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The Big and Dandy HBWR/MGS/LSA Thread (Archive start - 4-14-2008)

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lazydullard said:
bah. I got ripped off with the wrong HBWR seeds too. They're pale brown/tan, fairly round, but not fuzzy at all. Totally smooth. I ate 13 with no effect, and now I've eaten 50 with no effect, and am currently getting no effect by 37 sublingual.

Well, I have some muscles cramps and soreness starting. Fairly unusual for me, but I don't think it's related to the seeds.

I got those same seeds. I emailed the place that sold them and told em i ate em without any effect at all(funny i know considering there not sold for human consumption and it says so on the website) and they gave me a refund :D

then i ordered off a more reputable site and got the proper fuzzy ones actually grown in hawaii.
You guys need to ask around and check with LSA veterans like me before risking ordering HBW from random vendors. There's a lot more vendors selling weak to fake Woodrose then fresh, quality ones. If you don't notice a good effect from 5-7 seeds you got ripped off. And you should notice fairly strong effects from 10-12 seeds.

If the Woodrose these vendors sell is suspiciously super cheap or labeled as from India or Ghana do NOT buy it. The good HBW generally are of Hawaiian or Madagascar origin.

Also, do NOT eat 30 HBW of a new batch. You are really asking for trouble as some batches of HBW have very strong vasoconstrictive side effects (like cramps, tight muscles, blue lips, etc). Always start with a low dose like 5 seeds. The HBW that cause strong vasoconstriction you might notice this at even a low dose like 5 seeds. Whereas, the good HBW I tend to get I can eat 15-20 seeds and still notice little vasoconstriction.

This is probably because of the superior alkaloid profiles of my seeds. Certain alkaloids in HBW cause the vasoconstriction, some worsen the nausea, and some alkaloids can cause a sleepier trip. High quality HBW cause little vasoconstriction, little nausea and a more energetic trip.

Also, you guys might be using the wrong preparation method. Grind the seeds as fine as possible in a coffee grinder (the finer you grind them the more LSA's your body can absorb) but don't let the grinder get hot as heat destroys LSA's. Then simply pack the seed powder in capsules and swallow on a relatively emtpy stomach and the seeds should hit you in full force in 3 hours or so. The first few hours are more a body stone that slowly develops into a full on trip.

Also, please make sure to always store your HBW in a cold, dark place away from light, air, heat and moisture. Keeping the seeds in a bag in a jar or tupperware in the fridge works best for me.

And as I've said a zillion times before preloading on vasodilators like L-Arginine (sold at health stores, pharmacies and Wal-Mart) can do wonders for lessening HBW's vasoconstrictive nature. Also, preloading on fresh Ginger and taking puffs of MJ during the trip can cut down on potential nausea.

Good luck. Hopefully some of you guys will spend more time reading threads like this one and Does LSA Suck from the beginning to end so I don't have to keep repeating myself.
How long does LSA from MG seeds last? I've been able to fall asleep after 6 hours from dosing on roughly 10 grams.

I'm planning on taking 13.6 grams tomorrow and I'm curious on how long it'll last. Is it similar to LSD? Longer? Shorter?
if you take it tomorrow your tolerance will be way up and theyll prolly do nothing.
So I tried to preload on some fresh ginger, and man that is the hardest thing to eat. I'm trying to figure out what should I use to make it so I don't taste it. It taste so horrible. MG seeds taste 100x better haha.
mystery seeds?

In my legal highs shop today i went to get some hawaiian baby woodrose, but they had none in stock

In stead the guy (who i vaguely know) offered me some other seeds which he said were similar, but with less body load...

He did say their name, but I forgot it..

He told me to chew 30, hold in my gums for 5-10mins, then swalllow (which is what i do with HBW seeds)

Can anyone help me identify them?

They're smaller than HBW seeds, have similar shape, but much smoother skins. .. There is no furry husk or evidence of an outer layer being removed from the product I have..

The growing information sheet included in the seed packet says they're native to southeast asia.

Any help?

I am chewing them now, so will be able to describe qualitatively what they are like soon.

*PS they taste like horrid poison*
ah thats them! thanks

One thing i notice - they seem to have no nausea?? Why would anyone take HBW over these?

ALso this is great that i have access to these! I would love to try an "aztec sacred plant" trip

- Sinicuichi
- ololiuqui (the so called "virgin seeds")
- Teonanácatl
Yar Rivea Corymbosa is the only LSA-planty thing I've tried and was pleasantly surpirsed; I was expecting bone wracking nausea, but managed to enjoy a rather sedate and euphoric trip. Not much energy was partaken from the seeds. I ate about 25. I still have about 500 sitting around, I believe it may be time to attempt extraction.
Anyone experimented with combining MAOI's with HBW/MG/Rivea lately? For anyone who doesn't know preloading on MAOI's before a HBW/MG/Rivea experience can intensify the trip and lengthen it.

The last time I combined Syrian Rue with HBW was last fall and for some reason the synergy was more dysphoric than euphoric. The Rue made the HBW nausea much worse and made the heavy/sleepy quality of the HBW much worse. And in general the trip was mentally dull and boring.

Looking back on it I think the fact the trip was lame wasn't so much because of the Rue as it was because I had an enormous tolerance to HBW at the time which came from doing it a few times a month for months and months on end. The 2 times before that where I'd combined Rue and HBW had been absolutely glorious and oh so special. I've no idea why sometimes the Rue/HBW makes me nauseous and/or sleepy while others times it doesn't.

Maybe eventually I'll try eating 3 or 4 grams of Rue before another HBW or MG journey but for now the idea of using Moclobemide with LSA containing seeds sounds much more appealing. For one thing I hear Moclobemide is pleasantly stimulating and for another thing I hear it lacks any body load so I'd think as MAOI's go it would be the ideal candidate for potentiating LSA's. Now I just need to find an online pharmacy to order Moclobemide.

I don't know why pretty much the only experience reports online pertaining to using Moclobemide to potentiate psychedelics involve using it with DMT. You'd think more people would have tried by now to use Moclobemide to boost Psilocybe, LSA, 5MEODMT or other Tryptamines.

When using Moclobemide to boost Tryptamines all I need to take is a single 150-300 mg dose of Moclobemide an hour or 2 before the Tryptamine? Or I need to be on Moclobemide for a few days first?
i was recently in the bahamas and snuck some seeds back into the US. now, when i was there i thought they were hbwr but the seed pods dont look exactly the same, they were more indented around the seeds. 2 to 4 seeds per pod. look exactly like hbwr seeds, extremly hairy but most of the hair was around the edges of the seeds. they are each a little under a centimeter long, maybe 3/4 of a centimeter. flowers of the plant were white and did not grow by the pair, they were individual.

could this be a variety of hbwr or morning glory or something? other than the diferences described they look exxxactlly like hbwr

just cracked one open... it smells like it too.

so i guess my only question is are there any poisonous lookalikes of hbwr?
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Is purple morning glory stronger?

I have 500mg of Ipomoea purpurea and 5g of I. tricolor. Is the purpurea stronger? Is 500mg enough for at least threshhold effects? I assumed it might be stronger since a smaller amount was sold for a higher price possibly to deter abuse, but maybe that was just because the seeds are smaller.

Also one site says these contain "several toxins".
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I was wondering you guys' thoughts on how the effects of the various psychoactive MG seeds differ. Have you all tried Heavenly Blue, Pearly Gates, Wedding Bells, Flying Saucers etc, how do they differ and which do you prefer? I wonder how nicely they'd synergize together.
so, its been almost an hour and a half and I dont really even feel sick

is that normal?
I once did a cold water extraction on 3 grams of MG seeds and also acidified the water to ph = 4 with a dash of 99% DL tartaric acid powder for wine making from ebay.

I put the finely crushed seed powder (ground up with short bursts in an electric coffee grinder) into an empty teabag then stapled it shut and put the bag in a liter of distilled cold water on top a magnetic stirrer for 45 minutes. I dropped the stirrer into the jar of water and suspended the teabag in the water by trapping the string from the teabag between the jar and closed lid. I put aluminum foil around the jar to shield it from light.

For 20 minutes I watched as a tornado of white polar actives exited the teabag and went into the water as the stir bar spun on high setting. The result was a crystal clear extraction (none of the nauseating non-polars got into the water as they are not water soluble) with tons of white polar actives in the water that looked like salt. So long as your extraction does not go on for too long, the nauseating nonpolars will stay inside the teabag. When the stirring stopped, the white polar actives (like salt) would congregate on the bottom of the jar 1/4" thick and would go back into suspension by shaking the jar with lid closed.

After 20 minutes (when I could notice no more actives streaming out of the teabag) I put the jar with teabag still hanging in it into the fridge for another 25 minutes to soak some more. I shook the jar about 3 times during that period. After the 25 minutes was up, I opened the jar and threw away the teabag. Then I took the jar of water and blended it in a blender for 3 minutes to help chop and mix the polar white material at the bottom of the jar into the water.

I drew up some of the crystal clear water from the top of the liter jar with a medicine dropper full of the water and put it in front of a 4 foot blacklight tube and it glowed an intense bluish-white color telling me that my extraction was successful.

I can't stress enough how helpful it is to test some of your solution under a blacklight. The indoles in the extraction glow bright whitish blue just as LSD does.

I drank the water and felt the effects in 2 to 2.5 hours. I went from a foul mood to profound euphoria--felt like the mental effects of LSD with the euphoria without many visuals, however my hearing and sense of smell was enhanced significantly. I was in a shopping mall when the effects hit--all the sudden I felt it coming on and I announced to my wife how good I was feeling. The women trying on clothes in changing room would come out to look at themselves in the mirror in the pavilion and they seemed to transform into models. I found it hard not to watch as the euphoria increased. We passed by several speakers blasting out music and I just wanted to stop and sit under the speakers because the music sounded so good. My hearing and sense of music was increased by a huge factor. We went to more stores and again I was super-impressed with music. It felt similar to a small dose of mdma. The anti-depressant effects were very high and I could not believe that the seed extraction was working so well. We passed by a bath and body and the smells coming from the store were again intensified. I was a grinning idiot from ear to ear. I went from a bad mood when I drank it to a state of ecstasy when it kicked in nearly 2.5 hours later, the transformation was amazing...I hadn't felt so good in a very long time. The extraction worked and the mental effects were amazing. I thank God for that amazing afternoon.

Would complement mescaline doses very nicely, plan to combine in the future.

In my on-going research to understand how hydrolization (water extract) of morning glory seeds work, I found this article by chemist Peter Webster very helpful (see pages 25-35).


Water extraction of the seeds was also the method used by the Shaman's for thousands of years.

In the article, the chemist who has had experience with the seeds describes how water extraction causes via epimerisation 3 conformation forms of LSA/iso-LSA to form instead of only 2 that would form by "eating seeds" hence the enhanced activity via water extraction when performed correctly. The chair form of LSD is then compared with the chair form of iso-LSA (formed in water after about 45 minutes to 1 hour) and conclusions are made. 3 ergine variants formed from ergine in the water over the course of an hour or so may just result in a mixture that is so effective according to him.
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Hi guys, just thought you'd like a no-nausea method for HBWR seeds. This isn't a method made by me but does work very well.

1. Skin seeds until you've removed all of the rough outer coating.
2. Crush them with pliers and put into a small amount of ginger beer.
3. Shake regularly and keep it on a radiator or somewhere warm. Leave for anywhere between 5-24 hours.
4. Take an anti-travel sickness tablet 2 hours before ingestion (I find Stugeron 15 works great)
5. Strain your mixture through some netting to remove the seed matter and drink!

This method is very effective! Hope this helps.
^^ It's interesting that this method works, considering that heat destroys LSAs.

tregar: Thanks for that method... sounds promising!
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