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Phenethylamines The Big & Dandy 2C-P Thread - 2nd Coming (feat. alliterating ramblings)

I heard that more often, that 3mg 2C-P is very agreeable to people. I tried 3mg rectally to shave off some hours and got something I wondered was my heart or a kind of panic attack. Shouldve taken it orally,.

2C-P would be for the occasional microdose though as it tends to be benign in low doses and lasts all day, which is also good if you use very low doses which tend to last shorter.
Tbh, I think microdosing 2C-P would be kind of a waste, it's so rare as it is, and since the experience in itself feels quite cloudy and flow driven, I don't see it having more benefit than say shrooms, LSD or even mescaline. Light dosing is indeed another matter entirely.
... in America we have a lot of instrumental bands that have a big following. I absolutely love the music scene I'm involved in, tons of really cool people playing great music, lots of collaboration, lots of psychedelic festivals. ...But the Grateful Dead and their followers created a beautiful culture that lives on strongly still. IMO it's the best of American music, but I suppose I'm biased. :)

Clubbing isn't really my thing, I like going to beautiful places and camping for a couple of days and having bands playing one after another the whole time, tripping and meeting a bunch of nice, funny people and having adventures. To me that's the best the music world to offer.
Man, I want to “party” with Xorkoth. Some of my most memorable times have been at small jam-band oriented music festivals.

I once introduced my brother to LSD (via the potent red shivas) at a fest and we had a great trip during the day. Then at night there was a stage in the woods with more rave, EDM music playing. Not my cup of tea but before I knew it, I was cracking glow sticks on myself and dancing with the crowd. Turned out to be quite fun even though I def prefer guitar driven music.
Regarding snorting them, that pain is horrific, worst snorting pain of all time (at least of drugs I've tried). The only way I have found it bearable is to coat your nasal passages with water (nasal spray bottle or drip a drop of eater into each nostril) and then snort very small ~2mg bumps, one per nostril, every few minutes. It still doesn't feel good but it's infinitely better.
I despise snorting, but I did try it twice with 2ce when i was first getting acquainted. I did tiny bumps of ~5 mg total and was surprised that it didn’t burn THAT bad, but also didn’t lead to much in the way of effects. Tried it the same way the next night, same results. Maybe I didn’t snort it deep enough to be effective. I respond nicely to 12-15 mg 2ce orally, so not like I’m hardheaded to it.

Long gap for this thread...1.5 years. I’ve had a sample of 2cp for the better part of a decade and have never been quite intrigued enough to actually dose some. The occasional report in these threads about persistent back/kidney/bladder pain are not too encouraging. And in my mid thirties now, lsd has started to feel like a long drawn out comedown...that makes me nervous about 2cp. Somehow this thread had made me reminiscent of 2ce
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2C-E and 2C-P have a lot of similarities.

That's odd that you didn't get much snorting 5mg bumps of 2C-E, since snorting makes 2C-Xs far more potent, and 2C-E is potent already. Are you sure it was 5mg? It's a very fluffy powder so if it was eyeballed it might have been less than you think.

I've snorted ~2mg at a time of 2C-T-2 and it hurt quite a bit each time but was bearable since it was such a small amount. After even the first one I was feeling it, and got a pretty strong trip going on after a few.
That's odd that you didn't get much snorting 5mg bumps of 2C-E, since snorting makes 2C-Xs far more potent, and 2C-E is potent already. Are you sure it was 5mg?
I'm also puzzled by that... I remember back when I was far more naive about such things I decided, on a whim, to insufflate a tiny amount of 2c-e, thinking it would give me a manageable buzz before talking to some unsuspecting people. I'm sure what I snorted was <= 5mg. I was immediately much more altered than I had bargained for and not at all in a state to face regular humans. The feeling of a fiery hell eating away at the inside of my nostril didn't help either.
It could have been less than 5 mg. I might have snorted it too lightly or blew my nose immediately after. It was in February after dosing 2ce orally for 4 weekends in a row in Jan. And...I think I could have been drunk, which in my limited experience can dull psychedelic effects. Lot of confounding variables
Yeah, for me I would definitely feel 5mg insufflated. 8mg rectal will easily get me to a very strong ++ at peak iirc.