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☛ Official ☚ The Big and Dandy DOI Thread


Mar 11, 2005

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DOX Safety Discussion Thread

Original post:

You know im not sure if there is one of these threads already but i couldnt find one. If there is, sorry for starting a new one...

anyways, i have found very limited info on this rare chemical DOI.
I have not had the chance to do anyof my own personal research with this chemical but i soon will.
Id just like to get any info i could on it.
Thank you much
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I tried it once, at a dose to low to get a real feel for it (4mg), but.. not bad, except it lasts way to long, although that is just my opinion, of course. That dose may be plenty for some people, I was just expecting more
In my experience 4mg is *not* a low dose. I've gotten full psychedelic effects from 1.5-2mg, and haven't had the desire to go higher because of the exhausting length of the experience. I could sleep at T+16 or so, but a good part of the next day I was above baseline. Besides the somewhat annoying duration, the high is great - gentle, malleable, lucid. Very lucid. A lot of psychs can feel cloudy, but I feel almost sharper than usual on DOI. I give it my thumbs up.

I'd be interested to hear of any combinations with DOI. I bet it'd be great as a baseline drug at a low dose, then augmented with something more powerful. Does anybody have any experiences with combos?
I tried it once, at a dose to low to get a real feel for it (4mg),

Have to agree, 4mg wasn't a low dose for me. First 2 hours were quite gentle, then it shifted gears and became a tad overwhelming for the next hour. After that it levelled out and was a gentle, not too overpowering experience as it's a fairly malleable trip.

It lasts for ages though, next morning, when I had to go shopping, I was still fairly tripping which made a Sunday morning in a supermarket quite a strange experience
Perhaps cross-tolerance, I'd done 2c-e about 36 hours before. In any case the length of the trip makes me unlikely to repeat soon.
What about taking a xanax before to possibly shorten the duration or maybe it easier to go to sleep later. Maybe this isnt a great idea, so what do you think about taking xanax when you want to come down? I know it works with shrooms and acid, but a friend tried it with DOB and said the DOB overpowered the bar and he still could not sleep. What are yalls opinions on this?
^^^Worth a try, I guess. I took the stuff on a Sunday morning, tripped all day, got a little sleep (sorta) that night, and was still at a +1 (Shulgin's scale) at work the next day. I work with saws and shit, a little freaky.
the nice thing about DOI (at least at the moderate doses i've tried), is that you can pretty easily sleep on it. although its really weird to wake up still tripping
um, takine xanax or any benzo, or any downer when you dont want to trip anymore works. For example last night i ingested 4mg DOI at 400 pm, it kicked in around 7:30, at 12:00 i ate 3 15mg remerons, and feel asleep by 1:00, i woke up at 6:20am for work and i was refreshed. Although i was only working for an hour before it started to downpour. The day after DOI puffing some buds can kinda make you feel like your tripping. But xanax or anything like that would be wonderful to end your trip, and i couldnt see DOI overpowering enough downers. But does anyone have any suggestions with combos? DOC and DOI i think ill do em both 2mg of each and post my report.
i found that it mixed very well with 2CE and enhanced MDMA.theres a trip report in the TR forum,i kept re-dosing and adding things over a period of 70 hours.since then ive only taken it once,that was 3mgs and was augmented with 0.3mg of brown heroin,chased.that went very well too,i would float off into the heroin trip,but at the same time was able to focus and reflect on lots of things that were happening at the time.the body high was lovely,much more aglow than if it was just H.
i wouldnt reccomend taking heroin to anyone,but have done occasionally myself for many years,sometimes at the tail end of trips,but i had a feeling that these would go well together as i remembered glowing so much on my first DOI trip,where i ended up combining it with 2CE,DMT and MDMA all to good effect.
I had an extremely intense trip on 6.5mg of doi a few days ago. It was one of my best trips. The visuals were more intense than any I had previously had, even better than 36mg of 2c-e. Very often the visuals were disgusting, maggots, blood, slime, chunks of flesh and insects covered everything including my body. It made me look kind of like a corpse or zombie.

There were also very beutiful visuals. Many were so amazing I don't think I could possibly describe them. There is nothing on earth to compare with it. It was possibly the most beutiful thing I have ever seen. It was a tree but the DOI transformed it into something with thousands of unique beautiful parts. It looked completely alien.

Mentally it was also very intense. I felt myself combine with a cat and a tree and I was blended with them for a few seconds. When I came back it seemed like part of my mind was gone.

There were moments when I did not know who I was. Other moments when I felt an intense connection with everything. I could sense the spirits of animals that I was with. The trip was very euphoric and I would say quite spiritual. Several times I felt close to a +4.

I am normally an atheist but did not feel much like one in this trip. I may actually be agnostic instead of atheist right now.

I was at +3 level for probably about 36 hours. After maybe 45 hours I was down to a weak +2 and I went to sleep.

I was feeling minor effects all through the next day. Neither pleasant or unpleasant until eating some poppies. The poppies seemed more enjoyable than usual. This was one of my best trips. I may try to write a trip report. At this time, DOI is my favorite substance. I love it! Before trying DOI I thought it would be an enjoyable but not very intense and much less visual than 2c-e/p and lacking the depth of 2c-e/p, miprocin or HBWR. When I tried it I found out I was very wrong and being wrong has never felt so good :D

I am expecting to get some DOC and 2c-c soon. I am going to try those by themselves but after that I will try them combined with DOI.
I will do DOI+2c-c first and then try DOI+DOC.

I'd love to try DOI with 2c-p or 2c-e. I think that would be an amazing intense trip. I can't imagine how intense that would be. And the visuals would probably be overwhelming.

I am having a very good time right now on 8mg of DOI+Lots of poppies and 40mg of valium. I took a higher dose of DOI due to tolerance from using a few days ago. It is less intense but feels amazing. It is so peaceful and relaxing. This is amazing stuff.
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Until i try DOC, DOI is definately my favorite as of now in the RC field. (This excludes the classics)

My average dose is 10-14mg.
About a week ago though, i snorted (first time snorting) about 4mg, and licked maybe 2mg worth and had the most intense DOI trip of my life. Like the back of the nirvana album In Utero...with all that strange gross shit(fetuses and shit) all tangled and melting into itself.
Quight strange, but not scary. Went to a rehab meeting the next day and i had to leave early cause the TV almost got up and starting walking towards me, i kid you not.
good stuff.
My dose was well below the 80mg of snorted DOB. And judging by side effects, DOB is probably more toxic than DOI.

I doubt if I will exceed 10mg of DOI. I think that is well within the non-fatal dose range. It would probably be unpleasant for some people though.

I'd like to try some of the alephs but I have never seen any available.

EDIT:I added more info:

I again felt close to having a +4 experience at times on this trip. Also leaving the real world, and my real body to experience some strange fantasy places. Most of the time I had enough awareness that it was not real that I could stop it.

While being on something like a small ledge above a hellish place it did not occour to me that it was fake and I could stop it. This lasted longer than the other fantasy places. I felt fear and intense euphoria both at the same time.

Right now I am getting lots of erotic images. Seeing shapes of women in the walls ans lots of vaginas. I'm not feeling any more interested in sex or masturbation than usual.

I may try to write a DOI trip report within a few days.
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So what is the deal with this compound? Completely worthwhile? What is the starter range....1mg-3mg? What is the psychonaut range? Above 5mg? I've been reading all that I can about this, but there just isn't enough out there. Are there any long term effects?
I can't answer your question now, but I broke down and obtained some DOI. Sometime soon I will experiment. Although I expect DOC to be smoother and shorter (which with DOX compounds is a good thing), DOI has me very curious, due to the clarity of the trip that people describe, as well as the fantastic visuals. DOC has fantastic visuals as well, but I'm interested to see how DOI differs.

I'll post about it whenever that happens.
who said:
A couple in the first half of PiHKAL die from snorting too much DOB, I think. They thought it was MDMA

pihkal#62 said:
There was a report of a death of a young lady following the snorting of an amount of DOB so massive, there was the actual recovery of over nine milligrams of the drug from her body tissues in the post-mortem examination. It was said that she and her companion had thought that the drug they were using was MDA and, taking a dosage appropriate for this, effectively overdosed themselves. He survived, following convulsions and an extended period (several weeks) of being in a comatose state.

that is what you are referencing. this is the only reference to it that i have found. i wonder what the amount was? seems like it was probably hery high.
High, sure. I think it was 80mg though, if I recall. So not really that high. I mean, DOB seems like the most physically dangerous of the DOXs, but still... all I know is that the growing availability of DOXs makes me nervous.
metasyn said:
I'd be interested to hear of any combinations with DOI. I bet it'd be great as a baseline drug at a low dose, then augmented with something more powerful. Does anybody have any experiences with combos?

I experimented with DOI combos, but as you say DOI is great base/ground supstance to add other stuff on. I like it cuz it lasts long enough to be base for entire party + after + chillout. One person I know had somewhat bad experience with DOI + MDMA. The experience itself wasn't bad, but he had a blackout period of maybe 6-8 hours and he doesn't remember a thing from that time. He was with me most of the "blackout period" and he had a great time not showing any signs of not being at operative state or of the hook...later he told me he doesn't remember anything until the certain event in the morning...

I did the same combo + lsd the same night and haven't experienced anything comparable to his story...
I had 10mg of some very pure DOI.

I diluted the 10mg into a glass of water, which was evenly divided between me and 2 friends. (3.5mg dose each approx)

For the first 2 hours there was nothing but waiting, which was expected. At the 1 1/2 hour mark there was mild stomach discomfort which prevented me from finishing off my beer.

At about 2 1/2 hours very faint patterns began to emerge. A strange feeling of warmth was washing over our skin not unlike a very faint warm breeze. After about 3 hours there was a definite note in effect. 4 hours the sky was flickering and lighting up, but appeared very 'robotic' or 'synthetic'

at the 6 hour mark it was clear that not much more was going to happen. Note we were sitting around a campfire next to a lake.

The most noteable thing about DOI is the FUCKING GRINDING OF THE FUCKING TEETH which is more irritable than anything else and it is very hard to take your mind off it. Chewing gum or lollypops are completely futile in trying to fight off this fiend. If it weren't for the grinding, I perhaps would have enjoyed it more. My friend grinded his gums out and had to get one of his molars taken out just from dosing this DOI.

It's very speedy. No chance of sleep. Grinding of the teeth, psychotic laughter and a very 'cracked out' feeling. At 12 hours it becomes tiresome. I had to work the next day after no sleep which was frustrating because patterns were moving and breathing everywhere. SLeep was possibly about 38 hours after taking the drug.

Patterns move, and 'shimmer' a lot, but they definately aren't the more noticeable feature of this chemical. I would never do it again, but if I had no choice and a supply of it I would probably do it at a 3 day rave just for the amphetamine qualities, perhaps with some MDMA or something else. LSD or mushrooms would be a stupid idea, as it would just make the trip purely uncomfortable.

There is a report on erowid somewhere of a guy dosing about 15mg of it with uncontrollable urination and EXTREME body discomfort verging on hospitilsating.

So yeah, careful with it. It's definately not my favourite DOx compound and by no means 'deep' or 'profound'. Clear headspace all the way through with minimal/low-mild visuals.
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