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Phenethylamines The Big & Dandy 2C-D Thread - Please Insert Second Disc


Bluelight Crew
Mar 12, 2007

Welcome to the Big & Dandy 2C-D Thread (Part 2)

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[some posts from the previous thread:]

are you saying that because you've tried 2C-E and it didn't give you a headache?
i think all the 2Cs give me a terrible headache on the comedown every time. 2C-E being the worst for this, and 2C-C producing the least headache.

@boiledfruit ... yes, man. just take less MXE. If you have mixed at the correct ratio you will feel like you are on something that is neither 2C-D or MXE and better than both.
personally i love taking them simultaneously. Taking the MXE 30 mins prior also works well.
and to echo what steingalkrs has said, you can also take the MXE a while beforehand to take advantage of its DRI (anti-depressant) effects. Most euphoric trip ever, for me, was 20 mg MXE, then 20 mg MXE + 35 mg 2C-D at +3:00. the comeup actually felt really really good (the best, but least consistent, result from mixing MXE + 2C-x)

strange how people react so differently to 2c's in terms of hangover effects. 2c-t-2 was the only one i felt a hangover from, and it was terrible...worse than MDA. i used a heck of a lot of 2c-B, a little 2c-E, and 1 2c-D, and never got anything even remotely near what would be called a hangover. in fact, 2c-B/D and DMT are the only substances i've ever used that actually make me feel better than normal after coming down the next day.

actually the only medicine i think that has ever given me a headache is cactus. pedro gave itty bitty headaches when the dose was high, and bridgesii has absolutely ripped me a new one when i overdosed on it!

I ate 20mg MXE and 20mg 2C-D at T+1:30 and it was much, much nicer. Thanks er'body.

i took 17 mgs of the 2c-d last night, and hmmmmm....i gotta say....it's something alright, but i'm not sure i was digging it. i think i built it up too much in my head. no real body-load issues, but could definitely feel the 2c-sting as it started entering my bloodstream. (some peculiar thing i only get with 2c's, like i can taste the chemical as it's entering my brain and it makes me feel kinda icky and twitchy). ended up relating with what people have said about 2c-d, saying, humorously, that it feels like the retarded half brother of 2c-e.
i kinda felt "drugged" and stupid, though not in a good way. retarded tripping was a good way to put it. not "bad" per se, just not very ecstatic!

anyhoo, it could be a dosage phenomena too. i enjoyed threshold doses, will probably stick there. seemed more euphoric and positive. this trip shared 2c-e's "neutral mindset" for me, which is just kinda ho hum, in my opinion. i like my medicines to plaster ear-splitting grins from ear to ear, ya know!?

later on in the evening i redosed 10 mgs 2c-d and some coca leaf to boot. the positive, dopamine push was exactly what that space needed, in my opinion. coca leaf + 2c-d = 2c-b. =)

interesting how strong this molecule is for me, the intensity was only a touch less potent than 2c-b, for me, which is leagues below what most people get from it.

I tried an allergy test with few mg and i felt really nothing, so the day after i tried a good dose of 100mg, i was doing 150mg but i wanted to be safe since i was alone and did only 100 in the end.
I was expecting it to come up fast but i had to wait 3 hours to start tripping at good levels, at 2:30 hours i was still sober thinking it was a shitty batch.
Maybe i ate too much and slowed it down a lot, i don't remember that.
Anyway it was a great trip, i didn't expect so strong OEVs since many of the previous 2C-x (2C-I ,2C-E, 2C-P, 2C-C, 2C-T-4) didn't impress me with OEVs, only 2C-T-7 was great visually.
Also the bodyload was light compared to 2C-P, 2C-E or 2C-T-4 and the increse in mood was much more pronounced, zero nausea for all the trip while with 2C-P and 2C-E was pretty bad.
With this dose there was definitely some stimulation but not unpleasant, the trip lasted good 6 hours with no hangover, on the contrary it left me a good mood and feel of well being the day after.
For now it's the best 2C i've tried, but soon i will try the 2C-G, i hope it won't be just a long and boring one with alot of nausea.

I have always wanted to take this one at high doses but I only have a little bit left and I most likely will not be buying anymore so I weighed out 22mg that was meant to go up my nose. But when I prepared it I just thought to myself "there is no way in hell that is all going up there" so I put maybe 1mg on a card and snorted it. This one is super painful but quite potent in comparison to taken orally. I took 4 bumps spaced about 8-10 minutes apart and I got a lot more than I expected. I will be trying this again at a later date.

I have tried 20mg on it's own and I really like the light heartedness.
I also tried it (20mg) in combination with 4ACODIPT and 2C-C, which was a very "full" experience, even flirting with the ++++. Withouth knowing why, I think it was largely the 2C-D attributing to this.
I have also tried 20mg with mushrooms and I can see why Shulgin referred to is as "tofu", although the experience itself did change a bit too. If I had to put my finger on it, I'd say the trip was more "upbeat" after the 2C-D instead of "down to earth" with the mushrooms on its own.

I also have a question: My drug naive GF wants to have a first, gentle psychedelic experience. She hasn't even been really drunk yet but that's because she doesn't like that feeling. I was thinking about giving her 8mg, and myself 15mg. Any comments ?
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So yesterday I had my first encounter with 2c-d. I administered 25 mg rectally and effects immediately took place. It's was quiet pleasant feeling but felt that there was a lot to be discovered at higher dosages.
Therefore I tried 80 mg rectally today and this was mind blowing. Definitely not a tofu experience and at this high dose it's not that easy going anymore.
For me, 2C-D was very similar to 2C-E in mental effects, but very different in physical effects...2C-E has a heavy push, 2C-D is easy on the body. I never took it to high levels, 40-50mg was plenty for a gentle +++. I still have to try a higher dose.
This was my first 2c-x experience so can't compare it to anything. Actually it was my second psychedelic experience ever as I've only did LSD once like 5 years ago.
Can't wait to try 2C-E and 2C-P. At one point in time I really thought I overdosed because the effects were nothing compared to the 25 mg dose and I felt I was going bad. But I managed to control the bad visuals.
Got a big headache today though !!
Holy fuck, Pattyn. 80 mg plugged 8o that's a huge dose.

Be more carefull when you try 2C-P. it's not as forgiving, believe me.
Holy fuck, Pattyn. 80 mg plugged 8o that's a huge dose.

Be more carefull when you try 2C-P. it's not as forgiving, believe me.

Yep, 80mg plugged seems a very strong dose, i remember well my 100mg oral one and it wasn't tofu for sure, i guess 80mg plugged is even stronger.

For sure with 2C-P if you plug 80mg you will find god =D

Anyway 2C-D should be illegal in USA from july if ii'm not wrong.
Holy fuck, Pattyn. 80 mg plugged 8o that's a huge dose.

Be more carefull when you try 2C-P. it's not as forgiving, believe me.

Keep in mind he had plugged 25mg the previous day, which is equivalent to about 50-75mg orally, so there was at least some significant tolerance going on when he plugged 80mg. Still a retardedly big doses though!
Yeah in hindsight it was pretty careless. Certainly because I don't have a lot of experience with psychedelics.
I'm just a very impatient guy, I don't like to take small steps :p
I'll be more careful with the 2c-e/p though because I've read that those substances can pretty much fuck with your head and body.

I had a local anesthesia one day ago, but tomorrow I would like to take some 2C-D (low such as 10 - 30mg at max.).

Could we assume that it will be safe to take ? Can I also drink a beer or two while on this ? What's the side effect should I consider with this combo :)

My weight is also 45 kg. Will it be safe for my heart ?

Thank you :)
Hey Hoffs! Nice to see you still around :)

I expect you will be fine, local aneasthesia wears off pretty quick & is usually only active in a particular area, in the mouth at the dentist for instance. Maybe, purely for the sake of caution take 10mg first & then wait 45min before taking more & definitely don't overdo it until you are certain you're free of any possible contraindications.

Enjoy! Interesting stuff 2c-d, not your typical 2c & in fact quite dissimilar to most other Psychedelics, ime anyway... When I had some of this a few years ago I found the nootropic affect quite a surprise! I found I was able to read quite complicated passages in a book that might well have confused me on a normal day. It still feels like tripping but not in that classic tripping way, if you know what I mean. More clarity I reckon!
For the past two years I've limited my psychedelic consumption to a handful of aMT, LSA and mescaline trips, none of which were at greater than moderate dosages.

Following a general improvement in life, outlook and morphine dependence, I felt the time had come to resume my adventures into the psychonautic unknown. Fast forward 2 weeks and a gram of 2c-d was found under my pillow along with a letter from the Easter Bunny. Yay!

Now I'm not entirely sure if, prior to this week, I've taken this chemical before. I used to regularly aquire 2c-b pills you see, only one batch of these pills was clearly not 2c-b. This mystery drug was of a much shorter duration (4-5 hours oral, regardless of dose), was not really physically stimulating (>20 mg 2c-b induces in me a fine body tremor and an acidesq desire to rave it up), was less mentally inebriating (and 2c-b isn't exactly a head fuck), had a different -wider- visual theme going on (nearer to 1-2 tabs LSD than 2c-b) but clearly was a closely related phen cousin. I decided it was probably 2c-d, based on the duration and gentle dose-response curve (small doses also had a 1/4 tab of acid like nootropic affect, which fits the bill).

In other words, now some definite 2c-d was available I was looking forward to test my previous hypothesis.

And test it i did! After the idiosyncratic checks, 30 mg was orally ingested, a very nice if slightly uneventful evening was had.

Since then 50 mg oral, with a 10 mg trans-nostril booster at T+3 was tried, along with a 30 mg anal adventure.

Very, very nice compound. It's an amazingly easy, 'blank canvas' type psychedelic with (for me) no negative effects of any kind. It reminds me more of a low-medium dose acid trip than a 2c-b trip, though it lacks the lysergic duration and slightly sinister undertones. With LSD I tend towards and oceanic love for the entire universe, whilst maintaining a somewhat cynical (and a tad paranoid) internal observer. At higher end doses this cynical internal dialogue gets a bit nasty and starts to pick up none existent pretexts and make associations tending towards the paranoid and megalomaniac. 2c-d is much easier material, though not as rewarding. Alas, whilst music enhancement on 2c-d is very good, its not comparable to the world reflecting synergy between lysergic acid DEA
and music.

Still great stuff!

Can't wait to try 2c-e, even if it does lock me in a thought loop and logically rape me ;)

Peace, and apologies for the weird sentance structures that my ket'd brain has spawned!
I actually read this entire thread thinking I was on another website and just realized as I attempted to reply that I'm not. That's probably the 2c-d though.. Thankfully this website has fast registration! I've thought about joining before since I read so much here. Anyways, onto the topic...

About two and a half hours ago I ingested 40mg orally (almost wrote 400 there.. wow would that have been off).

I know this is going to be one of my favorite psychedelics because it really pinpoints that psychedelic headspace without anything else. There's slight visual distortion and some body feeling, but for the most part it's just me sitting here realizing so much about myself and about the world. A true psychedelic.

I can see this being used therapeutically (wow i'm surprised I could spell that word right now!) much more than recreationally because of the lack of body feeling and visuals that so many people look for. Is this why Shulgin thought of it as not much? To me it seems like a great tool that has it's specific uses. It's like LSD is this one size fits all super-wrench while 2C-D is a 4mm wrench. The psychedelic headspace is definitely present and I come back to writing this post between my "me times" which prevents me from typing more than about a sentence at a time.

I said no visuals, but every once in a while when I look away from the screen I do have mild breathing of objects. No noticable color distortions or enhancements. As I was walking around earlier everything looked different, but that was probably because I had a different perspective on the various objects than I usually do. Everything seemed so intriguing. I would look up at the trees and see the different widths of the branches and they all looked so weird. Okay I'm not being of much help here.. maybe I should have waited until after to write this.. haha.

Oh, one thing I forgot!

Usually on psychedelics I'm scared to go and talk to people, but with this I was almost encouraging others to come talk to me just for the interaction I could have. I think this would be best done with other people and not alone just because it's actually very easy to talk and formulate sentences. It's much more social in nature. I feel quite clear headed which is probably why some have tried using 2C-D as a "smart" drug. I could definitely see it being used as a "get a different view on it" drug because it does bring you into the psychedelic headspace with being able to think outside it and not be so confused. Anyways I forgot my point.

I'll let you know how the rest goes! And I'll probably take a look around other parts of the forum and maybe find some danger to get into.
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Glad you like it :) 2C-D is a nice chem indeed *thumbs up*

I have a quick question here. Someone know if it would be ok to take Methoxetamine a day after taking 2C-D ? I've heard about the serotonin syndrom things so i'm kind of hesitant doing it.

Thank you :D
2-d & Methoxetamine have been used in conjunction, I have known people use this combo. It has facinating audio effects. Keep doses lower (say half) than usual when combining things & go easy until YOU know you're safe.

I personally don't think there are any SS dangers here but I am no expert in that department.
Thanks for your reply, well I will not mix the two but planned to take Mxe A DAY AFTER taking 2C-D. (I'm going in a 3 day music festival ^^)
Have a great time Hoffs :) I don't see any obvious problems using these two on differing days if the they can comfortably be combined at the same time without mishap.