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The Big and Dandy DPT Thread V1 (Archive 10-3-03 - 5-13-08)

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May 6, 2003
the netherlands
Yep, IM sounds like the best way to do it, but I have this thing about needles, I have no problem with them, the doctor usually goes through about 8 different vials of blood with me(I am tired a lot, and I have a light iron defficiency(sp?)), but I`m not going to inject myself with anything, nor will I let a friend do it, it`s this needle stygma, I know, but it just takes it a bit too far for me. 25 mg is indeed a good dose to start with, enough to make you feel what it`s about, not enough to make you go crazy all at once(unless youre extremely sensitive to this substance)
atlas said:
Then again, if you have a problem with the needle scene, you might have a reservation or two about being a part of the filthy underground of homosexual, S&M plugging scene.

LOL! This is the funniest thing I've read today! :D
DreamsAreFree said:
It was difficult to get the crystals to go into solution and it required a small amount of heat. Be careful not to apply too much heat, as DPT is very heat sensitive.

Can't be too heat-sensitive since the freebase is very effective when smoked.
thanks again, however, i am familiar with the primer. Chloroform is something I have no access to. Another method is needed for my friends usage.
I also hear naptha and ether can be substituted. I would suggest checking out the forums on sites that focus on the chemistry instead of harm reduction.
Does anyone experienced wit DPT have any thoughts on the Erowid reports of serious health problems subsequent to DPT ingestion?
Not sure I see where ? Under health problems they pretty much just look like your average freakouts from said substance. A couple mention a heart rate of 155 saying they were told they almost had a heart attack but at age 20 (as one person mentions) a heart rate of 155 isn't too likely to give you a heart attack (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

I guess people should know that DPT is a really intense drug at full experience doses that definately shouldn't be played around with unless you're looking for a peak experience.
> Many of them mention shakes and tremors.
> DPT does have very strong 'energy' to it that manifests as
> body shakes and tremors or other symptoms in some people
> if not channeled properly.
I have experienced 'energy tremors' on other strong psychedelic substances - my specific query is whether or not these are more akin to muscular tension while on LSD (in my own interpretative scheme, I view these as 'flare-ups' of the muscular armor) or stimulant-type convulsions.
> This in combination with DPT's ego smashing psychedelic effects
> has lead poeple to a very difficult experience.
To say the least.
> I strongly suggest any one trying DPT for the first
> follow those procedures and have a sitter.
Sounds good. Do you have experience with DMT? How would you compare DPT?
Walkaway said:
Do you have experience with DMT? How would you compare DPT?

DMT and DPT are NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING, alike. DPT is similar in many ways to LSD. DMT might as well not even be a psychedelic. DMT is simply a key to other dememsions. No matter how much DPT one took, it would not take them to the places DMT takes one too. DMT is the most unique substance there is.
Cliff: The body shuddering and tremors associated with dpt, though I've never experienced it, appears to me to be more significant than just body load with other psychedelics. Note that if you look at the Erowid reports on 4-aco-dipt there are is a report of violent shuddering with that too. My hypothesis (WARNING: this is *just* a hypothesis) is that with some people some tryptamines partially agonise receptors in the brain that are in 'motor' processing areas. So that instead of hallucinitory activity as you would get when agonising receptors in 'sensory' processing areas of the brain you get convulsive like activity. But whatever the cause, for many people the energy doesn't manifest that way and is found to be positive.

MGS: Have you taken both dpt and dmt thru similar routes? Or are you comparing insuflated or IM'd dpt to smoked dmt? In my experience smoking high doses of dpt is very immersive. While it takes me to a different place from that of dmt, and also different place from that of 5-meo-dmt, its worthy of a similar magnitude of respect.
>MGS: Have you taken both dpt and dmt thru similar routes? Or are you comparing insuflated or IM'd dpt to smoked dmt? In my experience smoking high doses of dpt is very immersive. While it takes me to a different place from that of dmt

I've had some DPT base for some time but have not gotten to it just yet, so no I've never smoked it. I've eaten, IMed, and snorted DPT. I'm quite sure smoking it is immersive, I don't doubt it for a second, but as you seem to agree with me, DPT will not take you to the same place as DMT. And the question in which I responded was, is DPT like DMT. And of course the answer is a big fat...no. DPT, be it smoked, eated, or put in your eyeball, is never going to be like a DMT trip.
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GrOwThSpUrT said:
for me, dpt has a yellow/green colour and pink tones in between, the green is quite bright, but next to the yellow(which is really bright) it just looks like a normal kind of lightgreen. What colours does DPT have for you?

I find DPT produces a lot of blues. They remind me of the visuals I see on morningglory/woodrose seeds. DPT isn't the most visual drug for me. This property seems to vary among people. Even at high dosages, the visuals never become too dramatic with DPT. It's the ego-loss that is the main factor with this drug. In fact, other than LSD, DMT, and mushrooms, I don't find most indoles as visual as any of the PEAs I've tried.
I found dpt to be extremely visual that one time, however, I tried it again with 25mg, and it was nowhere near as strong, and I didn`t have the shakes, and did not feel sick, weird... I did have a few blues though, especially when I did nitrous, and my friend came close to me, he mived his head, and the whole wall was covered in blue/green shapes that looked exactly like the shape of his head, it didn`t mess with my head as much as it did last time though. I liked the intensity a lot better.
I tried DPT for the second time with my friend GrOwThSpUrT. The first time wasn't that good, because I felt almosed normal, I didn't do that much though. But my second time I used DPT it was like there were visions (in all kind of colors, but the one I saw the most were yellow, green and bleu) between me and the reality outside of me. In the beginning of my second experience the intensity was a little bit overwheling, but when I took a big breathe I was more relaxed the before. I was now following the waves were it leads. And it leads me welle, so you can say I had a nice experience. I certainly gonna do it again
My first time (and only time, so far) sampling DPT I got a classic ++++ transcendental/mystical/magical experience from insufflating 65mg. DPT is some potent stuff.
I am looking for a spiritual and mind-expanding tryptamine to use... should I opt for DPT or 4-HO-DiPT (iprocin)?
DPT is humbling- I tremble before its power. It seems evil at times- maybe the DPT is just reflecting some of my guilt and baggage back at me.

4-0H-DIPT is just fuzzy hedonism for me.

I would not do IV DPT- Tried it once very caustic on veins- extravascates badly...had to pull rig out. If I had been sucessful, I don't know if I would have been oriented or physically able to remove the syring form my arm.

One weird thing about effects of different sites used for IM DPT injections... When injected in the buttock it has minimal effect on me (eg. 80mg will ONLY produce euphoria and visual enhancement). I took 60mg in the deltoid and became EXTREMELY panicked...shaking involuntarily and having pre-ictal (inpending seizure) symptoms. It was necessary to terminate the experience with 60mg of Temazepam.

During subsequent trials of DPT, I have been consistently been able to duplicate the quantitative intensity of the Gluteal vs. Deltoid injection sites. This is really strange to me, because Ketamine (which I often used daily before it became illegal and I was living near the US/Mexican border)has the same onset (2-3 minutes) and intensity at either site.

Now when I use DPT, I only dose 25-30mg in Deltoid. Fear stays within manageable proportions and I get visuals and time distortion equivalent to 250 mcg of LSD.

Please, if anyone has similar reports of differing effects of DPT related to site of injection, please post. Thank you in advance
Is DPT neurotoxic? Is it known to harm the brain in any way (neurons, receptors, whatever)?

If not in physical terms, is it known to affect cognition psychologically? Are you going to be "slower" or more "cloudy" for days following consumption of DPT?

I am curious about something. Suppose I was going to make an amount of freebase DPT oil. Then, instead of absorbing this with a carrier herb, placed it in a baking dish to evaporate. The result would be scraped and smoked, pure DPT freebase no?
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