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Phenethylamines The Big & Dandy 2C-P Thread - 2nd Coming (feat. alliterating ramblings)

Yeah! My pleasure. I also forgot to mention one very strange thing that happened the first time I dosed. I have never experienced something quite so unnerving on a trip, and if I were less experienced I think it definitely could've sent me to a bad place. While watching a movie during the peak of the trip (on 10 mg), I raised my hand and noticed that if I held my hand limp, the fingers would move by themselves. All I had to do was lift my hand, and each finger would begin separately curling, elongating, and moving every which way. If I wanted to actually move my fingers, I could do so unimpeded, with no strange sensation, but as soon as my willpower to move a finger stopped, the 2CP would take over and start waving my fingers again. I mentioned it to B and R, and both raised their hands only to discover it was happening to them as well. It never happened again when I dosed, and I'm very glad it didn't. I just tried to ignore it because it was really freaking me out... I've had muscle spasms and the like from RCs, but never had an RC actually been able to control me like that. It was very disturbing, I almost forgot to mention it.
2C-P will definitely be one I FINALLY try soon, when weather gets a bit warmer. I suspect 2C-P will be the last psychedelic I ever take that lasts longer than LSD....not counting ibogaine...which by the way I have another ibogaine trip coming up VERY soon in honor of 1 year.

Oh yeah, I had a question....is 2C-P just as long and just as much an unrelenting work horse as DOC and DOM? For me, neither DOM or DOC resembled their corresponding 2C...or any 2C. Sure, they had the 'phenethylamine signature feel' but that alpha-methyl group not only lengthened the trip but adds something penetrating and serious that is just not there in the 2Cs....even 2C-E.

Would you guys say 2C-P seems more like a DOx compound...or more like a longer lasting version of 2C-E?

Is 2C-P generally about 2X as strong as 2C-E...where 8mg 2C-P = 16mg 2C-E...intensity wise?
2C-P doesn't seem to achieve the alpha-methyl seriousness in my opinion. Nonetheless, 2C-P feels like a combination of all of the best features of all the other 2C's out there. I'd say it's maybe 1.75X as strong as 2C-E.
That finger curling thing is pretty crazy, never really heard of something like that. I can see how it would make you nervous.

I can't give an accurate assessment of 2C-P because the two times I tried it, I was in the middle of way too many psychedelics and I had tolerance to the point that the full nature of anything was mostly unable to emerge. I'd like to try it again. My recollection is that it is relatively similar to 2C-E, but more stimulating, longer-lasting (of course), and less clear (I find 2C-E to produce a super serious, deep mindset and 2C-P I found to be less focused and more "fuzzy"). But like I said my experience was too colored to be an accurate assessment.
I think I've had that finger curling on synth. psilocin :D

It was like they became elongated like spaghetti and all tangled up. I guess that was right before or right after the time that I was confronted with my own mortality, which was painful and ultimately transcendently beautiful. <3
The last time I took pure 4-HO-DMT I was also confronted with my own mortality. I re-read that trip report yesterday and it's one of my favorites. I'd like to get a sample of that again, I found it easier than mushrooms to handle, and also different.
The last time I took pure 4-HO-DMT I was also confronted with my own mortality. I re-read that trip report yesterday and it's one of my favorites. I'd like to get a sample of that again, I found it easier than mushrooms to handle, and also different.
Isn't weird how many people think this way? I was always very interested in this and confirmed it to be true myself. It was strange how serious yet...."less dangerous" it seemed at subsequent doses compared to mushrooms. I mean dangerous emotionally.

2c-P is really cool. Probably the easiest going long laster out there. I found it to have nearly zero side effects when plugged. I also like how serious it is but yet feels easy on the mind. Though like 2c-E it can be pretty varible and at higher doses it's pretty serious, probably still the most fun serious psychedelic I've had. Was really dissappointed when this one was made illegal along with 2c-E.
What is a reasonable Erowid style dosage chart for plugged 2C-P ?
Oh wow I didn't even realize 2C-E was illegal, let alone 2C-P. I sure have been out of this world for a few years.
I've never plugged 2C-P (or any drug), I didn't really know that was a thing honestly until I came here. I don't see any of my friends being interested in that, it'll have to be something I try myself, hehe.

Unfortunately, I can't compare P to any DOx psychedelic because I don't really have much experience with them. The first time I ever thought I was doing LSD, it turned out to be DOC (I think that's what I was told, definitely DOsomething), and I had a very visual, 12ish hour trip, but this was years ago and I can't remember it well enough to compare it to 2C-P. I'm not quite sure what you mean by the "seriousness" of the trip, but I guess I remember that there was never really a super-giggly part of the trip. My friend and I mostly just listened to music, and that shit was deep. So yeah, I guess I could say that that trip was much more serious than all of my 2C-P trips. Interesting, I've never thought of a trip as being serious. Thank you for that.

I can definitely agree with 2C-P being "fuzzy", especially compared to LSD. On LSD, I can stare at something that's naturally curly and watch it just curl and curl into oblivion, while I've come to find that eating a higher dose of 2C-P won't send you into fractal freedom, it'll just make your vision blurrier.

Unfortunately, I've never been able to be confronted with my own reality, or any of those deep, transcendent things that happen to people on psychedelics, no matter how many I eat. Psychedelics just don't really mess with me mentally, I don't even like to eat mushrooms anymore simply because I have to eat such a large amount for anything substantial to happen visually. I have tried dosing myself into a vortex to achieve states like this, but it just doesn't happen. This is one of the reasons I tried 2C-P so much, because of its high potency. Now I'm just uber-fried from the psychedelics. I one day hope to reach that state! I have actually been buying L from my only good source every time it comes around, even though I don't eat it. I'm waiting for the right day, then maybe I'll have enough to reach a state like that. Or, maybe I'm just young, naive, and approaching it all the wrong way. I'll find out eventually!

Yeah, they're slowly making them illegal as time goes by. When my 2C-P connect got his first batch and started selling it, it was still legal. Now it's not, which really sucks for him.
Well it's defintely at least two times as potent as oral and honestly seemed a bit more potent most times. I never plugged over 8mgs and the one time I did plug it at that, it became one of those times where off the bat, your just like "I'm in for it this time...". Like I said though for me 2c-P can be pretty easy going so I just buckled my seat belt and it became one of the high lighted trips I'd take that year. Intense yet rewarding, same vein as E in that respect. When I ate it though, at sixteen mgs, it was intense but not as much as the plugged. Though it also could been one of those times things were really empty downstairs so it absorbed quickly and intensely. Five or six mgs seems more perfect. A nice come up ramped it too a bit more MDMA filled trip. I'm sure four mgs would be good for someone more sensitive or inexperienced with 2c-P.
Hi. I got a hold of some 2C-P, and since have tried it 4 times. The first time I tried 10 milligrams. My friend and I both enjoyed the experience, it was great hiking outdoors through bush. It was an underwhelming experience so I decided to do 12.5mg the next time. It didn't feel any stronger than my first experience so after 4-5 hours I took 5 mg more. Again I really enjoyed the experience. I found the visuals went really well outdoors and I loved the headspace but I didn't "go" where I wanted to go. The third experience was on the final day of an outdoor blues fest. I finally had a trip I wouldn't describe as mild, but it was still not the trip I wanted. Not in the effects, but in the strength. I wanted to kind of be engulfed with the trip. My fourth experience was 30 mg and 10 hours later 30 more. The trip was strong but not engulfing. However I was wholeheartedly satisfied with the experience. As the first dose started wearing the second started coming on, I stayed in fairly steady steady state for about 20 hours, and subsequently had the best sleep with no hangover in the morning. All doses were oral taken in 1 mL/1 mg solution of whiskey. I'm curious if this is due to me having something other than 2C-P(I doubt this as based on everything I've read my experience matches 2C-P), maybe the 2C-P being impure, bad or settling(I stir the soution before every dose), or maybe my metabolism or something.
^ If the powder is fully dissolved in the solution then it'll be evenly distributed throughout and it's not going to settle out over time, so you don't have to worry about that. If your friend also needs really high doses of this material then it's probably been cut with something.
I got 250mg of 2c-p in may and have been experimenting a bit with it. I have a scale but it's not able to weigh under 10mg so I've pretty much been eyeballing flat screwdriver heads of a small size. I know this is seen as irresponsible but I started really low and have been working my way up. I'm an experienced psychedelic user and have not had any bad trips from 2c-p used this way.
I usually put a little flake or two in my morning coffee on days when I just feel like it's a good idea. Usually a couple of weeks between times. I feel off baseline immediately but it takes about three hours until the psychedelic effects come on. The first three hours are reminiscent of amphetamine but there's an uncomfortable feeling building and getting stronger until the third hour when it settles and takes a turn. I feel that it's very much like the comeup on HBW seeds and lasts almost exactly as long.
I snorted it once and the comeup took 40 minutes. This time the uncomfortable shaky comeup was much more pronounced. As everyone says it also stings like nothing else.

The reason I finally registered here and started writing this is because I want to tell about a combo I did this friday. The combo was a medium dose of 2c-p around 10mg with 70mg of 6-apdb. I started the day with the 2c-p in my coffee and then started regretting it during the comeup. When I had come up at three hours I was feeling much better so I bombed 70mg of 6-apdb.
I don't know exactly when the 6-apdb kicked in as the synergy was excellent. I vaped some hasch oil and after a while I found myself smiling so hard that I felt my face muscles could have permanently frozen while I stared at the patterns in the ceiling. My thoughts were very rational despite seeing the whole existance as a fractal. There was no delusions and my thought was deep, clear and positive. I feel this combo gives the 6-apdb the edges it's lacking on it's own being fuzzy while it gives 2c-p the fuzzy serotonin feeling it otherwise lacks. Both are also very long lasting. I was peaking for hours and both substances came down at about the same time. While mdma will only work for maybe 6 hours the 6-apdb will go on for at least 12 hours in my experiences.
Eating was hard but possible and really necessary for such a long and energy consuming trip. There was a bit of a comedown since the experience overall was quite speedy but it felt all right with weed to help. Sleep was possible after 13 hours.
I really recommend this combo if you want a whole day of a trippy roll. I had a lot of meaningful memories and thoughts and my eyes were going all over the place.
Dunno what to call it. A flip of some kind. Benzofuranflip or maybe cp-flip %)
Hey, I was wondering, does anyone know the solubility of 2C-P in solvents like Ethanol and Isopropyl alcohol?
The wiki only has the solubility in water, which is listed at 7-9mg/ml
I was wondering if I were able to make a solution of 16mg 2C-P/1ml EtOH
I was able to get 2C-P at 8mg per 250ul into vodka without any effort other than shaking it. Didn't even need heat and I felt that it could have gone further but that was my target so I didn't attempt to see how much further it could be concentrated. So that was 32mg per ml. It's very soluable in ethanol!
Be very very careful with this type of solution! Have someone else check your math and procedure to make sure no mistakes have been made. The smallest error could kill you or someone else!!!
This shit is no joke!
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Why would you even want such high concentrations? Isn't 1mg/ml enough? You're still consuming a tiny amount of alcohol which wont affect your trip at all and the dose is easier to measure.
Why would you even want such high concentrations? Isn't 1mg/ml enough? You're still consuming a tiny amount of alcohol which wont affect your trip at all and the dose is easier to measure.

Because I don't trust my scale to weigh out 8mg doses and I only plan on doing 2C-P less than once a year and solutions go bad over time . So the the most logical step would be to put the desired dose onto a substrate like blotter paper or whatever. I also did this for 5-MeO-MiPT and I feel should be done for anything with an average dosage under 10mg.
Idk about 2c-p specifically, but 2c-c in 40% alcohol stored at room temperature was still fine after 2 years or so.