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The Big & Dandy 2C-iP Thread


Sep 19, 2006
former pangea
I think the dose will be pretty high, but that has nothing to do with the effects.
I started pondering this one after finishing my studies with 2C-T-4.
Let me know if I used the proper abbreviation.
It seems like a no-brainer, so is there somthing stopping it from being synthed or assayed?

Will it be active?
Any info?
1st person info?

Anything would be appreciated
2C-IP is the correct name for it.
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Pihkal quote for DOIP:

But this is all with the normal-propyl compound. There is a rich collection of misinformation and potential discovery that is associated with the isopropyl isomer. This structural isomer, 2,5-dimethoxyl-4-(i)-propylamphetamine is properly called DOIP for des-oxy-iso-propyl. It has been synthesized and explored in animals and, to a modest extent, in man. The synthesis has proceeded from 2,5-dimethoxyacetophenone by the addition of a methyl group to the carbonyl followed by reduction to the hydrocarbon. Aldehyde formation, nitropropene synthesis with nitroethane, and lithium aluminum hydride reduction are uneventful, providing the hydrochloride salt DOIP, which has a mp of 183-184 °C as an analytical sample. Animal tests (such as rabbit hyperthermia assays), have indicated that the isopropyl compound DOIP is less potent than the propyl prototype, DOPR, by between one and two orders of magnitude. In man, a dose of four milligrams, a rousing dose of DOPR, is without any effects. At 10 milligrams, there is some disturbance but substantially no effects. I have been told that with doses in the 20 to 30 milligram range there are valid changes in mental state, but I have not been told the nature of these changes.
This one should be in people's hands shortly it seems.... I was looking around earlier today and found some reports stating it had activity at 20-30 mgs, similar in duration (or possibly longer) than 2c-p. Seems like another winner if it truly works at that dosage. Has anyone had any experience with this?
Any other information on comparing this to the likes of 2c-p such as body load and euphoria? With doses like that 2c-p still is in favour for me, although this is one to keep an eye on.
let us know what its like, im gettin a bit of this soon, tbf im guessin its like 2c-p, however hoping for sum minor adjustments
I dont recommend , nothing special , but is quite other than rest 2cx , dosage for this compound 10-50 mg orally , 5-20 mg insufflate , more details you can find in this thread http://bluelight.ru/vb/showthread.php?t=489828 ,
It doesnt has any similarity with 2C-P but duration is this same. you dont expect strong visual , is very pleasure psychedelic on the party etc
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So I tested out 10mg of this... As psykap said, there is nothing very interesting here except maybe the lack of body load. I will not attempt a +3 (probably 15-20mg) with this. Anyway, 2c-ip
~1mg: No effect
~5mg: +1 for ~8hrs

10mg: ++ for ~10hrs
(all oral doses on an empty stomach)
For comparison, +3 doses of some 2c's for me: 2c-i 15mg, 2c-e 10mg, 2c-t2 15mg, 2c-d 15-20mg

Onset - 3hrs
Peak - t + 4hrs
Plateau - 10hrs
Comedown - 3+hrs
Total Duration - 16+hrs

BP, HR at rest - 120/80, 85
At peak - 147/80, 99. Surprisingly minimal change.
During comedown - 127/85, 83

Mild music enhancement, sexual enhancement during peak. Mild, pleasant body load during onset and at peak! Not sure if this was because of my low dose or if it is a property of this drug. Minimal visuals, nothing unique in their quality or content. Mood is stable; positive but not euphoric. Possible nausea issues - took 4mg Ondansetron 1hr in but it wore off before the comedown. Bloating and gastric distress like 2c-e despite the Zofran. No nootropic potential. Except for typical psychedelic though loops, I feel stupid on it like on most 2c's.

Basically this drug lasts way too long with nothing interesting during the peak (@10mg) and has minimal if any nootropic or therapeutic effects.
C3-PO. Must have surely have happened or someone's missing a trick. Fun with robopsyches that don't come marinated in cough syrup. Surely possible to fiddle with the name a bit even if the chems don't quite play along - those chemistry bods do love to make sure the name is as good as the drug. 2C-IP doesn't quite trip off the tongue as well as C3-PO somehow.
^^Now that drug would take off....C3PO. All the star wars fans would want to ban it, and then a chain reaction of drug laws would follow(Sarcasm). They should keep this one in the vaults :)