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The Big & Bangin' Miscellaneous Chemistry/Pharmacology Odds N' Ends Thread: Part 3

I didn't think this would warrant its own thread so:
- could any interesting or unusual interactions take place from theanine with NMDA antagonists, even if this would require pretty heavy dosages? Any comment on how theanine could affect the interaction observed between nootropics and dissociatives?
MSG is more toxic to dogs, they can get brain damage or die.
MSG is more toxic to dogs, they can get brain damage or die.

Oh shit, I didn't know that. Is it bad enough that they shouldn't have any msg at all? Or just not in large amounts? My dog eats our leftovers which can sometimes contain msg.
As the toxic quantities are just lower and it can be hard to gauge MSG content in something like chinese takeout, I would really avoid letting your dog eat that... personally.

Question is: when is the amount of MSG added really tiny? If it's that tiny it may either be pointless for your flavor of the food or it's unintentionally an ingredient in an ingredient you cooked with yourself: a trace I guess. (possible example perhaps is yeast extract in some chicken stock that you added to your risotto... It's probably okay in situations like that although the parmesan may be way too salty for your pets too, but it's probably better to avoid things like Chinese with a bunch of ve tsin thrown in.

I won't tell you what to do with your pets but I myself wouldn't use dogs or cats as a "dumpster" (not meant agressively or offensively) with maybe the odd exception when you know what you're giving. I guess leftovers are not during your dnner, but I also have experience with dogs and cats begging at the dinner table, but IMO / IME you need boundaries as not to reinforce that behavior and if you love your pet I think you should not give them your food on a regular basis (i.e. just anything), rather than thinking you are doing them a favor as a treat... The dumpster thing (to avoid wasting food by throwing it away) seems better spent on pigs or goats although there are still limits.
Not that I know much about parenting, but sometimes you gotta say no (just get quality dog food that is nutritionally healthy for dogs if you want to be good to em - at the risk of them getting dependent on it and getting high standards / spoiled).

If you live in the countryside a couple of pigs is pretty cool as a livestock type pet... we used to have 2 pigs at the biological fruit / veg garden I worked at in the past, they lead quite a nice life I believe, and got some veg waste etc... I applied for part of their bio meat when they were getting old and it was time to put an end to their lives. It's a bit weird that I used to know the animals, but it helps that they weren't treated like an object nor suffered.
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I said leftovers but I meant that it begs around the dinner table until somebody gives in.

This has prompted me to do some research. I was already aware of some things dogs should not eat apparently I was not fully up-to-date.

Dog already gets quality dog food. I just need to convince all those at the dinner table to not give in so much.

Thank you for the response.
Was 13-HO-LSD ever further tested pharmacologically? I thought Nichols was planning on doing that, but I don't recall hearing about confirmation of it's supposedly highly potent dopaminergic effects.
I thought it had been established that "PCP receptors" were sigma receptors or NMDArs, not some exotic new unclassified GPCR.
https://archives.drugabuse.gov/pdf/monographs/133.pdf go nuts? :D

It seems that in part of the brain PCP receptors are coupled to NMDA receptors / part of the complex while in other parts of the brain they are not coupled to a functional NMDAr complex (unsure what it might be coupled to there) and these types behave differently. PCP receptors and sigma receptors apparently differ in their ability to complex with the NMDAr and they have a different distribution in the brain, plus particular differences in affinity of certain exogenous ligands.
They haven't specified these different PCP receptors with certain names or designation?

And there are endogenous PCP and sigma receptor ligands with various types of activity which are all at least partially peptide-like in nature.

Quick 'odd' question: what is the best explanation for me getting terribly tight and painful feelings on the inside of my thighs in particular from lysergamides and does anyone else get that? Feels like a super stiff tendon just running down the inside of my legs... I do know there is a quite slim muscle there, but can't figure out why that area would be the main issue with after effects...
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Is mixing dysociative drugs with alpha adrenolitics neurotoxic? Why / why not?
I've been wondering about getting pain, soreness or increased sensitivity to pain from GHB as well as phenibut (especially recently when i also had pregabalin in my system which i am scripted), and have been calling it allodynia for lack of another definitive term. Nobody cared to offer an explanation as to how/why..

What do you think of the 'theory' (/idea) that it is a sort of paradoxical reaction involving GABAb which is apparently involved in algesia?

So if you get a runner's high or just had a tattoo (I really think I got the most massive endorphin high in my life from that) there should be marked music enhancement? Surely that is only part of the story though, how does MDMA cause music appreciation enhancement? What kind of circuits even fire in magical ways through a delicately balanced action on those monoamines, is it known what kind of cerebral euphoria is responsible?
How is it that Shulgin got so lucky with [re-]discovering MDMA and it turns out that there are hardly any superior analogues? That seems wildly unlikely..... That's more of a "beginner's luck" than I've seen before.
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So if you get a runner's high or just had a tattoo (I really think I got the most massive endorphin high in my life from that) there should be marked music enhancement?

The fact that runner's like to listen to music while running certainly supports this.
The fact that runner's like to listen to music while running certainly supports this.

Numerous studies have shown that music with exact replicating repetitive bi-neural oscillations of between 110 and 160 BPM (beats per minute) induce a trance like state in higher functioning mammalians.

Ethnic drumming circles and Buddhist chanting and the likes are ancient examples of this.
I've been told this is the thread for this type of question.In the esterfication process of ethyl acatate would 5% acetic acid work and would hydrochloric acid work as a catylist?