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The Big and Dandy Ketamine Thread (Next iteration)

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Jan 27, 2003




Yes, to me, the difference is huge. I have no plans to acquire any more S-ketamine. With the racemic compound, if I didn't have things to do all the time it would be very hard not to use it every weekend. It feels far less dreamy. I'm not quite sure how to describe it really, but I feel less "immersed"... like I'm halfway through the door. The euphoric element is not present.
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I'm not trying to be rude or anything...but really re-read what you just told us! You have not "one" addiction issue. Im not buying that... It's like your rationalizing it to make yourself feel better about feeling good and doing what ever the hell you want!! I'm not one to judge I have my vices...I love K too..I consume around 6-12 grams a month. Along with other things...but since this is all about Kit Kat...I'll leave it at that.

Its really OK..to do what you do. As long as you take care of you and yours. Addiction starts at birth..they give you a bottle to fill a void...and so on.

Peace and Love...
Was that directed at me? I have no clue what you are talking about if so.
Dunno either. I've actually browsed the thread a bit to see what/who Catfood's referring to but no luck.
And why does he have Bluelighter status with only 3 posts?
Did he bribe Xorkoth? ;)
I tried S-ketamine yesterday for the first time, and my initial impressions are mixed but not overly positive. It seems to be missing something (the r-isomer duh! ;) ). Its been a very long time since I've had DXM but I think it feels quite similar. There doesn't seem to be the fuzzy and warm euphoria just a general 'chemically drunk' feeling. Racemic feels a bit more 'warm' and 'analog' where the S-isomer is more 'cold' and 'digital' feeling.

One positive is that it when its over the recovery to baseline is much quicker where I find racemic can leave me lethargic and groggy for a while. It also takes much mess material to do the job which I think my nose will like.

The S-isomer is more potent per mg, so on a mg per mg basis its much more powerful but comparing 40mg s-ket to 80mg racemic, the racemic would win hands down even though the intensity should be similar.

When it comes to high doses and k-holes I think that s-ket would be much better (which is how I'll likely use it), but for nice and dreamy lower doses the racemic really shines. An analogy could be drawn between 5-MeO-DMT vs. n,n DMT and S-ket vs. racemic. One substance is more potent and can more easily send you to the void, but doesn't seem to have all the 'bells and whistles' if you catch my drift.

I also found there wasn't as much as an urge to redose as with the racemic, which lacking common sense and self-control I could probably continue using indefinitely until hours have passed, the bag is empty and my nose is bleeding. :\ There was also a difference in time distortion. Racemic ket seems to make time fly for me and it never seems to be long enough, where with the s-ket I found myself surprised at how little time had passed.

Has anyone tried pure R-ketamine by itself?
i tires s-ket first then the racemic and i found the s isomer was more in my head whilst the racemic was more physcial if that makes sense, i seem to like the s better but the racemic also has something about it, both similar experiences,, but slightly different, suppose i depends what sort of person you are.
My sort of person considers S confusing pukeware. Got no probs with racemic.
^yeah that makes sense I noticed the s was very much in my head with the odd tingle like my limbs were falling asleep, where the racemic is quite body centered but still present in the mind.

Maybe it depends on what you get accustomed too, if I had of tried s-ket first and got familiar with that I might be complaining how the racemic is 'blurry' and not as clearheaded. :D
a question about the s-isomer ketamine compound: is this something that comes in a bottle like the racemic, or does it require kitchen conversion? if it's a pre-bottled product, how common is it versus the racemic, and is there any visible difference between the two compounds once dried/crystallized?
I "suffer" bouts of extreme clearheadedness on racemic.
I once was sitting at my desk when I (much to my surprise) suddenly exclaimed:"I'm in complete control!".
The next moment I "woke up" (can't describe it any other way) and ALL OF MY PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES, and that includes both my 45 or so years of "normal" daily life AND my psychedelic experiences, were like some sort of semi-conscious dream.
Dunno really wtf that was. Maybe I finally came of age.
Wouldn't want to undo it for anything.
power overwhelming said:
is this something that comes in a bottle like the racemic
I get the impression that a lot of the K in the USA is either in or from oldschool bottles/vials.
In the EU though I believe most if not all is straight from the lab/factory, and never touches the inside of the aforementioned vessels.
^that waking up, or semi-conscious dream type feeling is something I can relate to, although instead of pushing through the experience, I backed away from it. Maybe next time, I'll try to explore it further. I'd be interested to know more about it, especially the method of administration and the timing and amounts of the dose(s).

a question about the s-isomer ketamine compound: is this something that comes in a bottle like the racemic, or does it require kitchen conversion? if it's a pre-bottled product, how common is it versus the racemic, and is there any visible difference between the two compounds once dried/crystallized?

I've never come across K in a vial. It's always been a powder.
I guess I will contribute my opinions regarding this S-Ketamine.

It is certainly more potent. In fact 6mg had me buzzing and feeling spacey! Insufflated.

Later that night I probably insufflated 80mg or so, in three seperate lines spaced about an hour apart each time. This was my first trial with the compound so I was sort of testing the waters.

It does feel less narcotic than racemic Ketamine. I'd say its perhaps more psychedelic and less of a party/fukkedup drug. I can't tell which I prefer yet. At this point I'm inclined to call them "different but equal".

S-Ket certainly does have a nicer recovery and seem easier on the body.
Though its definitely not my preference, I will give it the thumbs up on recovery. After a night of the plain vanilla K, I still have the spacewalk thing going on and look kind of like I've been drinking. I'm pretty much straightened out completely an hour or so (maybe less) after the major effects are gone. This is with repeated high doses - as soon as I come down from a full-on dose I'll take another, repeat 3-5x.

I would be interested in a mix of something like 75% racemic 25% s-isomer.
I think I like S-ketamine more now ;)

With the racemic I find that small doses can give a nice pleasant feeling, but when trying to duplicate that with s-ket it just doesn't work. On the other hand, 40-50mg of s-ket can give a very psychedelic experience, that feels very very smooth physically. I also find that s-ketamine doesn't make me walk like Robby the Robotussin Robot and when it wears off I don't feel drowsy like I'm coming out of surgery or something.

S-ketamine feels like a very deep meditation for me. Detached awareness, 'the witness' consciousness etc. It also feels very 'clean' and benign compared to the racemic.

There's so much talk about meditation +/vs. 'classic' (5-HT) psychedelics and many 'monks' and 'gurus' etc. that have commented on things like LSD etc. but does anyone know of any monks/gurus etc. who have tried 'k-holying' and shared their thoughts publically? How does the k-void compare to the Buddhist's void?

I'm probably a bit biased at the moment, but I really feel that ketamine has the potential to really help a lot of people especially as an antidote to the unnatural stresses of modern life.

I find it a really interesting topic. I just came across this statistic.

*"75 to 90% of all doctor's office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints."

Research suggests that glutamate as the main excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain plays a key role in mediating stress response so couldn't ketamine as a potent glutamate 'blocker' be an effective treatment for chronic stress?

Imagine identical triplets, each with equally stressful lives, triplet #1 does nothing to alleviate stress and suppresses it, triplet #2 likes to have a few drinks after work every day to 'take the edge off', and tryplet #3 uses 20-50mg of s-ketamine as needed to alleviate stress...

With all other factors equal, which triplet is likely to have the highest quality of life, the best health and the longest life expectancy
e1evene1even said:
How does the k-void compare to the Buddhist's void?
Not the same thing according to my sort-of understanding of esoteric buddhism.
In buddhism "the void" is consciousness itself, unshapen, unborn, blabla etc.
K-void is just consciousness detached from the five senses, not necessarily anything beyond that.
I'd say the yogic concept of "pratyahara" pretty much covers it.
e1evene1even said:
As for the "waking up and realizing I control the universe" effect, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. It was quite unexpected so I didn't really go fully into the experience. Its reassuring to know you've been there and back a few times.
This has happened to me twice now during psilocin/ketamine combos. It was really confusing because I knew it wasn’t true. I proved it to myself by trying, and failing (what a relief!), to "will" the light on. However, the recently experienced second time was more disturbing.

I used a 70mg/8mg ketamine/psilocin intramuscularly injected mixture. Usually I take the psilocin first followed by just 50mg ketamine and the trip is comparably lucid, but there are definite gaps in my memory from this trip. While listening to music (I think it was “Caribou”), I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was creating the song. Then I thought, “What happens if I can’t remember how the song goes?”

Of course I immediately realized I didn’t know what came next in the song, and then brrbrrbrrbrrbrrb, the music dissembles into a gurgling mishmash of tones! I took the headphones off, seriously confused, and put them back on. Brrbrrbrrb--it was still doing it! This continued for a while until, disconcerted, I took off the headphones. When I put them on again the music was normal. Later I listened through the saved playlist sober, and nothing like the mishmash of tones I had heard occurred in any of the songs (I listen to some strange stuff, so I had to be sure), and I doubt the software just happened to glitch at the exact time I had these thoughts.

It is difficult to draw conclusions about this particular event because my memory of the entire trip is so choppy, but the sense that I control the world during certain ketamine states (well, only ketamine/psilocin for me) is definite. It is though the drugs cause a failure to discriminate between volitional interoception and ordinary environmental stimulation. That is, it is though the perceptual system we receive feedback from when we intentionally move a body part is k-jacked into the normally disconnected and independent goings on of the world. In this case, the gurgling music could be a reflection of my failure to psychologically reconcile a truly independent stimulus with a drug-mediated impression of volitional control of that stimulus, and I chose the impression over the reality. Talk about synchronicity!
Ketamine always seems to really synchronize with physical events when I use it, also. Particularly, if I'm laying next to my fiance I will suddenly know she's about to move, then then sure enough, she does. It always happens as I'm phasing back in for a moment, and it's like I can feel/hear the movement about to happen, and it gets louder and louder (sound isn't exactly the right thing to describe it as though) until the movement happens. Very strange.
a piece of information from the front lines.... ketalin by probiomed in mexico is good shit.

on a strange note from a friend who is in the know.... 100mg/ml ketamine is ILLEGAL in mexico, and the only vials you will find at that concentration have no label... however 50mg/ml ketamine is ok.

dont ask me why as myself and my friend have no real explanation for it except that the fact i guess it makes it less $$$ per volume worthwhile to be smuggled across teh US border.

dont ask me how i know this.

teh probiomed ketalin is good shit whether it is racemic or S isomer
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