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The Big & Dandy 1P-LSD Thread, Volume 1

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I'm getting ready to do some of this how much different is it from LSD? I did two tabs 14 years ago and have not done it since. I tried al lad and lsz both. I thought lsz worked better al lad did nothing. Two tabs of lsd was perfect for me back then but again it was 14 years ago and I am 28 now. So I was gonna do 200 to start maby 150? I don't want to be underwhelmed. I have heard 100ug is good but it could be pushed a little higher.
I have no idea what to expect to tell the truth any guidance would be awesome. I know about setting being important. I just snowed too and I might wait till it snows again to trip as I think the snowflakes would be crazy looking (hopefully). Thanks, peace ✌
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Dosage advice

So, I plan to try this substance together with my hubby on Wednesday, and I was wondering if anyone could offer some dosage advice based on the following details:

Before the ban on AL-LAD, I've had a good time on 350 µg of that substance, which was very visual but never confusing or bad in any way for me. My hubby on the other hand had a good time on 150 µg but started experiencing some confusion at 250 µg.

For 1p-LSD I was thinking I'd try 150 µg myself at first, and give my hubby 100 µg.

I've heard one person comment that 100 µg of 1p-LSD seems similar in intensity to 225 µg of AL-LAD.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance. :)

I may post a trip report.
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That sounds quite reasonable, though I would say that 100ug 1P-LSD = 150ug AL-LAD, or thereabouts.
Yeah, ehrlichs reagent detects all indoles.

I'm not asking for theory, though. Ehrlich's reacts differently to different indoles. I'm wondering if anyone has performed the test and what their result is.
^true. i noticed organic n,n-dmt reacts purple but over a couple hours but turns to a dark blue.
whereas a strong hit of lsd turns black over a couple hours
and a weak hit of lsd returns to being clearish after a couple hours.
Moxy turns purple but then a light blue. Harmaline is an indole but turns yellow with ehrlich. I'd love to know anyone else's results with 1P. I had no reaction from ehrlich's at all.
& I'll run a quarter tab through an ehrlich test as soon as I have a sunny enough day to get a good photogragh of the results.
Hey guys I have a email here from David nichols regarding 1p LSD this is what he said

I think it is N(1)-propionyl LSD. I think it may be a prodrug in that the N-acylated indoles can be de-acylated fairly easily. If it is what I think it is, its toxicity and pharmacology should be pretty similar to LSD.

BTW, Sasha didn’t do chemistry work with lysergamides. The entries he has in TIHKAL for lysergamides are primarily from work that I did at Purdue. He would often rewrite the descriptions that we published to make them look like he had done them, but Sasha had an analytical lab license, which didn’t allow him to work with Schedule I substances.


Guess everyone is on the agreement.
Also I I thought shulgin did have a license but the DEA took it away from him after raiding his lab in California
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Me and two mates all had a tab each (100ug) 3 days ago and found that a very nice tester dose. We felt effects about 40mins-1hour after dropping and effects were very noticeable for around 6 hours. During the trip we smoked an 8th which was enjoyable and complimented the trip.

I dropped AL-LAD with these same friends and we found 1P more similar to acid than AL-LAD. It also gave me much better visuals than LSZ and AL-LAD.

Will definitely be ordering some more before the law comes crashing down on it in the UK.. how long do you think that will be?
I tried 100 µg of 1P-LSD this weekend, three hours after 50 mg of AMT. I've previously only tried AL-LAD (not LSD), and never in combination with AMT, but I would say that the lysergamide component of this weekend's experience was stronger than 225 µg of AL-LAD, although who knows what kind of synergy was going on. It was pretty quick to come on (perhaps a couple of hours to peak) and after 6 hours the visuals were all AMT (which I love). I did it in woody grassland at night with a friend, and conversation was deep and easy. The visuals were pretty intense at the peak, and the starry sky was frankly a mess, but leafy trees were a delight. 100 mics was easy to handle, but it felt like it had a lot more to give in terms of depth (which wasn't always my impression with AL-LAD). Music was beautiful, but even more so during the AMT-only part later on. I kept going for a good 26 hours after dosing the AMT at 6 in the evening, and feel great today. Good stuff, this 1P stuff, and it combines sublimely with AMT.
150ug 1P-LSD

At this dose the experience wasn’t to much different from my 100ug trial, OEV’s were a lot more pronounced, Reading became a little more difficult as the letters would float up and down and side to side but with a little concentration it wasn’t to hard to remain focused.
Unlike last time where I had rather strong CEV’s of landscapes I didn’t seem to have any this time but was faced with a more introspective thought process when closing my eyes.

A lot of the trip was focused on listening to music just like the last one, mentally it still felt like 100ug there wasn’t any confusion to speak of and communicating with the outside sober world was well tolerated, I feel like this would be an ideal psychedelic for a trip in a public environment.
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I am relatively experienced with psychedelics and 150ug of this blew my brains off. Easily one of the most intense trips of my life, felt like it may have gone bad at times, largely due to the fact I wasn't expecting it to be so intense. Please respect this substance. Overall it was a great, introspective and visually mindblowing trip. <3
The subjectiveness of psychedelics aside, does this stuff feel quantifiably different to LSD? If so, how so? I like LSD but i really loved AL-LAD. I don't get many opportunities to use psychedelics so if/when i do i would generally like to try something different to LSD, as i am fairly familiar with it.

TL,DR- should i order some of this or just get AL-LAD again? I want to sample new flavours but if this is very, very similar to LSD i will probably just take AL-LAD again.
All the information we have points to it being very similar or identical to acid, since it shouldn't be active until the body converts it to LSD.
It seems likely that what I have is legitimate, but it's difficult to believe that a single carbon atom would be the difference between positive and negative ehrlich results when chemicals with much greater differences (AL-LAD, LSZ, LSD) react identically. Has anyone ever heard of ALD-52 failing an ehrlich's test?
It seems likely that what I have is legitimate, but it's difficult to believe that a single carbon atom would be the difference between positive and negative ehrlich results when chemicals with much greater differences (AL-LAD, LSZ, LSD) react identically. Has anyone ever heard of ALD-52 failing an ehrlich's test?

wiki said:
Not all indole alkaloids give a colored adduct as result of steric hindrance which does not allow the reaction to proceed

So, the propionyl group may get in the way of the p-DMAB in Ehrlich's to form a colored adduct properly... I would have guessed that the positioning of the 1-propionyl wouldn't be a problem, but I can believe if it turns out it is indeed a problem.

And what single carbon atom are you talking about? Propionyl has three, acetyl in ALD-52 has two.
From Wikipedia, citation needed.

Ehrlich's reagent is a strong electrophile which reacts with the electron-rich α-carbon of indole rings to form a blue-colored adduct. It can be used to detect the presence of indole alkaloids. Not all indole alkaloids give a colored adduct as result of steric hindrance which does not allow the reaction to proceed.
Good point, but it must be noticed that the alpha carbon / 2-position is directly adjacent to the indole nitrogen 1-position which is being crowded here by a propionyl. The nitrogen lone pair is not needed in a reaction mechanism as far as I can tell, so that wouldn't be it..

Scratch that - of course the lone pair is not gone what was I thinking!

It is involved though: http://www.unodc.org/pdf/scientific/SCITEC6.pdf page 14-15

I don't know if N-substitutions form steric hindrance, or if they cause the indole core to be stabilized electronically in a different way, we are talking small amounts of test material usually so a slower adduct formation could be an issue.

original post:
(The only thing I meant to say is that when after repeated experiments no color reaction can be made to happen with 1P-LSD... that *could* be the explanation. I wasn't saying I know that 1P-LSD cannot be verified with Ehrlich's, I do not.
If you were able to achieve a color reaction with Ehrlich's, it would be informative to know. :) )
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