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Dissociatives The Big & Dandy 3-MeO-PCP Thread: 3-MeO 4 Leaf Clover

Cream Gravy?

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Jan 28, 2014
Welcome to the Big & Dandy 3-MeO-PCP Thread - Part 4

Formula : 1-{1-(3-Methoxyphenyl)-cyclohexyl}-piperidine



Do not exceed the recommended dosage range! If you read this thread you will realize the numerous demonstrations of psychotic delirium, amnesia, mania, various kinds of misbehavior and other serious consequences of abuse.
Preferably use this substance orally (it seems to be effective and reliable that way, and your dosage will match those you read about better - and is imo for these reasons safer), slowly work your way up to about 10 mg, and only after considerable experience / expertise proceed to maybe 15 mg, with SMALL STEPS.

Your previous experience with other drugs does not give you any protection against the sudden increase in manic / psychosis-like risk above certain dosages. Do not think you can treat it like MXE or ketamine. And most certainly never eyeball it!

If you have corrections / additions to this warning post about it in the thread.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
3-Methoxyphencyclidine (3-MeO-PCP) is a dissociative anesthetic drug with hallucinogenic and sedative effects that has been sold as a research chemical. It is around the same potency as phencyclidine, but has slightly different effects due to its altered binding profile at various targets, particularly being somewhat more potent as an NMDA antagonist while having around the same potency as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor.[1][2][3][4]
The corresponding 4-methoxy derivative 4-MeO-PCP is also known, but is around 10 times less potent by weight than the 3-methoxy isomer, making it around the same potency as ketamine.
3-MeO-PCP hydrochloride is a white crystalline solid with a melting point of 204-205°C [5]
3-MeO-PCP has a Ki of 20 nM for the NMDA receptor, 216 nM for the serotonin transporter and 42 for the sigma1 receptor[6]
On October 18, 2012 the ACMD released a report about methoxetamine, saying that the "harms of methoxetamine are commensurate with Class B of the Misuse of Drugs Act (1971)", despite the fact that the act does not classify drugs based on harm. The report went on to suggest that all analogues of MXE should also become class B drugs and suggested a catch-all clause covering both existing and unresearched arylcyclohexamines, including 3-MeO-PCP.[6]

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Last posts from previous thread:

3-MeO-PCP mad manic sex is fucking insane :D too bad that coming is almost impossible and orgasms are greatly weakened. It's a great tool to talk about difficult things too, just like MDMA but not that consuming to the brain and body.

I feel like it hormonally switches our sexuality to a more feminine counterpart, so the orgasm is extended throughout the duration of the session rather than happening at once. And if it does happen, it doesn't really feel like much because the euphoria is smoothed out across the entire sexual experience. This actually seems to pan out better for both parties involved.

Yeah 3-MeO sex is amazing for sure. I do find that it prolongs performance time, but I don't find it nearly impossible at all, and I don't notice a reduction in intensity either. Granted, I tend to use it in small bumps and avoid any dissociation, because I find when I'm dissociated, it's hard to get it up (MXE for example, sex is impossible for me on MXE, except for this one time).

I can come on low doses but it still reduces the intensity of my orgasms (even the next day) and I'm not very interested in sex either on 3-meo-pcp or other dissociatives.
I'm not sure my four day 3-MeO-PCP low dosing schedule did the trick for me. I had 4 x 12 mg measured and eyeballed 3 mg dosages taking them nasally about every four hours or so.

First day just noticed a mood improvement, and after the second dose I was starting to feel a little bit dissociated. Just threshold, though, but noticeable still. Finished the day doing Yoga and it felt cleansing and pleasurable.

The second day I think was the best, I was feeling lot's of energy, motivation, pretty excited ... hypomanic I would say, but nothing too crazy. Productive day at work, felt mentally sharp. At the end of the night I did feel like I was having some wild mood swings though, like I was generally feeling pretty uplifted and then very small things made me feel disproportionately upset and grumpy, but the feeling would fade pretty quickly and I would be back to feeling good. I wrote it off as tiredness at the moment, though.

Saturday was the third day, and by that time I'm not sure the 3-MeO- PCP was doing much. I didn't really feel anything when dosing, just a little weirdness for the fist half hour after taking the bump, but then it didn't develop into much of anything. That night I took some MXE on top of the PCP baseline (25 mg plus 10 mg two hours latter, orally) and as expected it had a great synergy. I had a very beautiful experience strolling through the empty streets of the city during a night of rain. Magical stuff, feeling in love with the world type of experience.

I woke up feeling still a little bit dissociated, but decided to keep going with the low doses of 3-MeO-PCP. In the fourth consecutive day I was just feeling sort of scatter-brained, and very mentally exhausted, even though I wasn't much tired physically. I had band practice but didn't feel particularly enhanced. I just had a general feeling of having over-done it. At the end of the evening I was pretty much zombified, not motivated at all, sort of depressed even.

Now it's monday and I'm still feeling a little bit burnt out.

I did this out of curiosity, it was my first time ever dosing a dissociative on consecutive days (Or any other drug excepting weed and alcohol very occasionally), and mostly because I was interested in whether I would be able to maintain the hypomanic afterglow I sometimes get from this drug. I certainly didn't feel pronounced mania, but I did benefit of the stimulant-like effects for the first two days. Doing this I never felt the beautiful next-day afterglow, but I must also say that I don't always get it when dosing orally either. Still,at least in my experience it is easier to achieve that state after coming down from a single medium-to-high oral dose (For me that's around 12-15 mg).

I don't think I'll be trying this again, seems like my brain didn't cope with being off baseline for that long. Well, guess it's time to stay sober for a while. I think I'm a little bit dopamine depleted or something.
Img_9999 your story sounds similar to what I've experienced. I've never been able to hit any magic place with it besides four or five times. The last of which, a few weeks ago, having left me feeling like I finally pierced through. But alas, dosing the next day and day after just left me feeling fried and worthless.
Yeah, from now on I will stick to single oral doses, seems to agree better with me. Sometimes I get the magical afterglow but it's kind of elusive and random. I still enjoy very much the "functional", stimulating dissociation it gives me at 10 (+/-2) mgs, and the trippyness that comes pushing the dose closer to 15 mg and combining with weed. Haven't ventured further and don't really feel the need.

In a way I feel 'glad' that dosing for multiple days didn't work all that well. When this chemical does it for me, it's pretty amazing at that, so it would be too tempting to make a habit out of it.
I've just noticed Crashing's post about hormonally making males more female. I don't know what other people have experienced, but last time I used it,for a few days was when I came to openly realize my non-binary gender identity. Even though it has been about 2 months since then without using, I never 'unrealized' that realization. I mean, I have always been some degree of gender fluid or 'trans-curious' but 3meo brought it to light in a very real way. It wasn't like when I came down I felt like ' It was just a trip'. Kinda like when in July during a deep contemplative trip I concluded beyond personal doubt my belief in the 'Simulation Hypothesis'. When I came down from the trip it still felt every bit as 'real' and still does, months later.

What does this mean? This shit can have some seriously lasting effects. Be careful not too get too deluded or disconnected from 'reality' cause I can see the possibility of not returning.
The first time I did it I had a few cocktails in me and snorted 20mg and then smoked some herb

Was wonderful....very much put me in a world of dissociation.....about 3 hours in I took a nap....nasal is almost immediate for me....I much prefer that route to oral...oral takes to long and doesn't give me that stim feel I get from sniffing it
The hole is not the goal, though I do invite it from time to time. I skirted around it today. I am not a poetic person by habit.

Gently spinning
A magnetic ball clinging to a metal bowl
Going down, toward the hole

Taste of aluminum

Surfing the rim
I have a choice

Invert the bowl
Spiral out, down, repelled from the void

Dimensions distorted
Extremeties' perception extremely contorted

I remember me
Take deep breaths
Fix my proprioception
Flex digits
Open eyes
Shamble to the shower
Wash it away

Why do I like this drug?

Gonna get me a little oblivion, baby
Try to keep myself away from me

*Also, music is a big catalyst for 3-meo-pcp for me. Phantogram was what eased me down toward the event horizon this time.
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It definitely can develop mood swings when dosing consecutively but I use beer kratom and weed during any of these potential low spots in the 3-meo-pcp experience and I think it allows me to use the drug indefinitely, although i did about 100ug of LSD about 7 or 8 days in a couple days ago and ended up getting some strong paranoia that no amount of beer weed or kratom that i personally wanted to ingest was going to even poke a stick at. So I decided to take a day off, and now on day 2 which is my second day off after maybe a 2 week nearly solid run I feel 100% baseline, so I don't really see a reason not to dive right back in. YMMV though, and I think using solely 3-meo-pcp would be a recipe for much more regular breaks.

I love this drug because I know the real me isn't totally the person I want to be, and i'm totally happy with that because we have the tools for the job. In the past, angry people drank moonshine and got angrier. But I guess we've come a long way.
I love this drug because I know the real me isn't totally the person I want to be, and i'm totally happy with that because we have the tools for the job. In the past, angry people drank moonshine and got angrier. But I guess we've come a long way.
Damn thank you for summing up a thought I had been trying to figure out how to express. I feel like each psychedelic has a particular hard drug addiction it can help based on a similar energy center or Chakra they play on.

Mushrooms greatly helped me with my addiction to opiates, LSD helped me realize that MDMA and amphetamines are a double edged sword to be used sparingly if at all. 3meo PcP is amazing in that it treats something that I thought I was gonna just have to deal with on my own : my predisposition towards alcoholism.

3meo allows me to enter that "editing mode" that alcohol has allowed me to mess with for most of my life but I can REMEMBER EVERYTHING and my empathy towards humans and nature isn't muted into a dim whisper like when I am drunk. I become my most cosmic and unfiltered self on 3meo, and then I edit the useful parts together and "tone down" my anger, impatience and selfishness
Hmm while I appreciate this stuff a lot, it definitely doesn't make me feel like the 'real' me like LSD or best of all for that, mescaline, does. That whole manic thing etc is unmistakably unreal imo.

Is it different when you take so much that you get actual delusions of grandeur etc meaning that you can't tell the unrealness anymore? There have been enough posts that made it plenty clear people completely lose sight of that, but I would think that when coming down you'd realize.

For a while (probably a few years ago?) I thought that when I was relatively new to 3-MeO-PCP the state it produces at a pretty moderate dose was actual Zen. Later I seriously changed my mind about that, considering it is just as much a mistake as to have the classic misperception that 'meditating is about having no thoughts in your head'.
Low doses are "weirder" and feel almost "synthetic" or "unreal" because the energy from the mania gives the high an almost speed like vibe. I pushed the dose pretty high and had something akin to a drunken ayahuasca trip where I saw a billowing black demon of smoke that told me it was a manifestation of the darkest most intimate self serving parts of myself. It then explained if I wished I could "edit" myself on this level so as to have more or less of this darkness when I "returned" I have only had one trip this intense on 3meo and on it I could barely stand up and I ended up staggering into my back yard and kneeling under a tree to meditate. I felt a repulsive feeling in my gut and vomitted. I felt SO cleansed and immediately I felt all the light of the world and love I had felt throughout my live come raining down on me as the moon peaked out from the clouds. It was probably one of my best trips on anything ever. I woke up the next day and felt like I was finally an adult in some strange way I had always felt lacking. Just confident and cautious.
I seem unable to get the hypomania from this batch, unfortunately. :( Weirdly, I enjoy the acute dissociation of higher doses on it MORE. It's very strange. I need to find myself some of the same stuff I had each time before, I really mostly value the low-dose hypomania aspect of this drug the most. If I had both I could utilize it either way. This batch is still mildly euphoric, but just more sparkly, with an MXE-like twinge to the dissociation I have never felt from it before. But the other 3-MeO I've had consistently produced a very specific, wonderful hypomanic euphoria at any dose, repeated countless times with great reliability. The dose is the same and the feeling of it is very, very similar. My friends all agree too. I don't think I'm imagining this and I think it really is 3-MeO-PCP. I want to send it in to be tested, but I don't want to spend the money because it's pretty expensive as far as I can tell (never actually done it, and I live in the US).
Yeah, I think testing stuff @ ecstasy data costs you around 100 bucks.

The batch I have is kinda similar to what you describe, or at least the effects in your last post reflect what I get from it. I still get the hypomania, but it comes at random.

I wonder what is it with dissociatives and different batches. I have not heard of other classes of drugs giving so different effect profiles. Just differences in potency or such. With dissos the variability is wild. Could it be that taking breaks has an effect in the way they affect us ? Like, when your drugs are over you are forced to take a break, then a new batch arrives and the effect is different because the break caused something. But I don't know. I have leftover MXE from two different batches and I can tell subtle, consistent differences in their effects.

I don't buy the crystal polymorphism theory, doesn't sound like sound science .-.

It's a mistery !
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^ that's so interesting.
As i mentioned in the previous thread, i've only encountered the one batch of this substance, and it fits your description of xorkoth's recent batch - i never really got a lot of the manic stimulation you guys have been talking about, and wondered if it was just me.
Like you say, img_9999 the hypomania is random, i certainly can't count on it.

My way of dosing it corresponded with this - i was generally going for the 'hole' rather than tiny bumps because that's where i perceived the magic to lie - even though nobody else on here seemed to be reporting anything positive about higher dosing, and i questioned if i was just being reckless or that my relative inexperience with dissociatives (compared to say, classic psychedelics) was leading me to treat it like mxe (because it reminds me somewhat of mxe).

But your latest batch sounds like the only stuff i've had xork.
And though i've not experienced the 'other' kind of effects from this drug (assuming it is the same drug) i am very fond of it.
I wonder what is it with dissociatives and different batches. I have not heard of other classes of drugs giving so different effect profiles. Just differences in potency or such. With dissos the variability is wild. Could it be that taking breaks has an effect in the way the affect us ? Like, when your drugs are over you are forced to take a break, then a new batch arrives and the effect is different because the break caused something. But I don't. I have leftover MXE from two different batches and I can tell subtle, consistent differences in effect.

Delsyd and I were speculating on that very question earlier today. It's weird, but I notice it with various dissociatives. Certainly MXE, no one is ever going to be able to convince me that different batches weren't different (in some cases quite different). A lot of other peoples' experience corroborates this too. At this point I'm looking for it to not be true but I can't deny it happens.
Active impurities seems more plausible than polymorphism...

As for regular PCP, several of the routes that make it can yield 1-phenyl-1-cyclohexylamine (PCA) as intermediate which is active, it's about half as strong. Perhaps the 3-MeO analogue is identical in these respects.
If hypothetically this is all true and 3-MeO-PCA is generally the culprit then it stands to reason that it is responsible for the hypomania or additional / stronger hypomania rather than the opposite possibility that it must be absent to get the hypomania, that it somehow suppresses it or prevents it. But technically that is also not implausible.

The furthest I can push that polymorphism theory is when solubility differences would affect absorption and pharmacokinetics, I find snorting it pretty damn different from oral just like with MXE there is a big difference... and the ROA doesn't change anything but the kinetics right?

So either of those explanations?
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What about that HIV medication that only exhibits its intended action in one of its polymorphs? I remember someone linking to that article some time ago when having this discussion about MXE. To me that was evidence that it's possible for polymorphism to dramatically affect a drug's action. Unfortunately I can't reference it, but I remember someone linking to it.