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The Big & Dandy 1P-LSD Thread, Volume 1

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Sep 16, 2014
Welcome to the Big & Dandy 1P-LSD Thread


1-propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide


1P-LSD, NP-LAD or 1-Propionyl-lysergic acid diethylamide is a research chemical and novel LSD analogue. It is very structurally related to LSD, differing only in the propionyl group on the 1-position. The mythical analogue ALD-52 is again very similar, having a 1-acetyl instead of 1-propionyl. It has been remarked by - at least - David Nichols that based on lysergamide SAR, 1P-LSD itself should not be active but metabolizes rapidly in the body to form LSD. That would mean that the only difference with LSD would be pharmacokinetic effects, which after all may affect the subjectively experienced trip. However these claims certainly could be more substantiated.

Legality & Stability

It is illegal in the United States under the federal analogue act as well as in Australia under similar legislature.

Purportedly compounds like 1P-LSD and ALD-52 are not as unstable as once thought. This may be important since it would otherwise tend to spontaneously degrade into LSD which is of course a legal hazard.
It could be argued that it is very unlikely to hydrolyze to LSD under standard conditions. Basic or strongly acidic conditions may make hydrolysis more favorable, so store your 1P-LSD accordingly, I recommend not using ascorbic acid as an anti-oxidant for instance since it is acidic.

Supposedly acetyls are known stable protecting groups for indoles. It is plausible that this literally and figuratively also extends to propionyls.

On the other hand, Nichols says that:
It is well known in organic chemistry that N-acyl indoles of all kinds hydrolyze easily.
But it is unclear whether that includes spontaneous hydrolysis under standard conditions.

Again, this needs further substantiating. Hopefully analysis will soon clear this up.

For the time being, it is advised to assume that similar storage conditions apply as for LSD. And Bluelight is not claiming that this is necessarily stable and safe legally for you to buy, own or use. We do not accept responsibility regarding legal matters, and decisions made by users browsing this forum.

Trip reports:

original post:

New lysergamide about to go on sale. I haven't tried it yet.

Volume 1 of this B&D spans posts between Jan 12, 2015 - August 18, 2015. Click here to visit Volume 2!
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I'm guessing that the idea is that it should metabolize into LSD in vivo, like ALD-52 is supposed to do. If it doesn't, I have a hard time believing it will be active at all.

Interesting......I did hear a rumour that new lysergamides were coming from the same place as the AL-LAD. I wonder if this is it (it's a rethorical question, so time will answer)
I've tried it twice, once in staggered doses & once with 100ug in one go. It's definitely powerful stuff, similar to it's big brother in both effects & duration. TR's to follow.
looks interesting!
however, why do you say it is less recreational? I personally find LSD to be more recreational than either LSZ or Al-lad if the setting is right....
could easily be setting. I qualified that comment with the caveat that this is after only one, proper try.

But I just felt the drug had a deeper, less sociable effect. It's hard to explain, but on drugs such as 4-ho-met, 2c-t-2 & DOC I am quite happy walking about outdoors & integrating with the public. I don't often lack confidence on trips. But on both Al-Lad & LSz, I find myself less eager to, say, go out & order a pizza or have a sit-down meal in publc. On 1P-LSD, I found that aspect of the experience even more pronounced. That may well be a setting issue or a dosage issue & perhaps further experminetation will show that. But my initial impression is this stuff is slightly less of a public psyche, & more of a private one. Just my opinion.
Another trip report:

I took 100ug alongside partner at 3:30am hoping for a mild introduction

+1 - Visuals starting to get under way, nice, very very similar to nope. Feeling incredibly happy. Can't wipe grin off my face.

+2 - Visuals have increased greatly, my partner comments she feels like shes on a summer holiday. Every room I enter seems to take some kind of theme with every individual item was now nicely melting into eachother and colours exploding slowly but gracefully across the room, to be honest visuals while still farely tame were alot stronger than I was expecting from this dose, I could ignore the fact the experience is happening but would of struggled alot to!

+3.5-4 hours - Substance finally seems to have peaked, we realise neither of us has stopped smiling since we took it. Put on nature documentary, get giggles too badly to be able to leave it on. Worth noting no psychedelic, nope, al-lad, lsz or any of the 2Cs etc have ever actually given me the giggles or overwhelming "good times" vibe that this seemed to be having.

+4 - Peaked around here, not really sure what has happened last couple hours to be honest, my partners trip report which started out well written and in far more detail than this ends with "Alex and Fury don't know kung fu" then becomes completely illegible. Just sitting talking now, none of which really makes any sense - we set off on about 5 different tasks then get mixed up and end up repeating this until we realise none of it got done. Longest tracers I've ever seen, visuals get much much stronger if i stare in same area for a while, almost overwhelming, taking over my whole vision.

5hours to 7 hours - Spent staring at various psychedelic imagery. Wish I had taken a stronger dose at beginning of trip as starting to get fairly bored now, and stimulating, stretchy, energetic bodyload is starting to get annoying, always a sign you didn't dose high enough for the whole trip! Wish we could just go out for a long walk but urban doesn't have the feeling of a countryside ramble when tripping.

+7-9 - trip still going but gotten too weak for our liking vs the bodyload factor so we both take some flubromazolam to try and get towards sleep. Suprisingly flubromazolam takes away the bodyload completely, which normally when I take benzos to abort an experience it just stops the visuals and not the bodyload! We spent this watching some strange murder documentary that really I didn't even notice was on, and then curled up and slept. For note without f-lam and alot of whiskey for me this definitely wouldn't have been possible.

Woke up at 4.30pm, T+13, and after tossing and turning a bit I realise the slight stimulatory feeling was back. Go downstairs to make food, mind absolutely racing with thoughts that are completely incoherent and definately not relevant to whatever I'm doing, similar to normally I get trying to sleep at end of an acid trip. Drug definately still active at this point, though very tail end. Drink a bit and head back up to try and get back to sleep as the mind racing is frankly annoying; this is no different to the end of any long psych experience I've had though.

t+19 - Wake up again and head downstairs so not to wake up partner. Visuals still going slightly (this trip really has some legs!), feeling a little uncomfortable but nothing unmanagable, practically no comedown whatsoever really.

I'd compare this visually as stronger than LSZ while seeming less superficial than AL-LAD, if that makes any sense. Had that certain "happy" vibe that I've never got off a psychedelic before that actually lasted longer than ten minutes (it lasted the first 5 hours at least!). Equal to about 300ug of AL-LAD ime.

Next time I think will dive in at 200ug for a fully immersive experience, reckon I will manage a nice +3 with that dosage. To be honest I wasn't expecting it to be as strong at 100ug as it was, but it was pretty much the perfect dosage for 1 blotter I would think.

It should be noted that even whilst still getting full imagery my eyes seemed to be fairly undilated by the 6-7 hour mark.

My tolerance for lysergamides is very low at the moment as past few trips have been on 2c-x drugs.

Overall a winner (Y)

the report is fine - the link isn't for here sorry :) thnx
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Interesting reports. The pro-drug theory is quite interesting and exciting, I just wish this compound was somewhere in scientific literature previously. Pretty impressive that whoever is pumping this out managed to invent a lysergamide not previously explored by Nichols or anyone like that.
Interesting reports. The pro-drug theory is quite interesting and exciting, I just wish this compound was somewhere in scientific literature previously. Pretty impressive that whoever is pumping this out managed to invent a lysergamide not previously explored by Nichols or anyone like that.
Truth! I didn't think I'd see the day(at least not this earlier...), that we'd see a completely novel lysergamide!
Interesting reports. The pro-drug theory is quite interesting and exciting, I just wish this compound was somewhere in scientific literature previously. Pretty impressive that whoever is pumping this out managed to invent a lysergamide not previously explored by Nichols or anyone like that.

Well yeah, it's just a tiny change to LSD. Or ALD-52 with a propyl instead of acetyl group. Still novel!
Well yeah, it's just a tiny change to LSD. Or ALD-52 with a propyl instead of acetyl group. Still novel!
It's not propyl, it's propionyl. Basically it's the same as acetyl, just one carbon longer.

I just wish they would have chosen a better name, but whatever :D I'm pretty excited about this one.
I suppose it was only a matter of time before any completely new lysergamides hit the market. I imagine this one had been in the pipeline for a while, waiting to emerge after the Government outlawed the previous popular ones. We'll surely see more new ones follow in the future too.

As for this new one only being available through the vendor's UK site for now, I'd imagine that's because both AL-LAD and LSZ are still legal elsewhere in Europe so I guess they plan on continuing to sell those on in Europe before adding 1P-LSD to their EU database at a later stage. As I understand it, there is only a limited amount of 1P-LSD available right now so this could be seen as a trial run to see how it is accepted, and if it goes well I'm sure they'll have larger amounts available in future to sell both in the UK and elsewhere. And if for whatever reason it isn't as popular as previous ones, they could trial another one and see how that goes. As soon as they have one that's really popular, I guess that will be the one that goes on to have further success.
And it is very active as i have tested 100ug of it. I would say even stronger than al-lad and lsz.

Would you say a similar potency to LSD itself then? (if you've had the dosage of your blotter tested before or at least dealt with enough accurately dosed blotters over your time tripping to have a good dosage estimate by trip strength)

My experiences were 100ug LSD ~= 150-170ug AL-LAD ~= 175ug LSZ in terms of how strong the trip felt for me, albeit I had tolerance when I tried LSZ and actually expect it to be LSD > LSZ > AL-LAD.
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