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The Big and Dandy Vinpocetine thread


Apr 24, 2003
Central Valley California
In lieu of bumping some other catch-all nootropic thread, I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread related to Vinpocetine. Please post your experiences using this nootropic, including dosages (including attack dosages if employed), length of trial times, benefits and downfalls, if you are still utilizing it and why, possible positive or negative combinations with psychoactives including other nootropics, comparisons, experienced side effects, and anything else you want to add.
"taking this to trip" ???
vinpocetine would be taken much like people take ginkgo extract --- to help their brains function better...
googlsearch: "nootropic" for more info (or check out the nootropics vault at www.erowid.org for starters...)
i think that one or two of the "smart pill"-type vitamin/amino acid blends that i purchase at the healthfood store has vinpocetine (5mg maybe?) in 'em...
i used to love to "load up" on nootropics prior to studying for & taking exams...
& still like to "pre-load" prior to embarking on the festival- & concert-circuit (just in case i end up dosing on something yummy, or even if i just wanna stay up past my bedtime ;) ...)
but with a headful of brain-boosters, who can tell which one(s) doin' which, eh?
zzzzooooooommmmmmm, yowza...
I've yet to experience any nootropic, or read any reports of one, who's "effects" could conclusively be attributed to the substance itself and not be writen off as placebo. Personally, I think they're a waste of money.
Vinpocetine does work for me - at first when I took it I took it, forgot about it, until I went into a store, and noticed the huge color enhancement.

I try to take 20-40mg/day and there's a short term memory effect that same day but after daily use, I can remember long past events 'vividly' in my mind noticeably more. Also, I remember my dreams almost every night, not just one dream, but a big long stream of dreams.

When I quit taking it for a while, after some time went by I noticed I didnt remember my dreams hardly anymore, like "normal". If you want to notice something, buy the ones without caffeine and other crap added, I get a bottle of these 10mg ones with nothing else, and sometimes I take 30-40mg at once. Just take it and then go about your day, see if colors stand out later on.

Piracetam all that did was nothing, unless I took an "attack" dose, which, acted like a laxative maybe, making it feel like I got raped in the ass, running to the toilet often. To make sure it wasn't something else, I tried an attack dose a different day, and, another ass-raped feeling I had.. never heard of this but i got it lol.
For how long did you take piracetam? I've heard that with nootropics in general you have to wait for several days/weeks before starting to notice the (sometimes subtle) effects. From what I've read, vinpocetine is one of the few that is supposed to be noticeable on the first days. In my case, however, I never noticed color enhancement from vinpocetine, but then again, I'm not even sure what color enhancement really means.
first time i took the stuff i thought i was having the onset of a 2C-I trip, i didnt really remember i had taken it, the only thing i notice from it, is that it feels like its getting more oxygen to my brain.
i take 20-40mg a day. it has improved my memoy and i also remember dreams better.
i think dmae is even better though. when i took 520mg it felt like a lite dose o amphetamine. i was in a great mood all day and didnt feel a tired as i usually do. i now take the stuff everyday but i guess ihave a tolerance or am just used to the effects already.
Vinpocetine worked for me... the first few days after adding it to a piracetam/dmae/huperzine a combo gave me major headaches, but they went away quickly. It doesn't seem as deep as piracetam (which seems to be actively regenerating/building my intelligence), but it adds certain color/memory enhancement and a noticable feeling of being "here and now".

However, nootropics clearly work best in combination. Piracetam/dmae/vinpocetine/huperzine a is noticably building/strengthening my baseline personality quickly.
Yeah, after taking Vin. for a while, i'd smoke some pot, and i'd notice the visual component from the pot, would look more, well, it reminded me of how "clear" far away visuals were when i was younger. I can remember some details of just random past memories where a person I was with is like huh? I have no idea what your talking about. I could then go into detail - i'm not usually like that.

Dreams are just crazy now. For such a long time, i'd be lucky to remember a dream, and if i did it was just a tiny part, and i'd usually forget it fast. Now? Every night I have vivid dreams, last night i had a pretty long one, and i remember plenty of details. Sometimes it seems like one big long dream, but really its split up into different dreams, but, it sorta 'flows' from one story line to another in some wierd way, instead of "stopping" and just switching to a new 'scene'. I have also been taking DMAE with that huperzine A stuff occasionally. It seems like I do not have to take any of it every day for this dream and past memory recall effect to still work, its only if i stop it for a week(s).

Also lately I just have had no desire to smoke pot, only once in a while, I dont know if thats related to taking this stuff or not, but pot just doesn't seem..I don't know, just a hit or two once in a while feels nice rather than more often.
Oh but mine are either normal, or when they're those real good kind, like suddenly getting laid, dirty no nonsense kinky sex type dreams, well those are good..welll...except i get too excited in the dream, so i wake up, and then, FRUSTRATION! haha.

I've been using vinpocetine for about a month now. No attack dose whatsoever was needed, I could tell something was going on the first few times I took it. It seems to primarily work on memory and a little on certain color enhancement type of things. Initially short term memory was a little better, but taking it every day seemed to help long term memory as well. I currently have a 93% in a math class I thought I was going to drop the week I started taking it (the vinpocetine). My dosing pattern is usually 5-10 mgs plus one super multi-vitamin 3 times a day, usually 15 mgs on a regular day, 20-25 on school days, and 30 or so on days that I've had exams. I found I had headaches when I first started taking it a few hours after eating a capsule or two (worsened the more I took, although they were never really bad at all). This doesn't happen anymore, because I learned to moderate dosages and collaborate vinpocetine + vitamins (containing 11 mg choline, which I've read cured headaches associated with Piracetam), and my body probably just got used to it.

As a side note, when I taking a 30+ mgs a day or 15-20 mgs at one time left me with intellectually stimulating mindstates, and also when taken at night, I'm better able to stay awake when tired and be more lucid, much better than caffeine's 'jitterbugs' when taken to stay up.

Calling for more experimentation was the night I pre-loaded for the evening with a vitamin, 50 mg 5-htp, and 5 mg vinpocetine taken every 30-45 minutes four times. I felt like I was almost rolling without taking any MDMA.

Overall, Vinpocetine is excellent and highly recommend by yours truly.
One more thing, dream recall with improved very, very much so. Also lucidity and my own understanding of their meaning has been a little enhanced. None of what I've experience was placebo, I can tell you that much for sure.
I've been taking Piracetam for a few months now and have definitely noticed benefits that certainly are NOT placebo effects. My dad has been taking it as well and agrees. It just sort of wakes my mind up - it's not stimulating, but it makes me more mentally alert and able to concentrate on things.
I take choline with it as well, and together they definitely have helped improve my short term memory - when I'm getting ready to go to bed at night and there's things I need to remember in the morning, I almost always remember them right when I wake up. I was never able to do that before...

I am thinking about trying out vinpocetine now as it sounds pretty interesting after reading this thread.
Does anyone have anything to add? I've just purchased a bottle of vinpocetine, and I'm curious to know what to expect.

I'm surprised to hear about the color enhancement--I've not read that elsewhere.
The Get smart formula from smart nutrition is very good, which contains vinpocetime plus several other syngistic nootropics
Inspired by the great comments on this thread, I have just placed an order for the "Get smart formula" I am excited to get going on it when it arrives.

Does anybody know if the ingredients in this formula will conflict with the following meds?

Neurontin 200mg X 4 times daily
Zoloft 50mg daily

These are the anti depressants I am on, so any info would be appreciated, if there are conflicts, then I will have a bottle of 60 caps of the get smart formula to sell =D.

The ingredients in the get smart formula are:

vinpocetine 10 mg dilates blood vessels in the brain
Huperzine A 100 mcg extends the life of brain acetylcholine
pyritinol 175 mg improves memory, concentration
DMAE 75 mg improves learning and memory
CDP Choline 10 mg increases brain acetylcholine
picamilon 50 mg increases circulation to the brain
Rhodiola rosea 75 mg improves mood by optimizing brain dopamine and serotonin

Again, any conflicts with the listed meds would be appreciated, as I don't want to harm myself. Also this being a harm reduction site, I am confident that someone out there will know something or at least have a good idea.

Thanks in advance