.44% NN-DMT
Desmanthus illinoensis root (bark)
0.34% NN-DMT
Pilocarpus organensis
1.06% 5-MeO-DMT
Phalaris tuberosa
0.10% NN-DMT
0.022% 5-MeO-DMT
0.005% 5-OH-DMT
Phalaris arundinacea ('net gossip)
0.060% NN-DMT
?? 5-MeO-DMT
Psychotria species (averaged, from Jonathan Ott)
0.200% NN-DMT
mantis root is Desmanthus species... alkaloid concentration ~ 0.3% ...
nice if you can grow it or get a good price on it from herb vebdor...
some mimosa species & acacia species may be better souces, but may be difficult to grow in most of USA... (M hostilis root bark can have up to 1% dmt; pound of mhrb can go from less that$US 150 to over $300...)
if you are interested in extraction info, visit dmtworld or ayahuasca.com to start...
(can be done with vinegar, lye, distilled water, naphtha...)
oh, and preparing any extract containing dmt (tea, goo, or crystals) is illegal in most countries; & we don't wanna break any laws, now, right?)
This is the drug that I am most interested in trying having tried quite a few psychedelics. I am currently experiementing with Phenethylamines, but some day, I want to experience DMT for sure. The problem is, I would never be able to get DMT anywhere on the street. I want to order a plant source and possibly do an extraction. My question is, what is the best plant source with the highest alkaloid content? Also, I don't want a mixture of 5-MeO-DMT and DMT. I just want DMT. I can order 5-MeO-DMT online, and I plan to do that sometime as well.
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Mimosa hostilis is the best plant to use. Few, if any, alkaloids other than DMT are present, and little plant waxes in the bark which must be cleaned up to get crystals. And yes, go to erowid as your questions and 'how to's' will all be answered there.
Becareful and start low as DMT is like no other psychedelic you will be blown away for what seems like an enternity of complete ego death and visual hallucinations so extreme that no words could ever describe them, i wish i starting out low instead of jumping right in but i learned my lesson. My first experience was what seemed like a million years of being in my own personal hell filled with demonic creatures that tore me from limb to limb although i was completely catatonic and i was destroyed, my whole life was ended on that day and i feel i have experienced true death however this same thing has happened to me on several different experiences with DMT and i can say never even approach 80mg unless you are ready to accept comlete death and rebirth of the universe.
I will second MGS's comments, Mimosa hostilis is probably your best bet. If your search the internet you should find a good number of procedures for extraction - I seem to remember one floating around the internet very recently which was in the vein of "DMT for dummies".

Not that Dummies should ever get their hands on DMT. ;)

I haven't personally tried actual DMT, only its 5-meo cousin. These aren't toys, thats all i can tell you. Trying to descibe it would be like describing sex to a virgin.
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Dexter666, that is exactly what I want. I feel like I have too much control with psychedelics anymore. I need something to put me back in my place. I read something about an experience on DMT of being reborn through flesh, blood, and spirit. The only hallucinogen I have done that could remotely stand up to DMT is Salvia extract. However, those experiences were of a dreamlike, fantasy nature. I want something straightforward to launch me into a beautiful nothingness.
The most beautiful thing about DMT is coming down and reliezing what you've lived through and that in itself is a +4 experience, i've never once liked being oblivious to reality as there's something about life that i wish not to let go of but we must all go sometime and this is what DMT is most useful for as you are forced to accept death and although you come back on DMT it still prepares you for what lies ahead and makes you a little less scared of things to come as you feel almost god like after such visions and enternal death.
I personally don't reccommend using Phalaris... unless you have a lawn bag full of the stuff and a vessel large enough to put it all in. Having tried extracting the essence of the grass myself, I can tell you the yeild is low and very weak. And de-fatting the shit is a pain in the ass...
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If one developed a strain of Phalaris grass that was high in DMT and had little or no 5-MeO-DMT and 5-Ho-DMT, it would serve as a great plant for pharmahausca. But to the best of my knowledge, all strains of active Phalaris species are quite high in 5-Ho-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT in addition to their DMT content and are therefore not suitable for being an ayahuasca analogue.
Its just a warning to prepare yourself for the experience as it can be so real and so powerful one might question there own mind and its ability to handle such things and if such questions arise DO NOT partake in this chemical until you feel you are ready to die and thats no joke!
DMT: "bad trips" or just overly intense experiences?

I have had quite some experiences with psychedelic drugs but almost al this is more than 2 to 3 years ago. I had 2 pretty severe bad trips and had to endure flashbacks after that. I still have those occasionaly and thats why I got pretty frightend of all psychedelics. I the near future I may have the possibility to do DMT. I've searched the web for DMT experiences but I can't seem to find reports of real bad trips. if anything resembles it, it are experiences that where merely to intense for the user and not close to the extreme fear experienced with a bad trip. I believe that because DMT is short-acting and extremely intense (and euphoric) psychedelic the chances of going bad are minimal. the intensity of this drugs will put you so far from reality that you're totally disconnected from you ego and your fears. i've never done DMT and their for I would like to know if you agree with the above. the theorem above is based on my experiences with salvia extracts.
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uhm... i really dont think u wanna do this... ive done it twice now... smoking a large does.. incites immediate panic... it felt like what i imagine smoking crack is like... i dont recommend it if u are scared of intensity
DMT is far from euphoric except for when you come done and you relieze how much you miss reality and as for its ability to produce panic and fear, DMT feels as though it takes you fear receptors and juices them up to unbelievable levels its as though DMT is a fear inducing chemical but under its influence the fear is as different as reality is and except for the first few seconds of your million year journey you will most likely be still and silent except for maybe some mumbling and twiching but this i remind you is all in high doses although i'd prefer to not beable to think my own thoughts under DMT as they go bad quick. If you are worrying about it you are not ready and even then you'll never realy be ready as i thought i was and i thought i knew what it was going to feel like, wrong i was blown so far away i thought i was never coming back and the first few seconds was abosolute terror and panic but after ego loss i just experienced it and when i finally came done after what seemed like millions of years i kissed the floor and promised never to tough a psychedelic again but i quickly got over it and did it again but i knew what to expect although it was no different and each time i don't touch another psychedelic for atleast 3 months sometimes longer.
The way to do DMT, in my opinion, is to load up 40-50 mgs in a good, clean, glass pipe, empty your lungs, then slowly smoke it in until the world disintegrates, then try and hold it in as long as possible. You should be in DMT-space before you exhale.

I have never had a bad DMT trip, but DMT seems to have a greater potential to be unnerving, for me anyway, at sub-flash levels, particularly at the level falling just short of "break through". I have never experienced anything negative or unnerving when I have smoked enough to "break through", though there have been times when I did not take in quite enough for a full dissolution that I became a bit confused (still loved it though).

There is always a degree of shock associated with the warp, but DMT is so much smoother compared to 5MEO that I find DMT take-off relatively tame by comparison- and the place you end up at is so much more interesting;).

I used 5MEO and DPT many times before I experienced DMT for the first time, and found DMT to be so superior to the other two that I lost interest in them; given a choice between DMT, 5MEO and DPT, I cannot imagine ever not choosing DMT.
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Not much to add to all above, just that DMT is not a recreational thing by any means...It is always scary and wonderful, and very intense...maybe something someone would call scary, somebody else could find enlightening...I guess it varies from person to person, some love it, some hate it.

I like DMT but don't plan to do it in the near future....
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