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The Big & Dandy 3-MeO-PCP Thread - Mad Manic Meo 3nity

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Have combined it with alcohol, but only with some reasonable beer drinking. Was taking increments of about 5-6 mg I.M. at the time, and indeed it did support with the hypomania, but I somehow always managed to stay within limits. Which is lucky cause I even did some extremely enthousiastic DIYing under the influence of the combination.

Be careful, and better avoid it - cause it makes amnesia more likely and any boundaries you may have left could melt like snow in the sun.
i got drunk with 3-MeO-PCP once time. ended up running out of beer, walking to the store, and trying to convince the cashier to sell me more beer even though i was like 30 cents short. very out of character for me...
Anyone combine with cannabis? Is it any more dangerous than combing with MXE or DXM at lower doses?
I've noticed that the effects of 3-meO-PCP are blunted when taken within a day or two of receiving Novocain at the dentist. You might want to allow several days here.

Alcohol and pot potentiate nicely. Best boost occurs IME at 30 to 45 minutes. Be sure to start low and titrate as this substance has an unpredictable and unforgiving MO. ?
3-MeO didn't seem to combine with cannabis near as well as MXE or DXM for me.

in an enjoyment sense, or in a safety sense? with 3-MeO-PCP it's not the trigger that launches you into the hole like it is with MXE or DXM, but for me it felt reasonably safe and still made the experience more enjoyable.

at high doses it can be the trigger that launches one into the hole state, but 3-MeO holes are different in that instead of laying there and entering hyperspace like you do on MXE or DXM, on a 3-MeO-PCP hole you end up getting up and doing strange things like one would do on, say, Ambien...
From an enjoyment standpoint it didn't seem very good. I felt extremely intoxicated but my headspace was completely empty, though not in the serene way that normally makes 3-MeO so attractive. Physically, it did give me a bit of a headache. I guess it's possible I simply smoked too much, but MXE and especially DXM seem like they are more forgiving when you consume a decent amount of cannabis.
I'm Contemplating trying out this compound this weekend at one of the grateful dead shows in Chicago. That's why I asked about the combos as I normally will be drinking at something like this. Also thinking of throwing in some 4-ACO-MET or maybe a hit of 1P

And I know I should prolly just leave it alone for the first time trying it, but I'll be in party mode. Maybe best just to leave it at home? Or maybe save it for a pre show excursion??

And is this compound sedating or is it stimulating?
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definitely do not do a combo with a psychedelic for your first time! i would also say don't do it in public for your first time, but with a low dose you'd probably be okay. you're in party mode, though -- i'd say just leave this stuff at home and stick to the stuff you're already familiar with for the festival.

i do think 3-MeO-PCP makes for a good festival type drug (at least for me), but first time at a festival is probably a bad idea.
It's a concert series at solider field....I'm thinking it would be a good way to end the weekend.....make myself a 10mg sample for Sunday evening around 2 hours before show time

I would like to not black out for sure

I've read plenty of trip reports and am very experienced with MXE, so what should I expect? I'm hearing lots of euphoria, some diss, and a bit of mania? Sounds like a great concert drug to be honest!
Yeah, I'd suggest not combining it for the first experience. I also wouldn't want to be in public on it for the first time either. To me that would rank as one of the worst ways to find out if your liable to its seductive mania. It's not like other dissociatives either, in that if the mania from others isn't to terrible for you, then this one will follow suit. I especially wouldn't take ten mgs to start out. I would much rather eat 200-400mgs of primo MXE then try to deal with the over the top nature of excessive 3-MeO-PCP mania. Since you have a week, if you have the time, you should try a lower dose to see how well it fits with you.
Mania, amnesia, and loss of boundaries are all very real with this substance. Feeling like everything matters way too much, and that everything is such a giant joke, and like you don't mind offending/pissing off everyone in your loud wake. It can be very fun and therapuetic, but can also be dangerous for interpersonal relationships. It seems at times to really strengthen the ego, as opposed to dissolving it, if that makes sense.

That said I've discovered alot about myself and "whats good, and right" with this stuff.
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Well I'm certainly intrigued....I think I will stick 5mg x 2 capsulea and try one out Friday night before the show, and if it doesn't do the job take the other one at s
how time
The way I've seen a few of my friends react the first time they tried this stuff, one of them even at just 10 mg, I cannot in good conscience recommend popping your 3-MeO cherry at a festival. If you're lucky you won't end up in a hospital or a jail cell.
I'm really curious about this stuff. My self-control with MXE isn't the best but isn't the worst either - I take anywhere up to 100mg two or three nights a week. Would buying a gram of 3-meo-pcp be a terrible idea?
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