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The Big & Dandy 3-MeO-PCP Thread - Part 2

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The smelling stuff in impure 3mePCP is not potatium cyanide.
In the synthesis, you use potatium cyanid to fix the cyanide part to an organic compond, and then the molecule with cyanid attache to is allow to react with piperidine to form the 3meoPCP.
Piperidine at those doses is not toxic, and dont smell almond at all.
If your stuff smells almound (typical cyanid smell), its because of the unreact molecule with cyanid attache to.
This molecule cant form a salt, it can then be easely wach with acetone to purify the 3mePCP salt.
First off, almond smell. A genuine almond smell is very suspicious in regard to the product giving off fumes of hydrogen cyanide. Hydrogen cyanide of course is highly toxic, the same lethal fumes given off by the Zyklon B product used in Nazi concentration camp gassings. Hydrogen cyanide itself is more volatile than ether, so if it were that the product would be free of it if it got to the consumer. That leaves the possibility of the presence of synthetic precursors and byproducts that slowly release cyanide. Immediate suspects for this are PCC, cyclohexanone cyanohydrin and piperidine cyanide.

Like DrMamba suggests, doing a washing with acetone would be a good way to rid the product of these three cyanide compounds, and also of an alleged pyridine impurity, especially since 3-MeO-PCP.HCl is presumably virtually insoluble in acetone. To do such, shake 1 gram of product with 10ml acetone, let settle, pour off the excess acetone, then repeat this 3 or 4 more times with fresh acetone and finally letting the remainder air dry on a plate in the shade.

Mods, note that this is no chemistry but a purification step to remove noxious smelling and potentialy harmful impurities from a tainted drug.

To not feed a possible hysteria: Even if the compound consisted solely of the aforementioned cyanide compounds, it would still take the ingestion of over 200mg of the stuff in a single dose to be acutely lethal. With a drug active in the 3-15mg range, such an ingestion is not likely. PCP tainted with PCC was only a problem in chronic PCP abusers, who took a 0.1-1gr of the drug daily, which allowed PCC of bad PCP to accumulate to dangerous levels.

As to the vendor claim it may contain residual pyridine: though an unusual solvent this may be the case, pyridine reeks very strongly of either decaying fish or "an unventilated sickroom" as some put it, and though a toxic molecule it wouldnt particularly be a problem in the quantity present.

A very simple no tech way of increasing purity without using acetone washes would be to spread out the powder on a dish in an undisturbed place in the open air (like on top of a high closet) and let it sit overnight to let any volatile components, be they cyanogenic or pyridine, simply evaporate off.
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Listen people, most of you are acting like asses dosing insanely! First things first, 3-MeO has an higher NDMA antagonist than actual PCP itself! It also has differing affinites so there is no "anaesethic hole. That means unless you have a pretty damn hefty tolerane , you WILL NOT NEED MORE THAN 5-10mgs your first time! FnB released these beasts upon this world for a reason, I believe his was to remove "phantom leg" effect which is stated to be fairly unbearable. I bet they still would have eventually found MXE/3-MeO-PCP but its almost my dream to believe he released this for himself as well as me, who has constant nerve pain in both legs. A bit of a diss though? Well...lets just say...that I can walk or stand for long periods as well as dance to the music I cherish so! This also coming from a "drug elephant" as nothing would ever put me down. You must always remember that in the US getting needed meds is an absolute bitch..so think before you leap as ending up strongly manic feeling nearly insane for at least 5ish hours is not something you want!
I have received the discussed HCl product and had a very good smell. The smell is somewhat reminescent of almonds, but I would more consider it to be a solvent smell than an almond smell, and in a loco past I ended up getting an accidental whiff of HCN - this does not apper to be it, but then again, when PCC comes apart by hydrolysis it yields not just HCN (almond odor), but also cyclohexanone (pepperminty acetone odor) and piperidine (musty fishy peppery odor) so when PCC comes apart you get a bouquet of odors, not just almonds. The odor in the sealed baggie was present, but nowhere near as intense as others here reported, and once aired it lost nearly all of its smell. The powder was offwhite-light tan just like pure PCP HCl is described to be, it came apart to very soft clumps which pulverized on the slightest touch.
I decided purity was likely acceptable, so I vialed it up (a 2.5 gram quantity of the powder fits a 1 dram lab vial snugly, with some tamping) and decided to take 5mg orally on a half filled stomach.

I weighed it to 5mg, and dissolved in 20ml water, it dissolved easily. The water, held in the mouth, was distinctly bitter with no off flavors or odors, I gulped it down.

5min alert, 20 minutes coming up, 40 minutes clearly present.. A dopaminergic tension built (for me that initial stage of 3-MeO-PCP causes a lil tense anxiety, I dont like its comeup quite unlike that of MXE) and little over 2 hours into it was the tipping point, where the tension fell away. Theres a sense of being confined to ones head typical of dissociatives, a gentle sedation at rest, but a little psychological input can easily turn that to hold-onto-your-hat euphoric hypomania. The Peace, the Mania, the Mood, the Thoughts, the closed-eye Darkening, its all there, at this 5mg on a half filled stomach.

From what I can tell, potency is good. I cant tell if 5mg HCl is as strong at 6mg HBr as I had stomach fill, but I'd be surprised if purity of this batch was under 80%, my guess is high nineties.

I want to thank this vendor for breaking ranks with most of his peers and putting out a decent 3-MeO-PCP product for a realistic price. I took a gamble and went balls deep with my order and won, bless you good Sirs, Santa came early this December, I got mine and it aint no coal :D
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I took some St John Worst during 3/4 days and my supply ended two days ago (it was the end of a pack). Does somebody know if i'm at risk to take 3-meo-pcp now? I'm a bit afraid of a serotonin syndrom or other shitty envent but I know that SJW isn't really strong medication. I heard people take MXE while taking SSRI witout problems.
I'm high on oral 5mg 3-methoxyphencyclidine hydrochloride right now, to reassess my earlier results, this time on a thoroughly empty stomach. Its pretty damn nice, theres fair intoxication, much better developed as two days ago. I spent 2 hours sitting in my comfy chair by candle light, incense burning, letting my mind wander and in doing this was reminded quite a bit of a very clear Methoxetamine. I'm higher than I feel, that much is certain. 95% of my consciousness is stuffed in my head, theres a distinct pleasurable dissociative state. I would guesstimate the relative potencies to be: 5mg (3-MeO-)PCP [PO] = 20mg MXE [PO] and I can say that though in a different way and much less intoxicated feeling, the 5mg of this batch indeed seem equivalent to 20mg MXE, so I stand by my earlier assessment that I think the batch is probably well over 80% pure. I'm having a field day :D

Thikal, you took SJW for less than 5 days and this is over 2 days ago. You would probably be in the clear for trying lets say 5mg 3-MeO-PCP, with that much of and interval having passed since such limited use. That at least in regard to your SJW. if you however are seriously depressed I really wouldnt recommend taking a powerful mindbender like this particular variety of angel dust. Its more manic and less stoning than Methoxetamine, so if the reason you took the SJW is dipolar depression you could be in for a mindfuck if you (over)do it.

What you ask though, you're not likely to get serotonin syndrome, if there'd be any interaction after 48 hours i'd sooner expect a bit of potentiation than something like serotonin syndrome. 3-MeO-PCP isnt a drug where the serotonin pisses out of your ears like 6-APB. If you want to dose keep it LOW and dont redose. This rocket takes 2 hours to ascend. if antidepressant aftereffects are your goal you are better served with MXE or K I think.

Oh guys personally I think that relative potencies are roughly like this:

5mg (3-MeO-)PCP oral/subl = 20mg MXE oral/subl = 50mg K nasal

How do y'all feel about that?
I took SJW because some minor depression, errr more to give it a try really. :)

Yeah I took +/- 18-20 mg of 3-meo-pcp (in 3 doses) and no strange interaction with SJW yet at my dosage regimen. I feel upped right now as you said, no real interactions. (was afraid of the big half life of SJW but it seems that there is no interaction, FOR ME at this time).

Better Music appreciation is my goal and i achieved it. Thanks bro ;)
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I'd like to underline that if you have a low tolerance 10mg 3-MeO-PCP is Really! A! Big! Deal!

In the days before i took 5mg 3-methoxyphencyclidine hydrochloride as seen above, this afternoon I decided to conclude my assay of the batch with an oral 10mg dose on an empty stomach. This hit me WAY harder than the 5mg doses did and I swooped deep down into a dark place where I was all alone going over really bad stuff that happened to me throughout life (Grofians: yes I did a a COEX). My body was parked in my comfy chair but my mind was almost completely in that dark place, a point of suffering consciousness, reliving how all that felt and feeling mentally and physically VERY bad. I decided to retreat to bed to get in full meditative mode. When I just lay in bed, after having moved, I felt I was on the verge of a medical situation, I felt if I moved an inch I would puke, convulse, cramp get a heart attack! Angel dust? At that point it felt more like Demon Dust! As I got warm and settled in I realized I was reliving traumatic material and that these intense negative feelings had to be relived, and then they would go away. So, knowing their origin was psychologic I surrendered to them, knowing I was doing a good thing by taking it as it came and letting the ghosts of the past vent on me. As I surrendered, it was as if the physical discomfort was pulled off me, leaving me suddenly very euphoric and my body feeling quite great too. The Yin had Yanged, I was over it! I tossed and turned with a big smile on my face, squirming a lil in comfort under my warm blanket and on my memory foam mattress. It went from awful and very uncomfortable to awesome and very comfortable, the Demon Dust transformed to Angel Dust in the blink of an eye, leaving no rueful aftermath to distract from the euphoria.

I tripped on and I'm still quite affected, now 5:30h after dropping.

So guys, 10mg of 3-methoxyphencyclidine is serious business when you have a low tolerance, definitely NOT a dose I'd recommend to a dissociative newbie cause when the going got rough it was quite rough indeed.

In my experience 3-methoxyphencyclidine, like PCP, is more emotionally volatile than Methoxetamine, in that you can bounce around to emotional extremes more readily than on MXE. Its a more serious dissociative with a longer duration, and I think higher psychological risks than MXE. I agree with the consensus that it is more functional than MXE, but I see that as a bad thing because the last thing you should do on this drug is attempt to function.

With this 10mg dose I found myself frequently closing my eyes within 10 minutes after dosing, and within half an hour I was in an internalized state, watching my mind wander and seeing lots of biographic things in new light. The insights I got were very "psychedelic" and I do believe I did the right thing having this experience, including the dark hour around hour 2.

Solemn, Majestic and Grand are words that come to mind to characterize the nature of this experience of 3-methoxyphencyclidine. I am quite impressed that 10mg packs such a wallop, I see no reason to aim higher than the 5-10mg range. This is not a drug I want to seek the Hole on, its a harder drug than MXE, psychologically.

I'm in a mood of inventing a name for the drug, since its meta-methoxyphencyclidine the name Memocyclidine comes to mind.
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I would be reluctant to combine this drug, or redose it, because there are reports of people going absolutely coocoo for a while when doing so. This drug is very much like PCP and that includes the possibility of suddenly being overwhelmed by utter bizarreness. I'm going to quote a post by Dragon-N from August 1 2013 from the first B&D. Its a LONG post but very worth reading and pondering:

Dragon-n said:

Alright, that was fucking INSANE.

If you can keep 3-meo-pcp as a booster for MXE and stuff, it's absolutely fantastic. If you are the type of person who goes a little overboard with partying and mixing stuff, probably best to stay away from this one. It can absolutely, without warning, completely flip into a datura/pcp-esque insanity. Out-of-your-mind-bending-backwards-insane, and not in any good way imaginable. Don't read that like it's something you want! =) I've taken MXE to the edge of reality without any issue and I'm telling you, 3-meo-pcp is a BEAST. They are not similar in any way, when taken to their extremes.

I tried 8 mgs. 3-meo-pcp last night and it was pleasantly uninteresting. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. Just like a clear-headed, more stimulating, non-warbly version of MXE. so I added 15 mgs MXE. One of the best combos ever. it was one of the smoothest, most natural blends i've ever experienced. the MXE brought the magic, which was completely absent on meo-pcp alone. Almost felt like a dissociated Roll at times. VERY euphoric and very fun. was listening to music, having a blast, dancing like a complete schitzo lunatic!

And really, that's the only way I can describe it. the energy that 3-meo-pcp brings to MXE is just Schitzo. MXE makes me a little manic but 3-meo-pcp brings MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAA AAAAAAAA. and i don't mean that in a bad way...yet. it was actually really fun having this schitzo edge to everything, there was nothing dark or sinister about it. there was weird piano music playing in the background (hallucination) the whole time and it just made everything seem so unreal. it was fun playing with the idea that i was completely bonkers, hearing shit out of nowhere.

a couple hours later i re-dosed another 10 mgs MXE. again, really smooth, no complaints. super fun. happy elves and rainbows. even was getting quite realistic OEV at this point, but i wasn't really paying attention to them. then i was like, "let's PARTY!". oh God.....(seriously, it's all good until you say that!)

i dropped another 15 mgs MXE and toked a fat pipe-toke. within a minute my mood totally changed. I KNEW i had done it now. cannabis potentiates dissociatives to an alarming degree, if you haven't noticed. I started getting more and more confused, something i'm very familiar with from MXE and cannabis but this was heading down-hill quickly. i started stumbling a little and had to stop to "find my bearings". then in a flash it descended on me: full blown Pathologically-Insane-Schitzo-Break-From-Reality. this was not MXE. this was not cannabis. yes, they helped. but oh my GOD....

I have blacked out from too high a dose of ayahuasca and i'm telling you, the amount of sheer confused panic on this does not even come close what classic psychs can do. i started seeing my vision from different points in the room than where i was standing. it felt like my head was a pot of water coming to a boil. i felt the pressure of the "steam" rising with the ever-increasing mania. like teeth-shattering, biting-glass-bottles-in-half-mania. i'm so glad i was home alone. i would've scared the shit out of my lady, i think. This has happened before with 3-meo-pcp, though far less drastically, so I knew what to do.

In a complete Berserk Rage I went into my freezer, grabbed my containers of Medicines, ripped the tops off, threw all the baggies onto the counter and started desperately searching for an Etizolam, with hands shaking violently. It was a total "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" moment. I couldn't even read the labels I was so far gone, but luckily, I only have one pressed pill product (Etizolam), so it was easy to spot. I ripped the bag open, chewed an Etizolam, and stumbled (basically fell down while moving forward) onto my living room floor.

After this it's a little blurry.

I was so far down an M-Hole, I couldn't have come out if I tried. All I remember is flashes of being in a body-less astral universe and talking to different souls I knew. There were flashes of "this feels like Datura mixed with MXE" but then back down the rabbit-hole I went, into complete insanity. honestly, the things that went on in that place are not of any world. I doubt they are even true reflections of anything real. A Pure, Unbridled, Schizophrenic Maelstrom of Absolute Irrevocable Insanity. Words will do nothing to emphasize this point.

Pulse and vitals were fine the whole time, and I woke up feeling like a million bucks....

Go figure.

Note how his dose of 3-methoxyphencyclidine and his boosters of MXE and some weed werent all that spectacular and yet BAM! There he was, on the spot, in the middle of an out of control psycholigical crisis. Thats unlike typical MXE, that is straight up PCP-like flipping out. People are under the impression that "you cant go bad" on dissociatives but you can suddenly get in extremely perilous mindstates with these drugs, and especiallly this one. Two days ago I ended up in a bad trip on just 10mg 3-MeO-PCP and I can tell you that its was quite intense.

So combining this one with psychedelics, I don't know man, both can get you in an excruciatingly difficult experience, imagine the two synergizing.

This is a drug that must be treated with great respect because its a very strong psychoactive that suddenly can present you with very difficult situations.
3 meo pcp and meth... dangerous. 3 meo pcp and 2cb nice at LOW doses of both like 10 mg 3 meo pcp and 10-15 mg 2cb. 3 meo pcp and weed... weird not for me really. 3 meo pcp and valium/xanax/etizolam etc nice. I always dose low on 3 meo pcp 20 mg is the most I've taken in one go and it was the only thing I ingested. Did a top up of 10 mg 8 hours later and was a bit manic but 1 mg xanax settled me down. No other combo's 3 meo pcp and pcp are interesting enough on their own and combo's can cause train wrecks especially with stimulants.

I lost my shit on pcp laced pot although I didn't know it was laced until a few days later and I met up with the assholes who laced it. They thought it hilarious. I recall trying to attack moving traffic as it wouldn't stop FOR ME! I think I trashed my apartment a bit and had bloody knuckles the next day. I really lost my shit no idea but I think I walked 3 suburbs home from the assholes place. Be careful it's really that potent.
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Anyone tried rectal 3-MeO-PCP?
OK, dissolved ~5 mg into 1.5 ml of water and plugged it few minutes ago. There's a slight burning sensation in my butt at the moment which is a bit awkward but nothing too bad, let's see how this goes.

I've been using 10-15 mg doses of this new HCl batch sublingually a couple of times now, seems to be lacking in the euphoria department, but this may be a tolerance related issue since I've been using MXE quite a lot recently. There has been just a pleasant stimulation most of times. Also my previous preferred doses of 3-MeO-PCP were a bit higher, usually 20-25 mg but for some reason I've been hesitant to up the dose with this one, shall try that later. tbh I've been so preoccupied with MXE so haven't given much thought to 3-MeO.
Anyone tried any psychedelic combos with this?

I used some in combination with some MDMA, Ketamine, MXE and LSD - not all exactly at the same time but I was still definitely under the influence of 3-MeO when I took each drug. My headspace was positive at the time so it was a pleasant experience, though I wouldn't call it advisable for obvious reasons. It took me a long time to work out how to put my tent away.

Though not strictly related I once tried a small amount of it with some 5/6APB which seemed to potentiate the APB to quite an extreme level. It was almost uncomfortable and I was a bit concerned. Came out OK but glad I didn't push that one further.
After going through 1g in about a week and a half I must conclufe this is MXE less euphoric, less functional, and less deep mentally cousin.

I feel no desire to repeat. I ate it, snorted it and smoked it all with lackluster results.

Will not repeat. I have a recent TR on the TR forum if anyone cares for more details and comparisons from a seasoned dissocciative head.

The #1 deal breaker on this drug is that it killed my sex drive. Total opposite effects of MXE. Also no euphoria from this one. It's a loser in my book.
Bluedolphin1111 didnt you get wonked out to all heck after going through a gram in a week? I cant imagine that amount, me I use 5-10mg doses and dont repeat cause its such a heavy drug.
Don't do it with 25i NB. Forgot about this bit 5 hours after dosing 10 mg 3 meo pcp took a tab of 25i. Not good, very unhappy camper. Felt extreme vasoconstriction. Became lucid but also completely tripping. Weird uncomfortable and a mistake. External body parts became very cold due to the vasoconstriction had a warm shower and that helped.
This stuff needs the respect and reverance of DMT , or it will bite you in just the same way, except it's claws are sharper and it's poison more potent.It is a beast.Do not combine with stimulants. Do not overdo it, or you can take chunks out of your clay...

What an awesome post Dragon-N! Yes yes yes, described it well.
3meo has become my DOC and I have been ingesting daily at doses around 10-20mg for close to two years now, with a couple 2-3 month long breaks interspersed in there somewhere. Amazing how diverse experiences with this chemical seem to be. To me it is a sacrament on par with LSD and cannabis. However, my last high dose (~80mg over the course of a day, with two large doses of 30mg oral and 25mg plugged) experience gave me very very nasty nystagmus that lasted over 12 hours. Sort of scared me off high doses, though at the same time the emotional and psychological effects were so profound and cleansing that I would like to be able to push it to that level again sometime in the future. Anyone else experience nystagmus on 3meo? Is there any way to prevent it? Is there a potential for long-term damage to my sight here? It's a very worrisome problem as it is the only undesirable physical side-effect I have experienced on this otherwise sublime chemical.
LOL @ Ghetto Ayahuasca! In some weird way I can definitely see that as fitting description of 3meo + psilocybin type combo.
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