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The Big and Dandy Ketamine Thread (Archived start - 11-20-07)

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Its an interesting thread. I found the link to ketamine.com much more useful than the single toxicology report at the start of the thread. There's plenty of great information at that site.

Erowid has also recently updated the section on Ketamine and Health, including more information regarding ketamine related fatalities.
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diche said:
why? dxm was never that great for me

DXM was never that great for me, except for the first 3-5 times, and the times I mixed it with weed, but I was wondering if taking 300-700mg DXM and then snorting bumps of Ketamine would reduce your tolerance?
e1evene1even said:
I went to a concert last night and after my experience the night before I really didn't feel like alcohol, nor did I feel like tripping. I brought a pot cookie and also stuck around 25mg of ketamine into a couple of capsules.

Anyway, between the opening band and the main band, I bumped one of the capsules and surprisingly, combined with the pot cookie it resulted in one of the best nights I can remember. There's something about ketamine and live music, I can't explain it, but its quite special.

I'll try it again a couple weeks and see how it works a second time. Also it was already great not to feel like shit from alcohol, although my nose could feel better. :\

i kinda want to k-hole at this show i'm going to but i'm not sure how comfortable i'll be completely zonked out for a few hours at a psy show. i think i'm gonna try your method (minus the pot cookie, add in a joint or 2), it seems very interesting.
For me, I think I was effected more by ketamine's secondary anti-depressant effects, which have only been studied in fairly low doses (afiak) and don't really appear until well after the primary psychoactive effects have worn off.

Two more concerts in the coming week which will likely be my last for a while. I'll probably try the pot K-ookie method again to try to figure out if it was just a great show, or if the K played a significant role (I think it was both). The other show I might take 2C-B (and a tiny bit of K as well) as 2C-B has always been fantastic at shows in the past for me, and I need an excuse to try the Hbr, so far I've only done the hcl. :)
samadhi_smiles - because i love the live music. this show will be fairly intimate (100-200 people, possibly less) and i'll have all the comforts of home: a nice cozy spot to lay down, water, music, weed. the only thing i'm really worried about is the drool and the possible nose leakage haha. other than that, i'm good :) however, as i said, it's only a possibility.

eleven - i have only tried the HBr and IME, it's fucking amazing. but alas, since i haven't tried HCl, i can't compare the two. 2c-b or MDMA/2c-b is my second option for this show.

samadhi_smiles said:
Why k-hole in public - isn't it more of a private personal trip?
because its bizzar!!!! the same reason it CAN be fun to smoke a big blast of DMT in a public area. it changes the setting so much that the set usualy follows into difference realms of consciousness. When I had a bunch of ketamine I would K-hole and attempt to wobble around the city, I mean you just look realy fucking crazy/drunk. this is sub black out K-hole. where you can still kinda robobot around and every now and then fall down.

when I k-hole alone its not realy that fun, or educational. its like a long n2o hit, but k-holing n public makes part of my brain still want to be part of this world so I get all sloppy and faced. :p
i'm not brave enough to venture out in a public area where tehre are cops or sober people (the general masses) but i'm extremely comfortable doign it around ppl that know what's up whether they're sober or not.

i really need to decide what i wanna do :( if i wanna do the k, i'll need a good meal beforehand so i don't puke and if i take the 2c-b, i'll need to fast for 3-4 hrs.

has anyone ever gone into a k-hole then a few hours later taken 2c-b or MDMA/2c-b?
I have, but didn't really care for it as I feel somewhat retarded for a while even after the K wears off. At the time I would always be a little nauseous afterwards as well, which may have made it less enjoyable. Now I actually get hungry sometimes post-K and will eat pizza and the like w/o my guts complaining a bit.
^ i'm the same. i get pretty hungry after i come outta my k-hole and it starts to wear off, i usually just snack on something though, i never eat food. starbursts are my fave =D

i have some time to kill before the show since it doesn't start til later in the evening which is why i wanted to do the k first then maybe take the 2c-b or MDMA/2c-b (or more k). i could go sober, which is what i did the last time i went but i'm feeling up for some chem fun tonight.
samadhi_smiles said:
Combining ketamine with 4-HO-DMT (the active component in mushrooms) makes the come-up tremendously smooth, you transition into the trip with a very positive vibe and a good relaxed physical and psychological state of being. I tried it after E1's thoughts on it, and he is pretty much right on about the anti-depressant properties of ketamine. I timed it like this: insufflate ketamine (around 35mg iirc) and then about 20 mins later, lick the 4-HO-DMT powder and lay down and zone out listening to music. I think I actually fell asleep I was so relaxed, then I woke up tripping very hard on the psilocin.

I think you will really enjoy the combo - have fun! :)

I envy you. That sounds amazing.
A quick question. Is there much of a difference between the k-whole from the different isomers of ketamine? So far I've only had the racemic and I really really like it, and I've heard the S+ is a bit sharper and not as pleasurable etc. I don't have much racemic left and all I'll be able to get in the near future is S-Ketamine.

I'm thinking once you're in the hole it doesn't really matter how you got there, so I'd like to save the racemic for lower doses and use the other for high doses if possible.

I've also noticed a non-linear tolerance lately. It's like it creeps up. I'll take some and won't really notice the effects as much, so I take a bit more and I can pretty well continue doing what I'm doing, then after a while its like it all hits and I'm pretty far out, but without the anxiety of classic psychedelics.

I'm sure I'll know a k-hole when I get there, but it feels a bit like cosmic dreaming, its not really visual, more auditory and conceptual (I'm naturally an auditory person). It makes me feel a bit like an NES character about to enter into a SNES world if that makes sense. =D

As for the dullness afterwards, I find meditating is really helpful and it can be recharging as opposed to trying to fight the tiredness. Go deeper into the lethargy, to better come out of it.

Pretty soon, my ability to have long solo/private tryptamine/phenethylamine trips will be diminished but I think the duration of ketamine is perfect, its almost like taking a nap. :|
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