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Dissociatives The Big & Dandy 3-MeO-PCE Thread

I'm a big fan of 3-MeO-PCP. I am a big fan of purgatory just not when I end up in there. I find it kinda sad that the inherent nature PCP analogs seems to be of a primal horror too horrible for description. I assume the 3-MeO-PCE purgatory ialso just rips, tears and slaughters you over and over for eons? And honestly, it feels kinda bad when it happens. Maybe the PCE purgatory isn't as dark and freezing?

Either way, I'm not getting dragged back into a purgatory as potent as 3-MeO-PC*. Only maybe once for nostalgia. Maybe I have grown, maybe I can smuggle a piece of my mind into it. Maybe I've experienced enough things, now, to purgatory more like smurgatory and just relax sit back and relax.