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The Big & Dandy 2C-I Thread

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Piper methysticum

Nov 9, 2002
Welcome to the Big & Dandy 2C-I Thread




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I've read that the chemical 2C-B has similarities with LSD and MDMA, but really nothing like the mix of them. I am planning on getting some 2C-i within the next couple of weeks and I know the chemical is similar in effect to 2C-B. I've never experienced a Phenethylamine before, and I was wondering if 2C-i does have effects that could be compared with MDMA in any way? I'm more than used to psychedelics, but I've only used MDMA three times because I am more of a spiritual user, so this is why I am asking. I'm wondering if I should expect more of a psychedelic or more or an MDMA like effect.
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There is a certain pleasure, stimulation feeling that is similar to mdma. It is less of a positive mood push, but it does boost the mood. It may upset your stomach. It has a psychedelic effect, which is dose dependent. Lower doses, there is less trippy thoughts and no visuals, with just a slight stimulation.
For me, 15-20mg is when the visuals and trippy thinking start.
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Piper, I was in a very similar position as you in that my experience before 2ci was mostly based on tryptamine psychedelics, with only a handful of experiences with the phenylethylamines.
2ci caught me off guard with the type of emotional psychedelic space it offered me. Unlike the ego loss and cosmic voyages of the TIHKAL, I was being confronted with all of these interpersonal issues in a way I have never been before. I was looking at my identity from the perspectives of all of the different people in my life and it turned out that I was not always the kindest, smartest, most compasionate and loving person that I could be. I was completely surprized that it would be this type of realization that would floor me. At the same time I felt safe and protected and that it was ok to be in this space, going through these issues.
This was just one experience and I consider it very positively. Hope it helps.
as far as 2C-I is concerend it is a fantastic psychedelic. if you don't have much phenethylamine experience this is a great gentle introduction to the phens. its easy on the body and leaves you very clear headed. at lower doses there is a euphoria and positive mood push, at about 16-18mg the fireworks come out a little and up around 20-22mg it can be an intense psychedelic. additionally it can be very stimulating, don't plan on sleeping for at least 8 hours.
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Well to give a more productive answer :D ,
simply put, 2C-I fuckin' rocks dude ! Very good party stuff if you ask me.
Nada Rylnym described it pretty well.
With your background, it could perhaps be described as really a cross between the clear-headedness, the stimulation and the empathogenic effects of MDMA (but the empathogenic effects are much more smoother) and the mental & visual trippiness of acid but without its grim and edgy character.
If it's your 1st time though with drugs of this class i'd advise aginst taking too much. typically 12-16mg is a good starting point. Be safe and reasonable and you'll have a hell of a good time. You're gonna love it !
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I would not call 2C-I a "party drug" by any stretch of the imagination, but then I couldn't see any psychedelic being useful or fun for me at a party. I don't like to trip in social situations. Having said that, 2C-I does leave a very clear head.
And yeah, 12 to 16 mg is a good starting point. In fact, I find 16 mg to be the "perfect" dose.
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Wow, 2C-I feels so "clean" all around, right up there with LSD or psilocybin. By far the best "side effect free" RC. No nausea, no annoying "body load" (maybe a feeling throughout the body but nothing unpleasant). Headache's wow, never felt anything like it (but i am a guy that does like bzp and 5-meo-dipt though..).
I took about 30mgs of 2ci last weekend,.For the most part it was fuckin awesome,.great intense visuals and auditory hallucinations too. The only side effects i didn't like was the REAL speedy effect. It was kinda scary at some points.,thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest,.but by the time i peaked it subsided alot., I also had nasty body twitches on the come down,.pretty much like acid jitters. also had real bad jaw clenching. Other than those things though it was really good,.i didn't have any lingering aftereffects at all after the 8 hour duration of the trip,.i def recommend it!
I think it has a serotonin release effect possibly similar to mdma, because the 2 feel similar in a way, although mdma can be much more euphoric.

I did 25mg 5 days ago and was very depressed the next 2 days, I think i am returning to normal now, but I am done with this chemical for a long time. I have done it nearly 30 times and can't say it caused me long term problems that i know of, but still it is messing with neurochems in the brain and not much is known about this.
2C-I's a great recreational or light psychedelic, probably good for beginners.

I think it lacks significant mental effects besides the occasional euphoria and slight introspection, and confusion at higher doses. Psilocybin or LSD will get you a lot further out of this dimension. But these drugs can cause anxiety, 2C-I doesn't(usually).

Negative things about 2c-i for me:
sometimes causes odd fatigue
an inability to think straight and difficulty in making decisions
hangover that includes depression and headache (this lasts for days usually, no more than a week most of the time. not corrected by taking 5-htp)
uncomfortable stimulation (somewhat rare but its happened, usually over 15mg)

Notice i said for ME.
I haven't been following much of this thread, but I just had my second 2C-i trip the night before last. It was with 20mgs. I found it to be quite magical, but not as mystical as my last quest with it was at just 15mgs. This was probably due to the fact that I was just experimenting with it and didn't really "need" it at the time. I found that 20mgs had quite an intense body energy. It was a little uncomfortable at times, leading me to make the decision to not take over 17mgs for now on. The trip was significantly more intense than 15mgs, but not necessarily better. I did notice alot more visuals, but for the most part, it just intensified the body load. The next psychedelic on my list to try is 2C-E. I should be using it next week. With both of my 2C-i trips, I was surprised at the gentle nature of it. I love going on nature walks while on it. I seem to be able to experience the drug and concentrate on conversation with others at the same time with it, where as with LSD or even mushrooms, I would be staring at something, not even knowing anyone said anything. The clarity and focus is it's unique quality. Visually, it is quite intriguing as well. I can't wait to try 2C-E, as it has been reported to be quite a bit more visual, and to have depth that blows 2C-i away. I have tried Mescaline, so I know a little of what to expect as far as the depth intensity. As for combinations, I like to experience a drug for what it is. I'm not against combining psychedelics though. I do smoke Cannabis while on them, and I would probably even use Salvia with mushrooms, LSD, or LSA. As far as combining alot of the research chemicals, I'm a little weary of it.

My trip report for my 15mg 2C-i trip is on Erowid and Bluelight called "Beauty is the Death of Reality."
Piper methysticum said:
I just had my second 2C-i trip the night before last. It was with 20mgs. I found it to be quite magical, but not as mystical as my last quest with it was at just 15mgs. This was probably due to the fact that I was just experimenting with it and didn't really "need" it at the time.

I too have found the same thing with 2C-I. I've gone as high as 26 mg, but I won't ever take more than 16 mg from now on. 16 mg is my "sweet spot" with 2C-I, and there is simply no reason to take more. It does everything it needs to at that dosage, and I've had many magical experiences with 2C-I at the 14 mg to 16 mg level. Higher dosages do lead to some intense visual, but the mental aspect is pretty much the same and the body-load/stimulation is significant and uncomfortable.
hey ive heard a few reports of people tyring cocaine with 2C-T-7 with good results. im wondering if anyone here would think it would be safe or worthwhile to bump a little coke on 2C-I after the intial peak??? anyone out there tried other stimulants with it?
I don't think 2ci will ever reach a mass market, because it's simply too obscure and unfamiliar to most people that do drugs (by most, i mean the uneducated ones). lots of people that ive told about it have been turned off simply by the name, as i suppose it sounds too 'laboratory'-ish. and plus, the drug itself isn't all that great when you've got classic lsd to sell people. most people that ive talked to about 2ci who've done it, that i know personally, say they'd still rather eat good ol' lsd than any of the new shit that's coming around. maybe its just me, but id much rather buy acid than 2ci. i think it's far more worth it. and i dont think the acid drought will be a problem for too much longer. it'll bleed in, yall... just gotta give it some time... i've been seeing it more and more, and it's presence sorta overshadows chems like 2ci, in my opinion.
Kanaba said:
most people that ive talked to about 2ci who've done it, that i know personally, say they'd still rather eat good ol' lsd than any of the new shit that's coming around.

2C-I isn't a new drug. If I recall, it was first made in the late 70's along with 2C-C and 2C-F to explore the psychoactivity of the halogen analogues of 2C-B.

We all our preferences and favorites, but I don't really see how LSD and 2C-I can really be classed together. It's comparing apples to oranges. Of course some people like apples better than oranges. Some prefer oranges over apples, while others may enjoy eating both.

I could see a comparison being more relevant if you were talking about, say, LSD-25 and ALD-52. Then you are comparing Jonathan apples to golden delicious. Or 2C-B and 2C-I which compares naval oranges to tangerines. But when comparing indoles like LSD to phenethylamines such as 2C-I, you are talking about very different things. Sometimes parts will overlap, but they are not the same.

I guess it comes down to what people want/expect from a trip.

For me, LSD is a once or twice a year thing. I take it to completely break open my head and then put the pieces together again. Kinda what I use 5-MeO-DMT for. In proper dosages (for me a "proper dosage" of LSD is one high enough to where my ego is obliterated), I find LSD way too intense to do anything but lose myself in the experience. I tend to take LSD alone, or with just one other person. And all I do is listen to music, or if I am camping, I just look at the stars and lose myself in inner space. And I would never take LSD in public, except maybe a very low dose for a hiking trip.

On the other hand, I see 2C-I as a great "all purpose" psychedelic. Although I have not had any 2C-I since October of 2002, in the past I've used it many times in a year. I find this phenethylamine is great for introspection/personal insights, all day long sex marathons with your significant other, a nice colorful hike in the mountains, or just for two buddies to hang out and have extra-deep conversations. And 2C-I doesn't make me uncomfortable in public like LSD tends to.

LSD is just way too intense for most of the things I find 2C-I useful for unless I take a fairly low dosage. But I don't like low-dose LSD trips. LSD lasts too long for that; it's nice for the first 6 hours, but the second six hours become annoying because most of the psychedelic effect is gone but the annoying residual stimulation still remains. And it's just not worth the stimulation for me to take LSD at a low dose. On the other hand, 2C-I has little impact on the body in the 12mg to 16mg area which is what I usually take. And the trip from 2C-I is much shorter and smoother than with LSD. So it suites me better for most purposes. 2C-I doesn't obliterate my ego like LSD and other powerful indoles can, but I don't take it for that purpose.

So I can't say I prefer one over than the other. Rather, I find each useful for different purposes. I'd never take 2C-I for ego-destruction trip, and I'd never take LSD for a "sex trip" or a walk in the park.

Kanaba said:
maybe its just me, but id much rather buy acid than 2ci. i think it's far more worth it.

What do you mean "worth it"? I'm just curious. This topic makes for good discussion.
I can actually say that I have never liked a psychedelic over another. I have found many aspects of each of the drugs I've tried unique. 2C-i, especially, is unique in that it had a very gentle connection to it. I found myself able to walk around in nature and just be in a state of peace at the visuals and with the connection I was getting. The body feeling was unique as well. LSD is more of a mind blowing psychedelic. It has it's place in my heart, but I can't say it's more "worth it" than 2C-i.
What about after effects after using 2 CI?

Last time I did 2 CI I had a slight headache and was pretty worn out quite simliar to MDMA.

Is there anything which you take after 2 CI?

Last time I did on about 15 mg I also had 3+ experience on the shulgin scale.
Know what you mean. More than the twitchyness there seems to be a definite more-ish aspect to 2c-i. Anyone else find that?

if its really draining you out then maybe a few beers or some good bud to help close the trip.

a non-purist would reccomend some valium.

at the end of the day its a small price to pay for entering such a fascinating headspace.

I researched 2C-I for the first time yesterday. All around a nice trip, at 12mg. I was a little surprised at the rough come-up: took raw powder on an empty stomach with OJ and vomited rather suddenly at T+0:45. After that I was active, out and about, and had fun chatting and verbally "sparring" with people. Met a friend at a restaurant at one point and I will say, as with most trips, food was not very appealing (serotonin effect?), and was in fact rather challenging to work with, like I couldn't quite understand the dynamics of how to get the food to my mouth :) But overall very nice, and I will up the dose the next time and see if I can get beyond a +2.

I did notice some aftereffects, slight headache (never really got beyond that pre-headache feeling) and a few hours of flattened affect -- not depression or crash quite, but just didn't feel like talking or responding to conversation for a while. It felt like cannabis might have helped with this, but I abstained this time.

ghostofbill, what did you mean by "more-ish aspect"?
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