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The Big and Dandy Ketamine Thread (Next iteration)

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Ketamine always seems to really synchronize with physical events when I use it, also.

^dissociative experiences tend to feel like one huge deja vu sooner or later.
Fastandbulbous said:
^ Think it has to do with the lags in relaying senory info too the concious mind, so that unconciously you're aware somebody has moved so when it reaches the concious level you get the 'a-ha' deja vu feeling
I agree this accounts for the deja vu feeling, but I think that beyond a sense of prescience, there is an additional component(s) involved in a sense of control, one that retroactively superimposes intention over the lagging sensory info. A process that results in the subconscious rationalization, "I felt that that was going to happen, therefore I caused it". Maybe because our sense of volitional control has been so persistently and reliably wedded to the body's feedback of that control, when the body's interoceptive feedback to the brain is blocked by ketamine the brain mistakes that environmental stimuli as bodily interoceptive feedback and superimposes the sense of control over the environmental stimuli that, until the k-blockade, was always wedded to body movements.
I have a high ketamine tolerance (permanent, I've abstained for awhile).

Would mixing DXM lower my tolerance, and how much DXM should I add to the Ketamine?
^Didn't you ask this question in the other B&D k thread? Or was it somebody else?
Anyway, I don't see how that could reduce your tolerance even a little, and if anything, there will be a cross tolerance.
And how do you plan on mixing it? You can't snort dxm, and eating ketamine is a waste of time IMO.
If you've obstained for a while your tolerance will be pretty low, but only for your first dose. Once your body recognizes the k again, your tolerance will go right back to it's max, or so I've been told. I'm pretty sure I read that in one of F&B's posts a while back.
I plan on drinking cough syrup, waiting until it kicks in, and then snorting the K.

I just don't know what a safe dosage combo would be.

And yes, I asked it in the other thread, but no one responded, and my mind's on K again.
blase deviant said:
and my mind's on K again.
You and me both man, unfortunately for me my k dealer fell off about a month ago:( I've been bumming ever since. It took me so long to find a reliable source.
...Anyway enough about my sad life, like I said I'm pretty sure there's a cross tolerance between k and dxm.
Never done the combo myself, but I would cut my usual dxm dose in half(my normal dose is 800mg, so I'd take 400mg), and do bumps of k once I start to feel it. But do whatever you feel comfortable with, just remember to take it slow with the k. It's pretty hard to take it slow if your drinking dxm syrup, since you can't just do little doses every few minutes like you can with k bumps.
Anyway, have fun. :)
Sounds familiar. Even happened a few times while I was very high.
Boom there I was.
SOBER, with perfectly controlled thought, movement and even *gasp* speech.
Except that I still experienced supersensitivity (all senses) and the "sobriety" was really perfection.
Feels, well..superhuman-like.

I have absolutely no idea what sets it off, and it hasn't happened for a while now.

Synth me a drug that can reliably replicate that condition.
I'll send you money.
All I have.
I'll steal more and send that too.
All I have to add is that ketamine has one of the widest ranging effects profiles for me. Sometimes the trips are mindblowing and sometimes just plain boring. Also, I seem to get better effects insulfating rather than IM. From what I hear it seems to be the exact opposite for most folk. Strange stuff that K.
just wanted to warn people, last night i had a not so pleasant experience though i'm not sure on the exact reason. maybe someone can bring me some clarity. first, i took about 50mg of amphetamine orally, then immediately after, another 50 insulfated. then, like i don't know, maybe 3 or 4 hours later did some k. about 200mg insulfated over a span of about an hour, but i'm not really sure as i wasn't paying attention to the clock, but 'felt' like an hour. eventually, i vomited, which i've come to expect from ketamine, but after i didn't feel better. this was last night, ad i'm still having trouble eating, and have a moderate fever. anyway, maybe it's just me, or caused by a lowered immune system or something, but i really feel like shit. hope it doesn't develop more. wouldn't reccomend this mixture though. anybody else have a different take?
Perhaps you were getting sick anyway? Once I took some methylone while feeling fine, and then as it started coming up I started to feel worse and worse... a bit of euphoria but also bodily discomfort and nausea. I proceeded to be sick for the next 3 days with the flu, but at first I thought the methylone was being mean to me.
yeah. smoked 200mg of pot , helped me get some food down, i feel a bit more energetic at least. and it seems a stepping stone for getting more food down later, more energy, and hopefully i can fight this bug. i did get unusually and suddenly sleepy before i took the amphetamine. it helped me get home to do the k though, cause i had to drive on the e-way and had trouble keeping my eyes open. amphetamine made the drive back a piece of cake. don't know why i say that, as i don't care for cake.=D
I recently did K while coming down with a minor flu with pretty weird and unpleasant results.
After entering the "trip" level I noticed some strange sensation on the emotional level.
Couldn't identify it until I suddenly realised that I was suffering from depression, a condition I've been familiar with in the past. Weird.
Interesting though, as I've never before been able to really observe that affliction.
Took quite a bit of time and work to deal with/through it.
After that I experienced difficult to remember episodes of strange confusion and paranoia.
At some point I was in the grip of an extreme combination of agoraphobia and vertigo, right there in the safety of my own home.
I remember standing pressed against a wall as if I were standing on a 1" ridge, almost unable to move because I both feared the open space (my cozy living room) and was afraid I'd fall to my death waaaaay below me(i.e. the soft wool carpet on the floor).
I was intensely afraid.
All I could do was inch my way along the wall towards ever so slightly more comfortable territory (i.e. my chair) but apart from that it was totally impossible to overcome the phobias.
Can't remember what I did when the fear finally let go of me. I probably sat down and forgot all about it while moving on to the next crazy thing.

Anyway, ketamine and flu is definitely not a good combination.
Possibly dangerous too.
i got a question about what ket is cut with.

Usually my ket comes as crystals, with salt crystals that the dealers throw in there to profit, ect. Salt i can just pick out, or whatever its not toxic....but i recently picked up a batch and it is cut with this really light and fluffy stuff. from bio-assay the ket appears to be unaffected by this cut. by this i mean that 100mg of the stuff feels like 100mg pure (or close to) not 70 or 80 like it usually does. the cut is small flakes that are next to impossible to isolate, enough to taste. The crystals of ket appear to be floating in snow.

this is probly because ket is sold in little plastic viles and anything to increase volume is key

what the hell is this stuff?? i really wish i could attach a pic but my cam blows and all you would see is a white blob on a table
^I've heard people say k was cut with salt, but honestly this dosen't make sense to me. I could be wrong of course, but there's no way salt can feel good going up your nose 8o. And all the k I've gotten from my most recent and most reliable source was really smooth going up my nose and didn't burn or hurt at all. I could obviously feel it going in, but it wasn't unpleasant at all. We are talking salt as in table salt, right?
I once thought my K was cut with salt. I couldn't tell if I was just high or what, but it seemed like there was salt rocks in it, so I kept snoorting these huge lines. Then later in the night I was so fucked I just kept talking about how there was salt in it, and everyone's like, dude you're fucked! there's no salt in it!
Actually, I don't feel like having the contents of an 8 oz. bottle of cough syrup in my stomach while bumping K, so I was wondering.

30-60mg DXM has been known to reset tolerance to amphetamines and opiates, so do you think it would work with Ketamine?
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