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The Big & Dandy 2C-P Thread

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^ Thank God I don't know you, maybe that trip was your cat's spirit getting back at you for being a complete idiot. Also why would you insufflate 10mg when 6 orally made you freak out.

I decided to redose because the circumstances for the first trip weren't necessarily ideal. I tripped throygh the forest with friends on 6mg, doses early this time (8:00am) and we roamed the forest like little kids in a playground, until we eventually got lost and had to use Google maps to find our way back to the car (as we had planned for getting lost). The adventure back was quite fun and we got enthralled many times on our way back. When we got home we watched some movies and I sat in my tripping recliner and spaced off for 4 more hours or so until I reached baseline again around 6pm (only 10 hours this time). My buddy Dennis has snorted 20mg of 2c-e and had decided to insufflate another 6mg dose at this point, and I took another 6mg orally. It was a very "scary" night that i rather enjoyed 2c-p and claimed that it was a darker psychedelic. Dennis had told me that the snorted dose didn't last as long for him (8 more hours) whereas I couldn't fall asleep until 4am and i felt I was still tripping. He also said the pain wasn't that bad, just uncomfotable (this was at 6mg keep in mind). After much more exploration with this chem, as I had 3 grams, and my tolerance had gotten to the point I doses 15mg when i did it. One friend talked me into snorting it after I told him of my friend Dennis's experience with shorter duration. He had a very similar effect as me (no face control on half of face, instantly tripping, in tears from the pain). So IME it is best to take a 6mg dose, assuming your chem is pure, with friends in seclusion (i.e. your home or nature). I personally prefer 2c-e in the 15-20mg dose range with 1 other friend smoking and playing like kids and watching movies. The more creative the people are whom your with, the better a time you're going to have.
Not open for further replies.