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The Big and Dandy HBWR/MGS/LSA Thread (Archive start - 4-14-2008)

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LOL, sometimes people say some pretty wacked shit in this forum. What sort of self respecting individual would honestly consider pumping HBWR tea/seeds up thier ass to trip. get a life.
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^^^ When are people going to get their heads out of their asses? (no pun intended)

Get with it people! rectal administration is one of the most effective ways of administering a drug. And if you are disgusted with your own body, then you have some self-acceptance issues and perhaps its not a good idea to take psychedelics at all.

Real_illusion: I have never tried it, though I definitely will someday. It should be much better than oral administration.

To me, with every drug, rectal doses are only half the oral ones for almost all psychedelics.

I figure that would be great for LSA, since it would shorten the comeup period and definitely lessen the nausea caused in the stomach...
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It seems to me that a lot of the non-serotonergic nausea from LSAs is caused by chemicals other than LSAs reacting badly with the stomach, I may be wrong about that though.

THe ther reason for nausea is the nasty taste (that certainly have been a factor in my experience).

I suppose grinding the seeds (as finely as possible) will help get the chemicals absorbed. However, I think nothing works better than an extract.

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I think that is a great suggestion. I too have stayed away from rectal administration, mostly due to the fact that it's not very convenient, but have been contemplating it for some chemicals that have a higher dosage and may cause nausea.
Alright guys, out of bordem on a friday night, i'm getting ready to try this. The seeds (aprox. 250-300 heavenly blues) will be chewed throughly, and then will be inserted into the rectum, via pastry bag (It will be washed afterwards!!)

I'll update this thread througout the night
Well, the insertion of the seeds has been done, and if i were to describe it with a single word it would be this: messy.

Yeah, it was horrendiously messy. Without a mirror (and proper lubercation for that matter), i was left to attempt to line up the bag as well as possble. The problem is that in a last ditch attempt to save a bag and atleast be somewhat sanitary, a normal plastic bag was clipped off at a corner, and this was (ineptly, might i add) squeezed. Sadly, the bags don't exactly like being squeezed, so they will often move into a different direction, creating a whole patch of morning glory cud smeared across my butt. Needless to say, this is not the most efficent method of doing this, for anyone intrested, i would reccomend creating a powder out of the seeds (I don't have any grinder to do so with), mixing it with a water-base of somesort, and merely using a large syringe to insert it.

Psychoactive effects? It's been maybe 5-10 minutes since i inserted the goo, and i'm already feeling something. Mostly, a general sense of disconnection, although colors are quickly becoming brighter. I'll keep you all updated as things progress. Also, no nasuia has been noted at this point

[*edit by Church: I'm laughing my ass off at this post right now, so I just HAVE to include it in the Big and Dandy thread!]
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I've taken a closer look at the bag, and it seems as if only a small amount of the seeds, perhaps 50-100. I've scrapped the rest of them out and consumed orally, discarding the material in the tip (For sanitary reasons, i'd rather avoid e-coli bacteria). I suppose that sort-of defeats the purpose of the experement, although some effects were attained from rectal use.

These seeds don't seem to have a large amount of LSA, i've taken as many as 400 at once, and while i was certaintly tripping, it seemed as if it wasn't as hard as commonly described. It's possible that these seeds had some sort of high-heat exposure to break down some of the LSA though. It's hard to say.

Edit: The post was also intended to be somewhat humorous. Hell, if you can't laugh about creating a huge mess trying to shove psychoactive seed cud into your ass, you've got no busniess tripping :)
Ololiuqui Seeds

I just found out that we have some Ololiuqui growing on a fence an I'm wondering about a few things.

1. Where are the seeds (on the plant? In the ground?)and when would we find them (In other words what season).
2. What would be a good dose?
3. Is it worth it?
Do you live in Mexico? Or a Carribean island? Because unlike the heavenly blue morning glory (tlilitzin), ololiuqui is not an ornimental plant and is only native to places in Cental America. It used to be rather rare, until the rise of internet vendors who are able to obtain such exotic plants/seeds. Now they are not hard to get, but it is still an uncommon plant to most places in the world.

Either way, seeds begin to form after the flowers close. While the flower only stays open for a day, it takes a few weeks for the seeds to fully form and mature after the flowers close. The petals of the flower will fall off, and then the little ball left will swell with the seeds. If I recall, ololiuqui only has one seed per capsule. You will need a large patch for a good yield. The seeds are ready when the capsule is dry like paper and cracks when touched. You will know where the seeds are and when they are ready. If you don't yet see seeds, then the plant is not seeding yet. When it is, it isn't something you can miss. They are brown, round, capsules and every place a flower was, a capsule will form.

Ololiuqui is only half as potent as tlilitzin (heavenly blues) according to numerous analysis I've seen. A dose therefore would be between 100 and 600 seeds (as a tlilitzin dose is between 50 to 300 seeds) if the literature is true.

Then again, I read in classic literature that only a thimbleful of seeds is used for ololiuqui, and that is a lot less than 100 seeds. Probably only a couple dozen or so seeds would fit in a thimble. It may be that seeds from their native Mexico are much more potent than those bred for flowers, and ones commonly used by Westerners for tripping contain much less alkaloidal content. And those seeds that had analysis done were from flower-bred stock. Or perhaps the genetics of those in the areas where ololiuqui grows makes them very sensitive to LSAs.

Humphrey Osmond (who coined the word psychedelic) tried ololiuqui in the mid '50s and ate 100 when he tried it. He reported very positive effects, and from the sound of the report, I'd say that dose produced what is now called a "plus-two." I've had powerful heavenly blue seeds before where as few as 50 would produce a plus-two. That would correspond to ololiuqui being only half as potent as heavenly blue. But it still doesn't answer why I've read in a few places that only a few dozen or so ololiuqui seeds are used by shamans.

So I'd say start low and work your way up because the dosages for ololiuqui is unclear at the moment.

Is it worth is? Depends on what you want.
I just tried them for the first time today as well. I ate ~400 seeds, about 10.5 grams. I got realllllly nauseated for an hour or so, then got the best fucking body high I have ever had. Still going 5 hours after dosage. Psychedelic mindset and minor hallucinations, I'm enjoying myself very much
naw these seeds suck but my buddy is sick as hell, i told him it was just the nausea, but he thinks he's real sick. I dunno. And he's trippin and i didn't. But, we gave him some phenegran to ease his stomach and i told him i'd smoke some herb with him. But didn't know if there was anyway to stop his stomach from hurtin
Is there anyway to bring his trip down. he's just wiggin out and nauseated and cant puke. With out the nausea he'd prolly be havin a good time, so anyway to help him quit being sick or trippin. I told him about the negative effects but seems it's overwhelming.
Don't smoke more herbs with him, that just makes the trip stronger, very much so in the case of morning glory seeds.

If you're not tripping that's maybe good for you in this case. The seeds can cause nausea, stomach pains, leg cramps, abdominal cramps, and a bad mind trip if these side effects hit you particularly. Just remind him it's only a 7 hour trip and the really shitty physical feelings will probably only last half that time.

Put on some music he likes and put on some candles or something trippy and try to make the room have a chill vibe. Try to keep a conversation with him so he's got his mind off the nausea.

Maybe a little ginger ale or diphenhydramine would help a little.. but I really doubt it those seeds can make your stomach really feel like shit.

If him or you get cramps in your muscles just keep stretching once every few minutes and it will be much better. good luck
LSA is quite the unpredictable tryptamine for me. Sometimes it's a really dark and sinister trip, other times it's like an MDMA-like experience within a waking dream. Once I found out about HBWR seeds I never touched MG seeds again.
LSA and SSRI's

Hey, I have another question about morning glory seeds. I had read that SSRI's decrease, if not nullify, the effects of LSD. Does this also hold true to morning glory seeds? I would like to know if SWIM can take the seeds even though he has not weened himself off of prozac in preparation.
shit. that explains why my girlfriend took 3 hits of acid and then complained she wasnt tripping.. I was like WTF!

I later learned she was taking SSRI's, and I figured it probably was that. this thread confirms it.

shes getting off those pills in a week or so, will the effect last for a while? or will she be good to trip right when she stops taking em?
Don't smoke more herbs with him, that just makes the trip stronger, very much so in the case of morning glory seeds.
True, however I will add that last night I tried HBWR seeds, 10 seeds, nausia got pretty bad and I was actually a little worried about smoking weed given how fragile my state of mind felt.

Though that all left me when I smoked a joint, nausia instantly disappeared and I enjoyed the rest of the night wrapped in the warm blanket of LSA. I'm not saying it made the experience any easier - in fact it was hell, brought up a lot of shit that I have been building up for too long but the fact was it was negative in a constructive way - I doubt I would have made any real progress had I been dealing with these thoughts while my stomach was slowly being torn apart with a rusty old bread knife.
skunkweed420 said:
Is there anyway to bring his trip down. he's just wiggin out and nauseated and cant puke. With out the nausea he'd prolly be havin a good time, so anyway to help him quit being sick or trippin. I told him about the negative effects but seems it's overwhelming.

he's trippin tell him to shut the hell up and color a picture=D but seriously give him something to do

pepto might help to
Although this is already over, I thought I'd add something that I was surprised no one else commeted on:

Original Poster said:
Me and my roomate just consumed 9 grams of morning glory heavenly blue seeds. We still have like 5 grams left. Do you think we should eat more, we ate them like 15 minutes ago and waiting for the buzz

No! What's one of the most important rules of psychedelics? Don't redose before the first dose comes on! Why the hell would you think that, after 15 minutes, you would be feeling effects? Definitely, anyone in this situation should stick with the dose they've taken. If a couple of hours go by and you're not where you want too be, then MAYBE take a little more. But also remember that LSA usually takes 3-4 HOURS to peak. MUCH more than 15 minutes.
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