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Phenethylamines The Big & Dandy 2C-B-Fly Thread

Im one of its fans too but it took me a few tries to find its magic. Interestingly enough it doesnt really pair well with other substances-paired with AL--LAD it was disorientating and dysphoric, read of a similar pairing with 4 HO MET which had an almost exact reaction. It does pair really well with phenibut-the empathogenic qualities and music appreciation were magnified. Some of the most interesting audio hallucinations listening to city sounds out of a hotel window that I have ever heard.

I too like this one but its so weird how it's so hard to pair it with any others! I've tried it with many things and most of the time the experiment would have to be aborted with benzos due to disorienting nature and heavy physical side effects.

It goes very nice with Agmatine by the way, I always take it with 2C-B-FLY. It seems that the Agmatine almost completely removes that cold distancing that the FLY produces by itself very often. The FLY can get pretty dysphoric without Agmatine and Phenibut but once it flourishes, it gives out beautiful notable experiences! :)

The FLY also went really well with 4-AcO-MET but I cant remember the exact dosages I've used and dont have my notebooks with me now but when in combo I rarely take more than 10mg of the 2C-B-FLY - it seems to have magnifying effect on a lot of substances and I suspect some MAOI effects as well with it. Crazy real colorful visuals and mild audio alterations and hallucinations also noticed, especially when in combo.

I wish it would be available as pure powder again, I'm running out of it...:(
Had a great time with 2C-B-FLY and 4-AcO-MET recently! =D

It was an interesting flow of emotions (felt like a huge mudslide at first) and introspective logic (definitely brought by 4-AcO-MET, guiding amped up emotions to their own resolutions) resulting in many insights on life.

Took 12mg of the Fly and topped it off with 20mg of the 4-AcO-MET about an hour later. Everything developed in three hours, peak stayed up for about 5 hours at the higher ++ territory, gently brushing lower +++. Graceful euphoric drop over the next 6 hours. Long and euphoric peaks is mainly why I like 2C-B-FLY combos. In a way this combo reminds me of "hippie-flips" (mushrooms + MDMA).

Very little body load or any other discomfort noticed this time, although initial development was a bit noisy.

At the peak and after I felt deeply empathetic, with excellent connections between parts of self - it was a deeply touching and rejuvenating experience! :)
It made me realize something intangible but supremely important - there are no wrong choices in life, there is only a feeling that there are. Accepting this was absolutely natural and healing.

In retrospect, I think 15-18mg of 2C-B-FLY would have been even better. Perhaps a bit more of 4-AcO-MET as well! 8)

Be safe guys! :)
2C-B-fly is a powerfully euphoric substance. Too bad it's gone... I did at least get to taste it again, I had it also back in 2006 I think it was, when it was first available. Loved it then, and I still do. :)
2C-B-fly is a powerfully euphoric substance. Too bad it's gone... I did at least get to taste it again, I had it also back in 2006 I think it was, when it was first available. Loved it then, and I still do. :)

I was lucky enough to save some, I am a little worried about it after I took it a few times close together and the last one ended in a 4 headache (understatement) and me rolling around my bed in pain. Now I may just be joining the wrong dots up but does this have a similar action to say 6-apb, should we treat this one like psychedelic MDMA and not use to frequently? I used it 3 times in 6 weeks in this example and the final time that produced the headache was 26mg. I have taken it to 30mg.

10mg at a festival 4hours into 250mg of mescaline was incredible. The closed eye visuals were a 3D river of multicoloured ace of spades, the perspective kept shifting and the colours were greens, blues and purples. I will never forget that night led in the field after the music had ended.

it is great material but I have seen two people get sickness and the shits from combining it with alcohol. I still treat this as relatively unexplored. I have a couple of grams so I need to experiment more but I think I will stick to low dosing, I think shulgin was right on this one and pushing it higher only increases side effects.

I think I was trying to get something out of it that doesn’t exist.
Yeah, I'm bummed it's gone, too. I would have liked to have explored it more. It had just about the most transparent body load of anything I've tried. My only gripe was that I could never find it outside of gel tabs, and an oral ROA was costly and took forever to come up
Finally getting around trial this tomorrow after at around 30mg .
Allergy test of 1mg produced no effects do I sure its not bromo-dragonfly and my batch matches reagent tests....
I was only able to get a very small amount before it disappeared so I dont want waste any...I'm pretty much a hard head when it comes to psychedelics so I'm not worried about 30mg being too much.
Will definitely report back!
WOW! Pretty disappointing experience with this chemical...my tripping partner and I both ate 35mg of pure white 2C-B-FLY from a very trusted vendor a few years ago.
The whole evening I just felt like I was stuck coming up on a tryptamine.
The body load was mostly uncomfortable to me with a lot of gastrointestinal spasms and queasiness. The body buzz is similar to 5-meo-mint but less euphoric and a lot more nausea inducing .
My tripping partner had absolutely zero visuals or stomach upset and in fact hardly felt any effects at all

I had a definite feeling of tripping and amsome very minor visuals (slight morphing of I concentrated on a candle shade or something).
All in all , this is probably my least favourite of the 2c-x family.
I really walked into this one wanting to like it but it left me fairly disappointed compared to every other 2c-x chemical I've tried.
Fwiw, test your batch. I picked some up a couple months ago that was actually just ordinary 2C-B, which I find to be pretty different and much less interesting
Well always possible but I've had pretty similar results from 32mg (super weak mental with bodyload) when it first came out. 2CB I love but reactions to fly like many things seems to have a lot of individual variation
I tried out this one. They came as little green pills with ll on it. I tested them at a non-profit test service. And it was the real deal. They thought I bought 2c-b, so they said I shouldn't take them. Well anyway, I ignored that, obviously. It seems that in my country, offered 2c-b is often something else these days. I didn't keep a log.

I took 15mg. And that was a good dose. First alert at 30 minutes. Body load started at 1.5 hour. Feeling you need to shit and having it cold. It took a long time to reach peak (3 hours). It feels like a mix between mdma and mushrooms. Really euphoric and funny at the same time. Not too stimulating. I kept laughing until I was out of breath. Visuals were very minor though. Especially compared to 4-ho-met. I didn't feel like eating, but after I tried, it was ok.

I also combined it later on with ketamine, which brought out the visuals, notched up the euphoria and smoothed away any body load. Reaching hole was easy, despite being fairly stimulating. This is my favorite substance to combine with ketamine now.
2C-B-fly really is lovely and wonderful. A shame it is always so expensive. It resembles 2C-B in some ways but is quite unique, also longer-lasting.
I think it's amazing how differently it affects different people. I got a little years ago hoping for an experience like Xorkoth's. Instead, I got a +++ from just 10mg. Second time was the same, so it wasn't a fluke for me. My friend had the strongest visuals of his life. Stuff tested positive for 2C-B-FLY, but came in gel tabs so I can't be truly certain of the dose
This one really shines at the intended doses (10/15mg) for me. Some friends hated it and others even had stomach discomfort but I get no negatives on doses from 10-20mg. After 250mg of mescaline in the day then adding this at night produced fascinating CEVs.
The test service didn't state the dose in the pills. I will ask them, what I need to do to get them to quantify that. According to the vendor it should be 10mg.
Anyway, it is a really lovely and lighthearted drug. I was positively surprised.
Not really a party drug, but just having fun with friends drug or having a nice walk in nature. Going to test 20mg next time, perhaps the psychedelic part comes out more then. And some more visuals hopefully.
And perhaps see how it combines with 4-ho-met, another favorite of mine.
The visuals at 15mg were neon colors and like objects are rendered in 3d, if that makes sense. Some slow waviness of surfaces. And everything was hilarious. You feel awake and stimulated, but nothing pushy and still relaxed.
This was my first 2c-x and first thing from pihkal besides mdma and mda, which I both somewhat dislike, because i feel like I have the flu on it. So I never felt the urge to explore these compounds. I was wrong though!
Perhaps I should try some of the other 2c-x then, 2c-c sounds lovely too.
@ gleroy - The 2C family is top-notch. My favorite is 2C-T-4, but that preference is atypical. Most people that are well-experienced with the 2C's place 2C-E and 2C-T-7 at the top. Those follow 2C-T-4 in my regard, along with 2C-P. All of these can be demanding, though, so if you prefer a more easy-going trip, then I suggest 2C-B, 2C-C or 2C-D. 2C-I and 2C-T-2 lie somewhere in between. I haven't tried the others yet, but 2C-iP is on deck.
The other 2C-Xs are heavier than 2C-B-fly, way more psychedelic, but absolutely wonderful chemicals, some of the best. 2C-E is the most powerful psychedelic I've taken, it's the least fun but most rewarding of them in my experience.
The other 2C-Xs are heavier than 2C-B-fly, way more psychedelic, but absolutely wonderful chemicals, some of the best. 2C-E is the most powerful psychedelic I've taken, it's the least fun but most rewarding of them in my experience.
Yeah, I personally wouldn't lump 2C-B-FLY in with the 2C-Xs. I also wouldn't lump in the 2C-T-Xs. That sulfur bridge really does seem to make a big difference both in effects and (at least with 2C-T-7) risk.